Sleep Apnea – An Inside Look

What is Sleep Apnea?

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute states that sleep apnea is a common disorder in which breathing patterns start and stop while asleep. These breathing pauses can last anywhere from a few seconds to minutes. It is s chronic condition that interrupts sleep usually in a choking sound or loud snort, often causing poor sleep patterns.

How Do I Know If I Have Sleep Apnea?

Most individuals do not know they have sleep apnea. It may be detected by a family member or spouse. Sleep apnea often goes unnoticed, even in a doctors office and is not detected by getting blood work.

Who Can Get Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea is one of the most common of sleep apneas. Overweight individuals are more susceptible to sleep apnea but it can effect anyone. Children can have sleep apnea because tonsils may be enlarged with obstructs air passage. If you or a loved one have questions or concerns regarding sleep apnea, seek the care of a physician right away.

How Is Sleep Apnea Detected?

A doctor will conduct a series of tests to determine whether sleep apnea is the cause. First, they will perform a simple examination of the mouth, throat, and nose. If the problem persists, they may conduct an in-office or at-home sleep study that involves monitoring the body’s sleep patterns.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a licensed cosmetic dentist that specializes in sleep apnea related issues, dental implants, and more. He has been providing genuine and thorough care for over 16 years. Avi is the founder of Dental Sleep Master in New Jersey and regularly contributes to the education of other dentists around the nation.

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Joseph Bismark Discusses How to Stay Mentally And Physically Fit in asPire Magazine

Founding director of the Qi Group, Joseph Bismark, is the feature of asPire Magazine this month according to Reuters news agency. As part of the feature article Bismark talks about his exercise regime, vegetarian diet, apps for wellness, and literature. As you might gather, he focuses a great deal on his healthy lifestyle which is he well known for.

Bismark stated in the article that he is a large advocate of an holistic approach to wellness and takes time every day to participate in yoga, work out, cycle, and even swim. His weekly workouts are deigned to help him maintain his strength and flexibility and he uses rip:60 and kettleballs to stay nimble but strong. For tracking his time cycling her prefers to use MapMyRide since he can see his full training log and how far he went along with his average pace, speed, and how many calories are burned.

For a normal person, this much exercise might seem like a full day, but Joseph Bismark is not your normal businessman. He does all of this in addition to serving in his role as the Director of the QI Group because he believes that only a healthy well rounded person can be successful. To him, being personally well is just as important as being professionally sound. He works hard to model this behavior and encourages his employees to do the same. To this end he has set up plenty of opportunities and programs for his own employees because he thinks that when a person is healthy they are able to reach their fullest potential, and every person has the potential for greatness.

They are not words you hear from the average business leader, but once again, Bismark is anything but. He actually spent a few years in a monastery as a youth before emerging and deciding to enter the business world. This is perhaps where his focus on mindfulness has come from, but it seems to be one that is serving him quite well.

According to the article, he also teaches and lives the life of a yoga master as an instructor at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. In addition, he uses SoundCloud to download chants and mantras that he can use during yoga to help improve his meditation. It doesn’t stop there however a she works out his brain via the Luminosity app for at least 15 minutes per day.


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Organo Gold Branches into Turkey

Recently, Organo Gold opened a branch in Turkey. This is the 39th country that the gourmet coffee company is affiliated with. This is an exciting time for President and CEO, Bernardo Chua. It is a significant operational achievement for them. The company has a Global Footprint Initiative, and Turkey is part of this mission. The company states that this was the missing piece that helped to unite the markets of Asia, Europe and Africa. This will help them to serve their customers in the area better. Both their distribution and sales should see amazing increased from this change.

So why did Chua choose Turkey? Well, the Turkish people are known for their coffee drinking ways. They opened the first coffee house in the history of the world back in the 15th century. Coffee has been firmly established as a part of their national culture. Coffee is a drink that continues to thrive in this country. The questions shouldn’t be why Turkey, but rather what took so long. This is a huge step for Chua and Organo Gold. He believes that this country is an excellent fit for his company.

The OrganoGold Blog even says that many people don’t know that Turkey has an active interest in healthy living and due to the active lifestyle these people have, it has enhanced the demand for Organo Gold coffee products. To some, this is no ordinary coffee. It has many health benefits that cannot be ignored. It comes from a mushroom. The Chinese call it the highest ranked herb in their country. The specific mushroom is the Ganoderma variety. It has been known to give long and healthy lives to those who indulge.

Paul Jarvis has been appointed to handle this region. They will begin by offering the following products in their Turkish line:

• Black Coffee
• Mocha
• Latte
• Hot Chocolate
• King of Coffee
• UNO Expresso
• DUE Expresso
• TRE Expresso

Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008. Their main headquarters is in British Columbia. They sell their products through independent distributors. They have a Coffee Connoisseur club that is popular in the US and Canada. Their products are being distributed in 35 countries, and their multi-level marketing setup has been successful. Chua believes in his products and living an active and healthy lifestyle. He received a Gold Medal from the Napoleon Hill Foundation and is constantly on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn connecting with his customers and distributors worldwide.

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Beneful is about Health

Where I am from, all animals are fed the Purina brand. Their dominance is due in large part to its effective nutrition. Farmers are practical. This means that if something is working, there is no point in changing. However, I am in the city, and I needed a refined type of dog food. Not because I have forgotten where I come from, but because Purina has a brand called Beneful, and my city friends think that it is the most refined brand of hipster dog food. However, I use it because Purina is the staple food on our farm for all of our animals.

I am glad to have a product specifically for our house pet by Purina. My dog was supposed to be a guard dog, but he is as scary as I am. I love him anyway so I feed him well and according to his needs with various types of the Beneful on twitter dog food line. It is a no-brainer. The packages have lots of empowering information whose importance cannot be understated. Most people are not veterinarians or scientists, but they do love their pets. I know that Purina understands this from my own personal experience. They allow me to treat my dog in a manner that I know affects him. Dogs like toys, but healthy dogs are naturally happy.

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Vaccination Against Measles

Parents are asking is there really a need for vaccine for measles? They look around and none of their children’s friends are getting the vaccine, and the children do not have measles. Even if the risk of the measles vaccine is very small or non-existent, why should they put their children at any risk or even have their children and themselves inconvenienced by giving their children a measles vaccine?

There are groups of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. The results of unvaccinated children are that groups of children, who have not received the vaccine, are at risk of getting measles. In fact, this year in Disneyland, there were 147 people who were infected with measles. There have been other outbreaks of measles throughout the country because some parents have refused to vaccinate their children. There are effects of measles that can be permanently damage the health of small children. This is needless since there has been a vaccine for over 5 decades, according to the NY Post. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital hopes more and more people are able to utilize it.

There is a concept of herd immunity rate. Herd immunity is based on the fact that all children are vaccinate making measles almost eradicated in the country. At present, the vaccinate rate in our country is below 95 percent which means that the disease can thrive. This is why California lawmakers are considering a bill, SB 277, that would require children to be vaccinated and not permit a “person belief exemption”. Having all children vaccinated is a necessary protection against children acquiring measles.

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Stop Eating Out For A Better 2015

There are several advantages to preparing your own meals versus eating out at restaurants. Saving money, time, and avoiding the hassle of traffic are all big pluses, but the biggest advantage is avoiding the caloric pit-falls of restaurant food. Some fare at restaurants is widely known to be high in calories such as desserts or entrees laden in sauces, but there are plenty of surprises.

While there is no denying that a diet of milkshakes and burgers won’t do you any favors health wise, restaurants are able to disguise foods high in fat and sugar as healthier options. To gain some insight about how your favorite places to eat might be secretly sabotaging your hard work in the gym, go here. If a low-calorie bacon cheeseburger looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Cooking at home lets you control what goes in your food and how it’s prepared, which can make all the difference. Still, eating out isn’t always bad. Opt for greens over fries or water over a sugary drink, and whatever you do, avoid the Create Your Own combination at Red Lobster. At 2,710 calories, it weighs in as the highest calorie restaurant offering of 2015 according to Qnet.


Is Natural Really Natural?

Many of us are concerned about the foods that we ingest every day. For many, finding natural foods is one way that we seek to lessen the amount of sugars, salts, and other harmful chemicals from being ingested and inserted into our systems. We should do this with our pets too, and Beneful recommends that you feed your dogs their dog-food to assure a healthy animal. But what are natural foods?

In recent years it seems that this question as to what qualifies as natural is coming under attack, in the courts. Lawsuits have been filed to challenge this moniker in the marketing and labeling of many food products. It seems that many companies are using the word natural on their packaging when in reality they contain many harmful substances.

What is at issue for the courts is finding a definition of the word that is neutral and encompasses a specific enough definitive that will eliminate confusion in the future. The problem is, the judges are finding, that there is no such denomination when dealing with the term natural.

The quandary that we all must deal with when hearing or using this word, is to separate it from what is considered normal or traditional. Many times the term natural is simply used as a synonym for these words and does not really mean something that is necessarily healthy for us.

So does natural really mean that it is natural? It depends on personal belief in what a natural product is. The best bet? Check food labels and be sure that what is in your food is something that you can live with eating. If it is not, then for you, that product is far from natural.


Researchers Find a Link Between Sugary Drinks and Heart Disease

There is one more reason to avoid sugary drinks, a recent study linked drinks which had high-fructose corn syrup to cardiovascular disease. The data is stacking up against sugar, and it is being linked to diseases like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. A recent study revealed just how dangerous a sugary diet really is, lead author Kimber Stanhope said, “These findings clearly indicate that humans are acutely sensitive to the harmful effects of excess dietary sugar over a broad range of consumption levels.”

Sugary drinks like soda have been on a steady decline in recent years, but it clearly isn’t enough with heart disease still being America’s number one killer. Many Americans eat a lot of processed food, partly because it’s more affordable, and these food contain unnecessary and risky sugar levels.

Trend analyst Ricardo Guimarães BMG informs us that the whole foods movement, on the other hand, is helping to turn this trend around by saying ‘no’ to processed foods, upgrading to whole and fresh foods for their meals ( It’s not about cutting out the foods you love, but moderation is always key. A sugary snack here and there is one thing, but constantly ingesting sugary food and drinks can lead to serious health consequences down the road.


Foods Hit Market Without FDA Approval

The Food and Drug Administration says they have not even looked at some of the ingredients that have been added to the foods that are sitting on marketplace shelves. That is a scary thought, for thousands of people, who value their health over anything else.

Companies add thousands of additives to foods, with little or no reporting to the government. They are able to get away with this practice, thanks to a decade old law, which provides a dangerous loophole to manufactures.

As long as the product is deemed safe, or GRAS, companies do not have to notify, the United States Food and Drug Administration.

The loophole was intended to allow manufacturers the privilege to add vinegar, salt, and other non-chemical ingredients in our foods. Now, some manufacturers have taken this freedom a bit farther, and are now adding additives that can pose a serious health threat to individuals.

What does this mean for consumers? It means that consumers are consuming foods that contain preservatives, added flavors, and other ingredients, that can create long- term health problems. Consumer Flavio Maluf would feel more at ease if the FDA was actually aware of all ingredients.

While some foods are safe, other foods cause allergic reactions, and others are just plain unsafe. The FDA worries, because it doesn’t know where or what ingredients to begin tracking.

Nevertheless, some experts feel that the safety concerns are blown out of proportion, and that increasing the government involvement will affect the food innovation process, or stifle the food industry.

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Cut Calories without even Trying

Think cutting calories is hard? It doesn’t have to be. Brian Wansink is a food psychologist with a few easy tricks you can use to cut your caloric intake by merely changing your environment.

When serving dinner, serve yourself from the stove rather than the table. People who do this end up eating 19% less on average.

Next time you go out to eat, ask for a table by the front door. If you do, you’re 73% less likely to order a fattening dessert after your meal.

My personal favorite is chewing gum while grocery shopping stated Bruce Karatz. Chewing gum makes it less likely for you to stock up on junk food during your next shopping expedition. Mint gum seems to work the best.

Remember to brown bag it at work. People who bring bagged lunches tend to consume fewer calories than those who eat out. Remember to throw in a piece of fruit for a mid-afternoon boost without the additional calories.

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