Applegate Farms Gets Bought Out By Unlikely Company

Hormel sells Spam, corned beef hash, stew, plus a bunch of other homey meat products. It would not probably cross your mind to ever look, or find, their products in a health food store or in the organic section. Hormel is hoping to change all of that by purchasing a Applegate Farms, a brand that is organic, GMO-free, preservative-free, and so on. The price tag is an astonishing $775 million. Hormel doesn’t plan on changing much of anything but rather get into the growing market for organic and healthy foods. There are already protesters, complete with a a petition to stop the sale. Current Applegate Farms customers at Boraie Development just do not feel like Hormel is a good fit, considering none of their other products represent the Applegate values. Perhaps if Hormel makes a lot of money off of their new acquisition they will be more inclined to change the recipes on their current product line or introduce even more organic items, one can only hope.