George Soros: Promoting Justice and Equality

George Soros is internationally recognized as a philanthropist, and this is attributed to the fact that to date he has donated money that was worth over $12 billion. Through his funding, George has been able to support organizations and firms throughout the world. He has been successful in his fight for freedom, responsible government, transparency and communities which aim at promoting justice and equality and learn more about George Soros.

George’s contributions are geared to those who face discrimination because of who they are. He has been known to help groups which represent Europe’s Roma people and people who are regarded as outskirts such as sex workers, drug users, and LGBTI people. Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. He lived during the period of Nazi occupation (1944-1945). During this period over 500,000 Hungarian Jews were murdered. Since he was a Jew, his family survived by false identification cards which did not reveal their background.

They helped other Jews to do the same. After the communists got power in Hungary after the war in 1947, Soros left Budapest and went to London. He was enrolled at the LSE, where he was forced to work as a waiter in a nightclub and as a railway porter to finance his studies. In 1956, he went to the United States where he joined the world of investments and finance.

In 1970, he started a hedge fund known as Soros Fund Management. He later came to be one of the most proficient investors to be recorded in the history of the USA. With the fortune that he had built for himself, he founded the Open Society Foundations in more than 100 nations. The foundation helped him to advocate for freedom of expression, democratic governance, and respect for human rights and more information click here.

In 1979, Soros began his philanthropy by giving scholarships to the black South Africans affected by apartheid. In 1980, he had photocopiers to reprint texts banned and also to advocate for the open exchange of ideas. After the Berlin Wall fall, Soros developed Central European University. It was aimed at enhancing critical thinking and George Soros’s  lacrosse camp.

He also helped the Soviet society to be open to the world because he once lived there. After the cold war, Soros increased his philanthropy in the USA, Asia, and Africa, where he was able to support efforts made to enhance transparency, accountability, and democracy. He was so against drugs that he helped to found America’s marijuana movement. His advocacy for an open society is seen in the fact that at some point he advocated for same-sex marriage and what George Soros knows.

Soros is now in his 80s continues to support the Open Society Foundation and advocates for positive change in leaders, both in the public and private sector. He encourages people to deal with issues once they arise. Soros attributes his success to the fact that he is an independent thinker which has allowed him to be open, just and equitable and Follow his

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