Eric Pulier the Great Philathropist

Erick Pulier a graduate of Teaneck High school in years 1984 is a guy believed to have made an impact. He is a person whose roles are being emulated by the other World. He pursued Arts in American literature and English at the University of Havard and graduated in the year 1988. Eric Pulier has focused his life on helping people with disabilities and those suffering from chronic diseases. He is in the middle of technological advancement and focuses most on innovation. He is loved by many people because of his desire and urge to help the economically disabled in society.

Eric Pulier during his time at Harvard wrote columns at the Harvard Crimson and acted as Harvard University journalist. He writes about different topics and attracted lots of readers by then because of the humor he applied while writing the articles. In 1991 after graduating, he left for Los Angels and opened a company called, people doing things. The company focused on technological innovations in the field of education and healthcare. In 1994, Pulier founded another company called Digital Digital Evolution. In short, Eric Pulier is the founder and co-founder of more than 15 companies that are functioning to date. He has amassed a lot of wealth from his companies. He is now one of the leading technologists in the region and his innovation and skills has changed the lives of many.

Eric Pulier as stated earlier is a philanthropist and has helped so many people throughout his life. He has learned the art of sharing his wealth with the less fortunate in the society. He has been on the frontline educating people about sclerosis through media through an organization called Multiple Sclerosis Society.He also in collaboration with other people created social media platform by name Starbright World that allowed children with chronic diseases to chat and write posts safely.

Eric Pulier is also a board member of several charitable organizations and his efforts are felt everywhere. He is always on the forefront helping people in need or developing systems that will be applied to help children’s education or health conditions. He is a hero to be emulated by all.

About Eric Pulier: