Want To Be A Great Cook? Don’t Forget Those Veggies

If you want your family to rave about your cooking each night when you present their supper, make it a point to always include those delicious vegetables.

According to a recent article posted on Eater.com, a detailed study was undertaken at Cornell University concerning which food items taste best together. Folks at Boraie Development have heard that the findings of the study were that meat-centered entrees actually taste better when they’re accompanied by vegetables. This is surprising, since so many people seem to prefer starchy items with their meats, as well as the growing number of restaurants that are combining food items that were traditionally standalone dishes.

I found the study to be very interesting, especially since I’m one of those old school people who still believe that every meal should be served with at least one green item. I’ve practiced this for years, and since it works for me, I plan to continue doing so!

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Foods that Ease Allergy Symptoms

A good friend at the online security firm CipherCloud showed me this article.

Pollen is in the air and chances are you or someone in your home is sneezing, wheezing and wiping a runny nose because of it. There are a multitude of over-the-counter medications in addition to prescription drugs, but if you can treat the symptoms without popping another pill, why not give it a try? Add these foods to your daily diet during allergy season and see if they will ease your symptoms.
* Apples contains Quercetin, which is a powerful anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory.
* Broccoli contains Sulforaphane, a powerful anti-inflammatory.
* Garlic is a natural antibiotic which stops allergic reactions before they can start. Garlic also contains Quercetin.
* Yogurt which contains probiotics helps increase the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system which in turn gives the immune system a boost to fend off offending allergens.
* Foods fortified with vitamin D, like milk and cereal, helps keep the immune system running smoothly so it can fend of allergic reactions.
Decrease all dairy products. Dairy products make the mucus thicken and increase congestion, something you don’t want during allergy season.


Eating Sugar is Addictive and Potentially Deadly

Sugar is sweet, but it’s also as addictive as cocaine, according to a new study. Not only is the white sweet substance addictive, it can and does lead to a variety of health problems and early death. Eating too much sugar leads to obesity, which in turn causes metabolic syndrome and sets the stage for several life-threatening illnesses, like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
Yes, eating too much sugar can lead to a person developing cancer. The abundance of consumed sugar causes inflammation in the body. The inflammation is the rot causes of many diseases, including cancer.
But when a person is addicted to something, they can’t get enough. Therein lies the problem of sugar. The more we eat, the more we want to enough of it. We have become dependent on sugar and want everything we eat to have a sweet flavor. That leads to obesity and all the associated health problems. Folks at Anastasia Date understand that sugar addiction and associated health problems have become so serious in some areas, the sweet stuff has been banned.
Life without sugar won’t be as sweet, but life with sugar can end prematurely.


Cold Showers Provide 21 Health Benefits


At some point in our life, we have all been told to go take a cold shower. The reason often had to do with raging hormones, but would a cold shower be effective in calming down the libido? According to recent findings on Wikipedia that my friend Marc Sparks came across-Yes,it does and a cold shower will also provide these 21 other health benefits.
* Deepens breathing
* Detoxifies body
* Fights fatigue
* Revs up metabolism to fight obesity and diabetes
* Decreases chronic pain
* Stabilizes blood pressure
* Increases immunity against certain ailments like cancer and diabetes
* Gives the thyroid glands, adrenal glands and ovaries/testes a boost that improves their hormone output
* Improves the mood and gets you ready for the day’s activities
* Improves blood circulation
* Calms and soothes jangles nerves
* Tones and rejuvenates the skin
* Improves the health of your hair
* Helps alleviate insomnia
* Improves the function of kidneys
* Reduces and prevents edema
* Improves lymphatic circulation which in turn boost the immune system
* Reduces varicose veins and hemorrhoids
* Regulates body temperature and helps counteract cold feet and hands or excessive sweating
* Reduces stress
* Reduces overall body aches and pains
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The World Famous Antique Wine Company

The Antique Wine Company, established 25 years ago, is a company that distributes luxury spirits and wine. The Antique Wine Company focus on vintage spirits, both antique and contemporary which will age into antique. They also focus on exceptional and rare wines. The Antique Wine Company provides wine for hotels, restaurants, private purchasers, and the global wine trade.


The Antique Wine Company is run by CEO Stephen Williams and has a headquarters in Marylebone, Central London as well as two offices in Asia, Manila and Hong Kong. Stephen Williams founded The Antique Wine Company in 1982 and now has tens of thousands of clients in 100 different countries around the world. Williams was once called the “Sherlock Holmes of Fine Wine,” due to his ability to track down rare, vintage, and most desired wines across the world. Due to his vast knowledge of wines, Williams is also a tutor for The Antique Wine Company wine academy, as well as a respected commentator in the wine industry.


Not only does The Antique Wine Company offer the most desirable wines and spirits, they also have an academy that anyone interested in can attend. The academy is situated at the company’s headquarters in Marylebone, Central London. The Antique Wine Company academy has state-of-the-art equipment and runs courses on wines, master classes, and tastings with a tutor. CEO Stephen Williams is a tutor for 2 of those courses at the academy. The academy’s tasting room seats 30 people for a more intimate experience.


The Antique Wine Company has been in the news several times for the wine they have sold. In 2011 The Antique Wine Company broke the Guinness Book world record in selling the most expensive bottle of wine. The bottle, an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem, sold for 75,000 pounds to a private collector. They also supplied Paramount Pictures with authentic 1912 bottles of wine to celebrate the success of the film Titanic.