Equities First Holdings In Australia

Equities First Holdings has quickly made a name for itself in the lending world. Equities First Holdings will work to secure an important lending package for people. They want to expand to a global level and get to know some of their partners. The lender is popular and expects to continue doing business on a large scale. Equities First Holdings in Australia is a worthwhile venture effort for them. The company will be expanding in the coming years too.

Expect the business to do their part when it comes to forming a partnership. Equities First Holdings is well respected by many market observers. Borrowers can get loans that hold at relatively low interest rates overall. Australia is a prime market and will represent a big step for the company. They hope to extend their influence to all new levels. That is accomplished by forming partnerships with reputable companies in Australia.

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Equity First Holdings Relocates to New Offices

Equity First Holdings, a renowned lender, and leader when it comes to finding alternative shareholder and financing solutions has relocated one of its Australian offices. Equity First Holdings new office is now located in Melbourne. This move is said to give its clients and other business associates more access to its services.

Mitchell Hopwood’s remark

The managing director of Equity First Holding Australian Branch, Mitchell Hopwood, said relocating the offices will create more space for business both its clients and staff members.

In Australia, Equity First Holding offices are located in three major areas. Namely Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. Customers are provided with capital for expanding their existing businesses, stock based loans and strategic investments among others.

Other branches of Equity First Holdings

Besides having offices in three different areas in Australia, Equity First Holdings has opened branches in other countries. These countries include the United Kingdom, Singapore, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Thailand. The company’s headquarters are based in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the United States of America.

About Equity First Holdings

Founded in the year 2002, Equity First Holdings provides clients with alternative financial answers. They do this by providing supplying capital against the publicly traded stock, and the customers can, therefore, meet both their personal and professional goals to learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/equities-first-usa click here.

How transactions are carried out in Equity First Holdings

Equity First Holding Services are suitable for people who are looking for working assets. The framework on loans provides very high loan-to-value ratios ranging between fifty and seventy percent. The interest rates vary between three and four percent. Borrowers’ movements are however not restricted when their collateral stock declines.

After drafting a detailed proposal including the amount to be loaned, the borrower moves to the second stage, the valuation process where Equity First Holdings decide whether or not to award the loan. After approval, agreement forms are signed, and transactions are made.