Don Ressler Steers Fabletics to the Most Trusted Fashion E-commerce Venture in the World

A majority of women are torn between affordability and fashion when it comes to selecting what to wear. In 2010, the demand for unique sportswear was growing. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg saw this opportunity and ceased it by launching Fabletics, a company that creates functional, affordable, and stylish sportswear.

The role of Kate Hudson at Fabletics

Don Ressler and his colleagues have led Fabletics into the becoming the largest retailer of women activewear. These businesspeople focus on making available what a client want rather than what is trending in the market. They have also succeeded in growing their brand by addressing some of the issues that face the sportswear industry by designing clothes that look and feel good. During the early stages of development of Fabletics, Don Ressler brought in Kate Hudson who currently serves as the face of the brand. This move has seen Fabletics become a famous brand for women of all walks of life. Kate Hudson has since been able to connect and create relationships with the consumers, enabling Fabletics to register millions of clients. Kate Hudson’s mission is to improve the brand’s presence.

Fabletics’ achievements

Despite the funding the issues that he encountered, Don Ressler has managed to create a brand of comfortable and flexible sportswear. This professionals’ determination and experience in the fashion industry has enabled him to improve the clothes sold by Fabletics significantly. Fabletics has the advantage of a strong online presence because of the support it gets from its parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group. Fabletics’ online prowess makes it possible for its managers to market the brand successfully. This company operates a discount system that has attracted numerous clients. Fabletics offers a lucrative VIP package that enables customers for pay a flat rate of $50 per month. Additionally, customers on this package have access to free shipping, reward points, and discounts on all selected clothes.

Fabletics has a unique website that has an icon for questions where potential customers answer the questions about the kind of clothes they prefer, their style, and price range. This quiz allows Fabletics to understand their customers’ needs and preference. Many women have expressed their satisfaction about the clothes provided by Fabletics; this positive response makes Don Ressler proud of being part of a process that makes women feel comfortable. Fabletics prides itself as a company that provides solutions and support busy women committed to taking care of their health.

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