Avaaz is Bringing Idealist Idealists Together

Avaaz is a civic organization that was founded in the year 2007 in New York, in the United States. Its primary objective is to enhance policy of the world on matters that relate to climate change, human and animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict.

Res publica is the group that co-founded Avaaz.org. The group involves the professionals who are determined to enhance the civilization, democracy and good governance. The broad executive individuals who were the co-founders of Avaaz were: Ricken Patel, the president, Tom Pravda, the secretary, Eli Parise, the board chairman as well as Ben Brandzel the treasurer.

Guardian report has shown the independence attribute of Avaaz since 2009, as it has not received any form of a donation from corporations or accepting any cash payment of more than five hundred dollars. However, it largely depends on a benevolent attribute of its members who till today have raised more than 20 million dollars.

The running of Avaaz global campaigns is made by campaigners who work from more than 30 different nations like the United Kingdom, India, Lebanon, and Brazil. The means of communication in Avaaz is through e-mai, where they effect campaign measures such as videos, online public petitions, and email your reader tools. Avaaz aids to cause showing a consistent pattern such as challenging Monsanto, calling for global action on climate change and establishing a supportive aid for refugees worldwide. Avaaz established internet proxy servers that allowed the protesters access and upload videos on the website where everybody would access it.

It helped the Syrian civil war by sending equipment worth 1.5 million dollar to enhance communications via internet and offering training to the activist. It later sent medical equipment worth $2 million for the warring sides in Syria. In the year 2016, Avaaz produced software to ease the individuals that live abroad in an attempt in its slogan to campaign against Donald Triumph in the presidential election.


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