Finding Outdoor Space in New York City

Green spaces are hard to come by in New York City. When a prospective renter or buyer finds NYC apartments for rent such as those on Town Real Estate with outdoor space, they usually jump at the chance to acquire it. According to a new article in the New York Times, many New Yorkers are looking for green spaces all over the city. While many people are looking for green spaces in New York City, there are also trying to include the price in the deal. Many buyers are looking for spacious apartments with outdoor space for $500,000 or less. The idea is to have private outdoor space at the lower end of the real estate market.

Many may have a better chance of finding what they are looking in the borough of Staten Island, where private outdoor space is vast. Buyers can find non-attached homes in Staten Island and the green space they desire. If buyers want a place in the other boroughs such as Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx, they might have difficulty. It will take persistence to find a place in these boroughs. A local search online for real estate properties found 156 co-ops and condos in Manhattan, all with outdoor space. This may be good but the website does not specify whether or not these outdoor spaces are shared.

In Brooklyn, buyers can find a co-op studio with a private garden that has room for a table and chairs. The co-op in Brooklyn is on the ground floor and they may have some issues with space, since the property lacks in that department. The private garden is larger than the apartment. Also, in Manhattan there is a penthouse that is listed for $225,000 that has a private terrace.

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