Skout Travel Is The Cheapest Way To See The World

Traveling is a lot of fun, especially for those who can afford it. The fact is, most people can’t afford to travel the way they’d like, or else they wouldn’t be stuck at home all the time. If a person had all the money in the world to travel where they’d like, it’s likely that they would make the world their oyster, and they would travel to many places around the globe. There are certain destinations that are more expensive than others when it comes to traveling, and some people can only wish that they could travel to these locations.

A jet-set person would simply get into their private jet and head over to any destination they choose, and they may stay in the best hotels while they travel. Those who are jets set are also likely to be eating some of the best foods, and they’ll be enjoying every moment of their journey. Unfortunately, most people can’t afford to live a life like this, and that’s where Skout on comes in. Those who would love to travel around the globe but can’t afford it would do well to use the Skout Travel feature. The Skout Travel feature costs only 25 Skout points, and this is relatively low in cost compared to the real cost to travel to the same destination.

If a person can go to Brazil and check out Rio de Janeiro, without having to board a plane or pay outrageous amounts of money for a hotel room, then why wouldn’t they want to experience this? Some may also want to go to places like Australia, but they don’t feel they could deal with the long flight, or having to change from one flight to another. The Skout Travel feature allows a person to bypass all the annoying things that they would have to put up with when traveling across the globe, especially if they had to travel coach class.

While using Skout it’s possible to enjoy many of the same things that a person actually traveling to the country would enjoy, except there is no worrying about buying anything, only seeing the beautiful sites that the country has to offer. The Skout Travel feature has made a lot of people very happy, especially for the fact that it allows them to see new places around the world. Those who don’t have Skout points can easily purchase it by going onto the Skout network. Skout points must be purchased with a credit or debit card online.

Once a person has Skout points reserved in their account, then they can easily use the points to purchase any of the features that the Skout network has, including the Skout Travel feature. Using Skout Travel can be the most fun that a person has, especially if they choose to travel to several destinations. Those who are curious about what’s in the world outside of where they currently live will learn a lot by using the Skout Travel feature, especially when traveling to international destinations.

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Organo Gold Branches into Turkey

Recently, Organo Gold opened a branch in Turkey. This is the 39th country that the gourmet coffee company is affiliated with. This is an exciting time for President and CEO, Bernardo Chua. It is a significant operational achievement for them. The company has a Global Footprint Initiative, and Turkey is part of this mission. The company states that this was the missing piece that helped to unite the markets of Asia, Europe and Africa. This will help them to serve their customers in the area better. Both their distribution and sales should see amazing increased from this change.

So why did Chua choose Turkey? Well, the Turkish people are known for their coffee drinking ways. They opened the first coffee house in the history of the world back in the 15th century. Coffee has been firmly established as a part of their national culture. Coffee is a drink that continues to thrive in this country. The questions shouldn’t be why Turkey, but rather what took so long. This is a huge step for Chua and Organo Gold. He believes that this country is an excellent fit for his company.

The OrganoGold Blog even says that many people don’t know that Turkey has an active interest in healthy living and due to the active lifestyle these people have, it has enhanced the demand for Organo Gold coffee products. To some, this is no ordinary coffee. It has many health benefits that cannot be ignored. It comes from a mushroom. The Chinese call it the highest ranked herb in their country. The specific mushroom is the Ganoderma variety. It has been known to give long and healthy lives to those who indulge.

Paul Jarvis has been appointed to handle this region. They will begin by offering the following products in their Turkish line:

• Black Coffee
• Mocha
• Latte
• Hot Chocolate
• King of Coffee
• UNO Expresso
• DUE Expresso
• TRE Expresso

Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008. Their main headquarters is in British Columbia. They sell their products through independent distributors. They have a Coffee Connoisseur club that is popular in the US and Canada. Their products are being distributed in 35 countries, and their multi-level marketing setup has been successful. Chua believes in his products and living an active and healthy lifestyle. He received a Gold Medal from the Napoleon Hill Foundation and is constantly on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn connecting with his customers and distributors worldwide.

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