Master Limited Partnerships, of Freedom Checks, May Be the Best Investment Out There

The investment opportunity Matt Badiali introduces in his circulated Freedom Checks video is legitimate. So, if you were wondering if whether or not it was a scam let’s put that to rest. It is not a scam. It is an investment in a natural resource company that deals 90% of their business in the production, storage, and transportation of natural gas and oil. To be more specific the company is referred to as an MLP, or “master limited partnership”. An MLP is a stake, much like a stock, that grants investors a percentage of company profits. In purchasing said stake, much like stock, the investor grants the company capital to work with. This allows the company to enjoy the kind of cash flow a publicly traded company enjoys and take advantage of a tax break afforded to “business partnerships”. All the company has to do is divvy out 90% of their profits to their investors before taxes. So, if you are an investor you get a monthly to quarterly check that serves as a return of capital. Or, as Matt Badiali puts it, a freedom check.

Freedom Checks are aptly named because they represent financial freedom. Badiali’s Freedom Checks videos are a widespread way to inform people of the investment opportunity currently available. Badiali leads off with the impressive amount a freedom check can be worth to grab attention and entice potential investors by discussing profit first. This profit is somewhat controllable. MLP stakes can be bought for as low as $10 per stake, but if a person just buys one their percentage will not be as high as someone investing $1000 dollars. This is obvious. The amount of the freedom checks given out also rely on the business itself and the market. Badiali is a financial guru and his expertise is in natural resources. He knows the market inside and out and is very accurate at where it is going to go. This bodes well, but it does not take away from the fact that the stake will reflect the profit the business makes. It carries the same risk a stock does, only MLP’s are a little bit more of a sure thing.

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Paul Mamphilly Advice to Stock Investors

Stock market news are usually part of our daily news in the media. However, even though news about stocks are all over, only a small percentage of the people really care about the stock investment. In the United States, a more than 2/3 of the adult population have never invested in the stock markets. Stock markets offer many advantages to the people who recognize their value. Unlike the traditional means of keeping money in fixed bank accounts that accrue insignificant returns, stock options offer an option to invest money and make huge returns in a short time. Stocks market have the capability of multiplying the initial investment capital in a way better manner than stocks can do.


Many people who wish to invest in the stock markets fear taking the risk. Although this is a genuine concern, what people lack is the right knowledge about how stock markets work. You don’t just buy and sell stocks. There must be some analysis done to ensure that the stock in which one invests will gain or lose. One of the best stock investors in the world today, Paul Mamphilly takes stock investors through some of the highly potential, stock investments that investors should keep a close eye on. These are stocks that are likely to gain and pay handsomely in the years to come.

Paul Mamphilly advises stock investors to pay close attention to the technology trends that are taking place around us. Technology is dynamic and keeps changing every now and then. In recent years, technology have been changing faster than man can adapt. With the changing dynamics in the technological world, stock investors should be following to see where they can be place their capital. Paul Mamphilly give the example of people who invested in cell phone companies at the beginning of the 21st century. These are people who are now reaping huge profits. The cell phone industry grew to be one of the biggest industries in the world.

Paul Mampilly’s Investment Advice: Electric Vehicles, Food Delivery, and Precision Medicine



The Career OfSahmAdrangi And The Latest Move Of Capital Management

SahmAdrangi is the founder of Capital Management and has raised roughly $100 million in investments. The funds were for betting against just one stock. The new fund is called the Kerrisdale co-investment and represents the first of this kind. Money is often raised by hedge fund managers for a specific investment such as residentially mortgaged-back securities or recovering distressed energy companies. Although Kerrisdale is just a small New York company they are planning to use the funds to short the stock of a public company that has not been unveiled yet.

According to SahmAdrangi the capital they raised was a meaningful amount and they did so in a short time. He believes this means a chord was struck with the alternatives community. This was contained in an email written by SahmAdrangi to their investors. He additionally added they took a company with a worth of more than $10 billion and tried to teach their knowledge and insights of the company to everyone. Shane Wilson is one of the analysts with Kerrisdale and has joined SahmAdrangi on the upcoming campaign. They are working on a website, video, and report to show others their thesis is viable.

According to an anonymous individual the unveiling of the target company is set for May. Since the information is not ready for public release the individual can’t be identified. Apparently, the fund plans to establish themselves with the unknown company by purchasing stock. There is approximately $500 under the management of Kerrisdale including the recently raised capital. Their history shows they have taken their case public and bet against companies. Their more recent dealings show they held an activist short position with the drug makers Globalstar, Zafgen, and Sage Therapeutics. The main hedge fund of Kerrisdale bets against and for company stocks. Their average annual return for the past five years has been approximately 28 percent. From 2016 through March of 2017 the fund is alleged to be down seven percent.

SahmAdrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital and remains the Chief Investment Officer for the business. His involvement with the firm encompasses all areas of development from when it was founded in 2009. SahmAdrangi attended Yale University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. SahmAdrangi has a reputation for short research activism. He originally established himself by shorting Chinese companies that were fraudulent. His career started at Deutsche Bank in leveraging financial investments. He worked as an analyst for Longacre Management which was a distressed debt hedge fund with a worth of several billion dollars.


Paul Mampilly’s Accomplishments In The Financial Industry

Paul Mampilly is a revered professional. The investment analyst has served as a hedge fund manager. In his vast career, Paul has won numerous awards, including the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition.

For many years, viewers have had the opportunity of seeing Paul Mampilly in many television broadcasts on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and other networks. The executive is the founder of Profits Unlimited. Mampilly uses this publication to offer guidance to individuals interested in learning about investing in stocks.

Paul has a vast management and business experience. In 1991, Paul started working in Wall Street. He served as a portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. Owing to his remarkable achievements, he was enlisted by other corporations, including Deutsche Bank and ING. Mampilly controlled multimillion-dollar accounts for these firms. In 2006, he was hired by the owners of Kinetics Asset Management to run their $6 billion hedge fund. Under his visionary leadership, the assets of Kinetics Asset Management grew to $25 billion. Owing to this achievement, Barron’s named the hedge fund as one of the world’s best for averaging 26 percent yearly returns during Paul’s leadership.

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Moreover, Paul Mampilly was invited to take part in the celebrated investment competition created by the Templeton Foundation. Paul is credited for converting an investment of $50 million to $88 million within a year. Even more impressive, Mampilly accomplished this feat during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. Paul retired from working on Wall Street after he grew tired of making money for the top 1 percent of the population. Today, Paul seeks to show the 99 percent how make money by engaging in trading securities. For purposes of reaching a wider client base, Paul decided to found Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. When he is not working, Mampilly loves spending time with his family.

Nevertheless, Mampilly is still an investor. In 2012, he invested in a firm that was working to develop a drug for treating muscular dystrophy, Serepta Therapeutics. In under a year, Paul sold his shares in the company for a capital gain of moiré than 2,000 percent. He does not regard himself as retired, as he continues to provide the populace with his insights on different securities.

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Anthony Petrello – Humble Beginnings to World-Class Leader

Nabors Industries offers drilling and rig services to its clients in the United States and other parts of the world. They offer a range of services which includes rig instrumentation, optimisation software, drilling equipment manufacturing, data collection services and much more. The CEO of the company is Anthony Petrello who has been with the company for almost two decades. He has helped transform the company from one of the newest entries to one of the largest in the energy industries in the world. For the past 26 years, he has been part of all the strategic decisions that the company has made. He is not afraid to take risks, and it is one of the main reasons why the company is at the forefront of innovation in the energy industry. Nabors Industries has the best, and the most number of land-based rigs and also invests heavily in offshore modular platforms. Anthony Petrello is one of the highest paid head executives in the country. Earning about $68 million in 2013, he is known for his hard work and dedication that has helped him achieve the feat.

Unlike many other executives in different sectors, Anthony Petrello has worked hard to achieve what he is today. He did not come from a rich family nor had a trust fund for his education. In spite of that, he spends twenty years of his life in completing his education from the top universities in the world. From his childhood, he knew that to achieve something, he had to work hard to achieve it and that there was no shortcut for success.

While his parents were struggling to make money, he spends his time studying. He went on to get a full scholarship to Yale University. At Yale, he was one of the brightest students and went on to top his class. He then went to the Harvard Law School for his Masters. After completing his studies, most people thought that Anthony Petrello would take an excellent job. But, he took some challenging positions and climbed the ranks quickly. Today, he is one of the most capable leaders in the corporate world.

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The Specializations of the Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings was initiated in 2002 as a private equity firm. The company is based in Indiana and as well has a satellite office in New York. It is a global company that does its operations with main offices in different locations and countries like Singapore, London, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Switzerland, and Sydney. Equities First Holdings mainly provides loans and lending services to its customers. Equities First Holdings does an assessment of the risk against the future performance about bonds and stocks.

Since its inception, it has been a solution to its customers’ problems by giving them financial assistance. The company is estimated to have made more than $1 billion from around 700 transactions they have carried out. Equities First Holdings provides securities for lending services that gives customers high-value loans that charge relatively low-interest rates unlike most banks.

Customers are given loans based on their stocks to act as their capital. There are no restrictions on the use of the capital and can be used for strategic investments and even the expansion of businesses. The firm gives non-recourse loans that guarantee property as the security against the public traded stocks to ensure achievement of customers’ professional and personal goals. In case the security value decreases or increases, the borrowers can walk out of the contract without any obligation.

The small business entities and individual investors are the main benefactors of the Equity First Holdings. Unlike most banks which have tighter rules and regulations guarding against the giving of loans to borrowers, this firm serves most of the unqualified borrowers of bank loans. The company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Al Christy gives an insight on advantages of stock-based loans compared to the margin loans since they have a fixed interest rate and high to loan value ratio.


The Rise of Financial Industry Expert Stephen Rotella

Stephen Rotella has been in the financial industry for almost 40 years. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Stony Brook University and earned his MBA at the University of Albany, SUNY in Information Technology Finance. Today he is the President of StoneCastle Partners, LLC, and the Chief Executive Officer of its subsidiary StoneCastle Cash Management.

Rotella started working as a banking executive when he the was brought in as the Vice President of Product Development for The Reserve group. While with this firm for four years he concentrated on asset management and money funds. Soon he was picked as the Vice President of Shearson Lehman Inc. and worked with the firm for 3 years. His longest tenure has been as the Chief Executive Officer of Home Finance at J.P. Morgan, where he worked for 18 years. J.P. Morgan is a global financial services provider that has been in operation for over 200 years. Before founding StoneCastle Partners, Stephen Rotella also served at Washington Mutual as their President and Chief Operating Officer.

Since Rotella started with Stonecastle Partners, LLC he has been instrumental in expanding its operations. Early in February 2017 it was announced that StoneCastle Insured Cash Sweep, LLC, a subsidiary of the StoneCastle parent company, had purchased the insured deposit sweep business that had been owned by Intermedium Financial, LLC. This move increased StoneCastle’s lead as the largest insured deposit provider in the United States for institutional investors. The purchase of this business also fulfilled Rotella’s strategy to expand the company’s products and services to financial advisors, broker-dealers, and other investment firms. In addition to the insured deposit sweep business, the purchase also included Intermedium Capital’s popular InterLINK FinTech platform.

In order to give back to the community, Stephen Rotella has volunteered to serve on the board of a large number of nonprofits. Among these is LIFT, Inc. which seeks to alleviate poverty and has programs in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago, and New York City. He is also served as the Chairman of the Board for BalletMet, one of the country’s largest dance companies which seeks to entertain, educate, and inspire young people.


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