Perry Mandera Trucks In Aid To The Needy

While many people feel they want to help others where they can, there are few who go above and beyond to help on a larger scale simply compelled by a calling in their hearts. But that is what Perry Mandera of The Custom Companies believes in. As a business owner of a sizable trucking firm in the Chicago area, Perry believes that it’s his duty to help when disaster strikes and there is a need for relief supplies or logistical support for supplies to be transported.

As part of his personal compassion and faith as a Christian, Perry believes people have so much more they can offer to the world if they just take the time and energy in investing it into helping their fellow mankind. As part of his philanthropic efforts, he founded the Custom Companies Charity. This is the non-profit portion of his primary trucking company.

In his personal time, he serves on the board of several charitable foundations including the Jesse White Tumblers and the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation. Through his work with the foundation, he recently coordinated for the collection and donation of 6500 winter coats for the needy throughout the Chicago area. Mr. Perry Mandera with his company have helped over 100 local charitable organizations in the Chicago area to get relief funding for lower income people in need.


Mandera’s Disaster Relief Efforts

In addition to his local charity efforts, Mr. Perry Mandera has delved deeply into other Disaster Relief Efforts throughout the country. When Hurricane Katrina struck in the heartland of the south in 2004, The Custom Companies rallied around and worked with relief organizations to bring in 40 truckloads of disaster relief to the people of Louisiana and Mississippi.

When disaster struck in the state in 2013 because of a tornado in Washington Illinois, his company was right there offering help through with trucking services. They were able to give transportation services for a sizable amount of disaster relief for those affected by the terrible storm.

More recently, Perry Mandera became involved in bringing transportation services for supplies in the region of the California wildfires. Transportation services were offered by the Custom Companies to bring short term relief supplies as well as longer term rebuilding supplies to victims who lost so much during the wildfires that ravaged the state.