Learn To Enjoy Healthy Eating By Treating Your Body Right


Making sure you have a balanced, nutritional diet is the first step towards a healthy active lifestyle as well as building up muscles. Even if you live next to your favorite store, shopping is still a time consuming chore most of us put off as long as possible because there are so many other things we need, or want to be doing. Then, once you get those groceries home, unless they are complete, frozen meals you still have cooking and measuring exact portions to think about.


Meals services gain in popularity more every day. Many feel they are truly a “one stop” solution to the challenge of eating well when time is strictly budgeted. Different goals require different meal plans but one thing they all have in common is the priceless ability to save time. The less time you spend shopping and cooking, the more you have for what you’d rather be doing, such as a trip to the gym, or making sure you get enough sleep to stay healthy. Following are four plans worth looking into.


Trifecta Nutrition – For Dedicated Athletes


Trifecta Nutrition fuels the body with perfectly balanced, tasty meals. Where some diet foods are concerned it seems that the healthier they are, the less taste they have. Or, you’re always left feeling half hungry. Unless of course, you have a Trifecta meal on your plate. They have a wide variety of meal plans available including paleo, clean eating, whole grains, veggies with lean protein, and vegan. No matter which choice suits you best, all are gluten, soy, and dairy free as well as non-GMO.


Not everyone is satisfied with pre-set meals. For those that would rather mix and match their own choices, buying in bulk is also an option. Meals are delivered weekly and come fully cooked and vacuum sealed. When you need to control your nutrition down to the last ounce but don’t want to do without real taste in the process, choosing this meal plan allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.


Paleo Power Meals – Combines Ancient Eating Preferences With Modern Sources


Chemical free fish, chicken and beef are the base for Paleo meals. The only effort required to enjoy them is placing your order. Busy people appreciate the fresh, wholesome meals which are delivered ready to heat and eat in individual containers. PPM ships all over the nation as well as to select CrossFit gyms so eating healthy with this plan is more than possible no matter how busy your life is or where you happen to be at meal time.


Mix and match to suit individual tastes is easy with 11 different bulk menu items, as well as 38 breakfast, lunch, dinner and side dishes to choose from. Meals are about 400 calories each, protein heavy, and are light on fats and carbs. Imagine eating a meal so flavorful you find yourself checking its stats twice just to be sure, and that’s a Paleo Power Meal.


NutriSystem – Proven By Time

Quite a few famous names have been associated with NutriSystem for men because it works. Portion control along with paying attention to the glycemic index are the keys to its success, and along with the pre-packaged meals delivered to your door, you also get snacks. NutriSystem teaches control and this habit tends to stick with their fans whether they continue with the program or not. Not intended as a “forever” diet, the NutriSystem plan is a means to an end. The end being healthy eating habits that are formed which can last a lifetime.


Foods low on the Glycemic Index (GI) help keep blood sugar relatively level while sugary foods do the opposite by causing insulin levels to spike. That entire issue can be avoided by faithfully following the NutriSystem for men plan and their “good carbs” diet. It’s common knowledge that not all carbs are bad, in fact you actually need them to function properly. The trick is to figure out which foods have the proper glycemic index load and NutriSystem has that answer.


Ice Age Meals – Perfect For Paleo and Zone-Friendly Eating


All are non-GMO as well as dairy and gluten free. Those that enjoy meat will appreciate the quality of Ice Age products as well as their convenience. Delivered frozen solid, you can fill your freezer with hundreds of meals and never have to worry about shelf life. Each meal comes in a microwaveable dish and is about 500 calories and, according to the Zone Diet, four blocks. Protein to carb ratios is fairly even with about 10 grams of fat (except paleo and rice options that have a higher carb content.)


Meals are purchased in bulk and with 18 to choose from, your diet never has to get old or boring. Filling your freezer with variety only makes sense when you consider that a boring, repetitive menu is only going to make it that much harder to stick to a healthy diet. On days you feel like doing your own cooking, Ice Age also presents “Culinary Ninja” recipe posts and also interesting cooking videos to help sharpen your kitchen skills.

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