Ryan Emmons, Waiakea Water & The Future of Bottled Water

The bottled-water industry is thriving right about now thanks to its many loyal customers. This specific industry is now worth over $100 billion, and it’s only going to get stronger. The people in today’s society are far more health-conscious than the people of past eras. The internet has opened-up an all-new world of nonstop information. Water is being advertised all day long, but all water isn’t created equal. Tap water’s reputation is at a new low. There are just too many hidden factors about this type of water. Whether the water is laced with cleansing chemicals, or it’s simply polluted, it would be wide to stay away from this stuff.

Bottled water offers a great alternative to tap water. This specific type of water generally comes from a more natural source, and it’s much healthier to drink. Bottled-water brands have been battling for over a decade, but there seems to be a new king of the hill. Have you ever hard about a brand that’s known as Waiakea. Well, depending on your geographical location, Waiakea water is now being distributed all over the world. This water is basically organic in every way. It’s loaded with healthy minerals such as calcium, magnesium as well as electrolytes. On top of that, Waiakea water goes through a unique filtration system that’s known as the Mauna Loa volcano. The porous rocks of this mountain perfectly cleanses the water as it travels from 14,000 feet.

Ryan Emmons, CEO of Waiakea, has done an amazing job of building-up the brand. In addition to that, Emmons uses his philanthropic nature to provide others with fresh drinking water. Emmons and Waikea is one in the same, but they’re also a great one-two combination. The future of bottled water is in great hands, and it has never been in such a great state.



A S’Well Water Bottle

S’well is an incredible new company that has seen exponential growth, in the last two years alone the company has grown by 400% a year. S’well was founded by Sarah Kauss, a Harvard Business School graduate, who invested all of her savings into the company. S’well offers beautifully designed and fashionable water bottles that are not only elegant in design but also fully functional. Due to the bottles unique double insulated features they have the capability to keep liquid cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

S’well has now grown to include 35 employees and is generating a major buzz across the globe, Kauss in part credits this growth and popularity to Starbucks. Starbucks had extended an invite for Kauss to come and share her story its headquarters in Seattle. The company immediately took to the product and began offering the bottles in 120 Starbucks in 2013, the water bottles were an instant hit and sold well.

Kauss has been astonished by the rapid growth in her company especially taking into account its modest beginnings. In the beginning of August 3,300 Strabucks nationwide will carry the bottles. Kauss has also started offering signature bottles, such as specially made Hawaiian themed bottles and ones specially designed for Starbucks in Times Square.

S’well has a strong charitable presence within water, donating $100,000 to UNICEF in an effort to make clean drinking water available to children round the world. Kauss is fully devoted to this cause and attempting to get children all over the world to drink more water. This is a fantastic new company, which will continue to see growth into the future.