Researchers Find a Link Between Sugary Drinks and Heart Disease

There is one more reason to avoid sugary drinks, a recent study linked drinks which had high-fructose corn syrup to cardiovascular disease. The data is stacking up against sugar, and it is being linked to diseases like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. A recent study revealed just how dangerous a sugary diet really is, lead author Kimber Stanhope said, “These findings clearly indicate that humans are acutely sensitive to the harmful effects of excess dietary sugar over a broad range of consumption levels.”

Sugary drinks like soda have been on a steady decline in recent years, but it clearly isn’t enough with heart disease still being America’s number one killer. Many Americans eat a lot of processed food, partly because it’s more affordable, and these food contain unnecessary and risky sugar levels.

Trend analyst Ricardo Guimarães BMG informs us that the whole foods movement, on the other hand, is helping to turn this trend around by saying ‘no’ to processed foods, upgrading to whole and fresh foods for their meals ( It’s not about cutting out the foods you love, but moderation is always key. A sugary snack here and there is one thing, but constantly ingesting sugary food and drinks can lead to serious health consequences down the road.