Insights on the new Ukraine from the globalist financier, George Soros

The chairperson of the Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundation recently shared his views on how to sustain and save the new Ukraine. According to this globalist financier George Soros, Ukraine is a crisis that should be given top priority. The Russian aggression against Ukraine is one of the many crisis Europe is facing.

Even with the direct military assault from Russian forces in eastern part of the country, the new Ukraine shows a strong will to become the opposite of the old Ukraine. The pro-Europeans protests saw the birth of the new Ukraine by driving President Viktor F. Yanukovych from power and fighting endlessly to end the corruption that demoralized the country.

Seeing the Russia is working to destabilize the new Ukraine at all cost, there is need to give preferential treatment to the crisis in Ukraine. The Russian aggression against Ukraine should unite the European Union rather than divide it into debtor and creditor countries as it has now. Seeing that the new Ukraine seeks to radically reform, the European Union should stop treating her like a second-class country.

Through his Ukrainian foundation, Mr. George Soros Ukraine feels that he has the intimate knowledge to argue strongly that the new Ukraine is one of the most valuable assets Europe has for resisting Russian aggression and for recapturing solidarity among the members of the European Union.

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The Russian aggression has taken a terrible toll on the economy of the new Ukraine. The country owes its creditors a $19 billion debt which has become unsustainable. Even though the sanctions imposed on Russia by the US and Europe have inflicted the Russian economy, they have not had a satisfactory outcome. Russia has developed a successful interpretation if the sanctions by claiming the economic and political difficulties are due to the aggression of the Western powers. Through his argument, Putin has urged the Russian citizens to put up with the hardship.

Russia has created an internal crisis that is dividing the European Union rather than uniting it. The effective financial assistance to the new Ukraine is the ideal winning strategy. Seeing that the war-torn country is working hard on the reforms that will get the economy back on its feet, financial assistance will turn Ukraine into an attractive investment country.

President Putin has gained a temporary advantage because neither the US or the European Union is willing to risk war with Russia. The imposed sanctions are not only hurting Russia but also the US and the EU as well. By helping Ukraine, Europe will directly benefit by defending 

Putin fears that if Ukraine achieves the political and economic reforms that it aggressively seeks, Russia will demand similar changes. Delivering the financial assistance that Ukraine needs will provide a powerful weapon to fight the Russian aggression. A stable and a prosperous Ukraine could turn Russia from a strategic threat it is, into a potential strategic partner. Ukraine’s progress is a strategic way of stabilizing Europe, and yet neither the public or the leadership in Europe seems to take such considerations into account.

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George Soros’ Bold Predictions on Future Market Performance

If you know anything at all about George Soros then you know at least one thing is true. Right or wrong, when he speaks about something passionately and he has a prediction on, then it is at least rooted in truth. When someone as powerful as George Soros is able to give information off concerning future performance of the financial markets, that’s exactly when you should be quiet, take notes, and start to plan on how you can use the information to your advantage. Love him or hate him, the predictions of George Soros in the past have absolutely lead to some significant wealth generation over time.

When you think back to the years leading up to the financial crisis on, many individuals were completely unaware of what would happen next. The key was that there were certain indicators, and even though you may not have seen them at the time they were still present. Why that is such an important thing to now think of is that if you were to look at the current economic climate and try to discover what was going on, you could very well see some of the very same indicators in today’s economy as you did back around a decade ago. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that the same things will in fact happen, George Soros is starting to think there are just too many indicators that run parallel to ten years ago and it could be time to hedge your bets.

Instead of just ignoring one of the richest people in the world on, it might be an important time to fully understand what needs to be done. Whether or not you fully agree with him as an investor or you agree with his general thoughts on the matter, it might be important to start considering what your options are when it comes to protecting yourself. Obviously there isn’t any impending doom with respect to the financial markets and no one is running around claiming that the sky is falling. And on the other hand, it is the perfect time to start evaluating your position and thinking about what you can do to eliminate any potential risk just in case George Soros is on to something.

When you consider how the markets work, you know that for every high there is also a low. You also know that while you can’t time the market, the next potential dip is always just right around the corner. Even the biggest optimists are planning for what could potentially happen and how they would survive something like a recession, because whether you believe in George Soros’ predictions or not, it’s literally only a matter of time until the next crash happens.

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