Movies And Human Rights Combine For Thor Halvorssen

The Venezuelan born human rights activist and movie producer Thor Halvorssen has shown the world how important it can be to look back at the way issues have been faced by groups throughout history. The University of Pennsylvania graduate who studied for both undergraduate and graduate degrees simultaneously has shown in his film work how powerful it can be to take a look at how communities living under tyrants handled the transition to democracy over the course of decades.

Thor Halvorssen seeks to explore the human rights community through his many documentaries produced throughout the 21st century; beginning towards the start of the first decade of the century, Thor set out to find out as much as possible about Eastern European communities who were trapped under Socialist rule for the majority of the 20th century. “Freedom’s Fury” was the documentary that brought Halvorssen to the attention of the entertainment industry when he produced this look at the Hungarian popular uprising of the 1950s. Despite the success he has achieved in producing non-fiction films, Thor has also looked to create fictional movies; however, his greatest success’ have been in documentaries like “Hammer & Tickle”, which explored the use of humor in propaganda during the Cold War.

The interest Thor Halvorssen has in bringing news of the human rights issues of both the past and present to the people of the world is shown in his many writings and public appearance. In 2010, the struggling Norwegian Socialist newspaper “Ny Tid” was purchased by Halvorssen in a bid to make sure different voices are always heard in the press of Northern Europe. Halvorssen has also taken his opinions and knowledge of the human rights community to major news channels and political institutions; in recent years, the success Thor has achieved has seen him invited to speak on human rights at both the United Nations and the British Houses of Parliament.