A quick Guide to Main French Wines

For wine connoisseurs, French wine is a deep subject. It is a daunting task to learn to understand the complex nature of the French wine. The labels have to be studied as well as they are created uniquely for the country. A good place to learn about wine is to visit UKV PLC – a fine wine and champagne distribution site. UKV PLC is based in England.

UKV PLC often teaches about the French wine which is labelled origin by origin. That signifies additional information such as the winemaking practices and grape varieties. The highest qualification of French wines is the appellation origin controlee. According to a quick quide on UKV PLC, each pace of origin has specific winemaking techniques, altitude, soil type and temperature, and climate. Every region in France produces wine, but there are several main ones to learn about first. One can learn more e on UKV PLC

• The Burgundy region produces both red and white wine. It produces varieties of Pinot noir and, with Chardonnay grapes, it also produces Burgundy whites.

• The Bordeaux region produces mostly medium-body reds which use blends of a variety of grapes. There is more than 10 000 producer in the region, so prices vary.

• The Loire is a very diverse region. It produces nearly every kind of wine. Each part of the region presents a different kind of wine such as Muscadet, Sauvignon blank, and Chenin Blanc.

• Champagne region produces champagne that is very different because it uses traditional production techniques. Other bubbly wines are called crémant. Tru champagne is produced using the traditional double-fermentation process.

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