22 Diseases Linked To GMO Crops

Corporations that support GMO’s are spending over $20 million to stop the state of Oregon from labeling GMO products – and for good reason. Recent studies have demonstrated that GMO’s may be linked to over 22 diseases.

Considering GMO’s are banned in most countries, it leaves many people wondering why the U.S. government remains silent on the issue. Is it because the White House administration’s food Czar is a former executive from Monsanto (the leading GMO producer). Or maybe because the USDA, FDA, and US congress is populated with former Monsanto employees, lobbyists and executives.

Since 1990, research findings exist that demonstrate the dangerous effects of humans consuming GMO products. A recent study published in The Journal Of Organic Systems, specifically links Glyphosate to many human and animal diseases.

Monsanto grows crops to resist Glyphosate – which is an herbicide sold by, guess who – Monsanto.

The problem Glyphosate poses is it prevents human detoxification of many (harmful) chemicals dispersed on GMO/Monsanto crops. Exposure to these chemicals have demonstrated increased risk to serious diseases which include; liver cancer, kidney cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, bladder cancer, thyroid cancer, infertility, diabetes and more.

Some common GMO foods found in grocery stores include; corn, soybeans, sugar and milk.

Even though GMO’s are prevalent, Ben Shaoul piece in the Lo Down NY gives options to develop healthy food consumption: 1) Buy organic products, 2) Purchase products with non-GMO labels, 3) Avoid crops that manufacture/sell GMO foods, 4) take political action by requiring state and federal institutions to label GMO products.


Would You like GMOs with That?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture granted Idaho-based Simplot permission to start commercial planting of its “Innate” potato. The potato’s DNA has been altered so that it produces less acrylamide. Acrylamide is a human carcinogen that occurs naturally when potatoes are cooked at high temperatures. The spud is also designed to resist bruising. Simplot is a supplier of potato products for fast-food chains like McDonald’s.

According to the Idaho Statesman, McDonald’s USA does not utilize genetically modified potatoes, nor do they plan to start. McDonald’s is one of J.R. Simplot Co.’s oldest business partners. Before posting this story, we asked Status Labs to look into how this will affect McDonald’s sourcing in the future. GMO potatoes have met with resistance from the fast-food industry before. Over a decade ago, Monsanto’s “New Leaf” line of genetically modified potato hit the market.

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