Lime Crime Hi-LITE Palettes Are The Newest Highlighter To Hit The Market

Lime Crime is a reputable cosmetic brand that was designed for people who have some spunk and would like to have stood out by showing their own sense of style. They sell cosmetic products such as press on nails, highlighter palettes, lipstick, eyeshadow palettes, makeup brushes, and even hair dye. One of their newest products Is their highlighter palettes. They currently offer 3 different types of highlighter palettes. They call these highlighter palettes HI-LITE. The three different palettes that they sell are called mermaids, opals, and blossoms. Mermaids HI-LITE palette has 3 colors in it Seashell, Pearl, and Mermaid. Seashell is a lavender type color, Pearl is an ivory, and mermaid is a blue-green color. The Opals HI-LITE palette also has 3 colors in it pink, gold, and peach. Blossoms HI-LITE palette like the other two palettes has three colors also. The colors featured in the Blossoms HI-LITE palette are warm gold, lavender, and sunset. All the HI-LITE palettes were made for use on all skin color types. Lime Crime’s second newest product is their hair dye products. If you are looking for a hair dye that will make your hair pop with color than this is the right brand for you. However, they also offer hair dyes that just lightly tint your hair the color of your choosing for a more subtle look. The hair color line was inspired by CEO Doe Deere’s colorful hair. With Lime Crime, you can not only show off your sense of style to the world but you can also look gorgeous well doing it. Also, you don’t have to wear the same makeup look every day and you can change things up day by day with this company’s makeup rather than trying to do it with a less pigmented brand of cosmetics. Another plus is that all of their products are cruelty free and vegan meaning unlike most of the other cosmetic lines out there they were not tested on animals and they are made from vegetable-based ingredients instead of being made with all kinds of chemicals making their cosmetics good for people who would otherwise have allergic reactions to other makeup brands.

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