Ted Bauman:Capitalize on the Most Productive Sessions of Your Day

I would have been more successful and productive if I knew then that it is crucial to focus more on the most productive part of my day while working on what I valued the most. Those are words of one Ted , a successful investment expert, and portfolio manager who works at Banyan Hill Publishing.


Portfolio managers are trusted with the duty to handle client’s portfolios with diligence, care, honesty, as well as good faith. They are also entrusted with the ability to make better judgment when it comes to making the right decision in business. For that reason, most novice and emerging investors look for portfolio managers and investment experts to help in making invaluable decisions in regards to their investment choices. Just like in the case of Ted Bauman, portfolio managers must have extensive experience in business.


Ted Bauman was raised in Washington, D.C. He moved to South Africa at a tender age and joined the University of Cape Town. He earned his postgraduate degree in history and later economics. For 25 years, he built his career in the same country. He worked in different sectors including not-for-profit organizations and other companies where he served an assistant portfolio manager, a consultant, and a researcher in charge of finance.

Becoming a Finance Expert

Ted Bauman travelled extensively. He wanted to understand different economic dockets across different states. He also learned how different countries run their businesses and how their political climate affected their economic environment. It was during these exploration moments that he also learned how to help different clients acquire their financial goals.

In 2008, Bauman went back to America and started serving as the head of housing programs in charge of Humanity International. He was based in Georgia but travelled to Latin America. He also went to the Caribbean and proceeded with his research by writing on different topics about international development. It was in 2013 that he solely majored in research and writing.


In 2013, Ted Bauman was hired by Banyan Hill Publishing to work as an editor. He now oversees the publishing of Bauman Letter, a newsletter that helps investors with critical decision making. He uses this journal to advice investors on the viability of different projects.


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