Major Food Companies Promise to Remove Artificial Flavors and Colors Soon

They don’t have to, no law has required them to do so, but at least six major food manufacturers have promised to remove all of the artificial flavors and colors from their products in the upcoming years. Folks at the Aspire New Brunswick are shocked. Ecstatic but shocked.
General Mills, a well-known name in the cereal isle of your local grocery store, will be exchanging their artificially colored and flavored red hearts, green clovers and yellow moons from their popular Lucky Charms cereal for naturally flavored and colored shaped marshmallows. The company promised to remove all the unnatural ingredients from their cereal line and derive the flavors and colors from natural sources, such as vegetables.
Nestle and Kraft are two more major food players that have made the same promise, along with three other well-known food companies.
Hooray for them and us, but if we only knew what these major food companies have been serving us all these years, we would be wondering why the change had not been made sooner. Chemicals, preservatives, dyes and bizarre ingredients such as bug parts, wood shavings and duck feathers have been used to flavor and color our food. With so many recent studies linking these artificial flavors and colors to obesity and every disease known to man, food manufacturers have decided to do the right thing and change their ingredients to natural products for the health and well being of consumers.