Josh Smith’s Vision: Affordable Organic Produce

Will the future of food literally be seen through rose-colored glass? Josh Smith of Modular Greenhouses in Reno, NV thinks so.

According to a team of researchers at the University of California – Santa Cruz, using magenta luminescent dye on the roofs of greenhouses can help generate solar electricity and, in turn, control greenhouse temperatures. How does it work? The pink dye captures both blue and green light wavelengths from penetrating the greenhouse and transfers them to energy that can then be converted to electricity.

Greenhouse installation options may be made much more viable in the future if this technology pans out, as it essentially takes greenhouse lighting and temperature control off the grid. Led by Josh Smith in Reno, NV, the team at Modular Greenhouses will transform surrounding Washoe County in the next 3 years, ensuring every public school has a greenhouse and gardening program. Imagine the impact that these greenhouses might have on rural communities throughout America’s countryside!

Smith’s mission was initially inspired by the desire to celebrate the traditions of food, and he set out to design a method that would enable families to gather fresh, nutritious and organic foods from their own backyards. Modular Greenhouses was sprouted in Reno, NV, and offers a cost-effective, durable and easy to build solution that was otherwise missing from the marketplace. The pre-fab greenhouses are fully customizable if needed and are offered in a range of sizes to fit any garden plot.

Today, over 9 million acres of greenhouse space is used to grow food, but that acreage only constitutes about 1.5% of all US production of fresh produce. As more families choose organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables, and as more farms choose to move to a year-round growing season, future demand for greenhouses is blossoming. In fact, Josh Smith and his team in Reno are planting seeds to ensure that every primary and secondary school in America has a gardening program in place by the year 2025.


Finding Outdoor Space in New York City

Green spaces are hard to come by in New York City. When a prospective renter or buyer finds NYC apartments for rent such as those on Town Real Estate with outdoor space, they usually jump at the chance to acquire it. According to a new article in the New York Times, many New Yorkers are looking for green spaces all over the city. While many people are looking for green spaces in New York City, there are also trying to include the price in the deal. Many buyers are looking for spacious apartments with outdoor space for $500,000 or less. The idea is to have private outdoor space at the lower end of the real estate market.

Many may have a better chance of finding what they are looking in the borough of Staten Island, where private outdoor space is vast. Buyers can find non-attached homes in Staten Island and the green space they desire. If buyers want a place in the other boroughs such as Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx, they might have difficulty. It will take persistence to find a place in these boroughs. A local search online for real estate properties found 156 co-ops and condos in Manhattan, all with outdoor space. This may be good but the website does not specify whether or not these outdoor spaces are shared.

In Brooklyn, buyers can find a co-op studio with a private garden that has room for a table and chairs. The co-op in Brooklyn is on the ground floor and they may have some issues with space, since the property lacks in that department. The private garden is larger than the apartment. Also, in Manhattan there is a penthouse that is listed for $225,000 that has a private terrace.

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