Southridge Capital

Southridge Investment Group is a privately held equity company that offers securities brokerages and investment banking services to its diversified customer base. The firm was founded in the year 1996, and it currently has approximately 50 employees.

Southridge Capital was launched by Stephen M. Hicks who also serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Hicks is responsible for the entire business development in the firm. He also sets the whole firm direction regarding strategies and approaches.

The company has a team of experienced experts that come up with strategies and approaches to markets. The company has since the beginning been able to draft extraordinary investment plans and implement them without failing. Southridge Capital has served more than 250 companies. This diversified service delivery has allowed it a unique knowledge and understanding of developing companies.  You can checkout to see more.



Southridge Capital offers advisory services to companies that are publicly-owned. It also provides structured finance tips to the firms. It has shown commitment to serving its wide-ranging client base to help them attain their financial and economic goals through its technological, economical solutions.

Southridge capital boasts a dedicated team that is made up of specialists who have extensive understanding and experience of the marketplace. The firm has been providing its clients’ needs and desires to the letter. This makes it one of the favorite financial advisors in the region. Southridge has been able to invest a sum of $1.8 billion into development companies across the world since it was founded in 1996.

It has gained experience that has expanded its understanding of the challenges that all developing businesses face. This has been enabled by its track record of serving more than 250 growth firms since its launching. The company mainly specializes in Financing Solutions, Credit Enhancing and Securitization as part of its structured service aspect.

Southridge functions are enacted depending on the liquidity level that exists in a particular business’s stock. Southridge capital does not require the company in the subject to front its registration statement or even any minimal market impact to benefit it. Southridge allows companies to raise money based on its desires and wishes. For more info you can visit




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Sahm Adrangi Has Little Faith In Eastman Kodak Methods

Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital, a management and investment firm, has issued a warning to all investors out there to be cautious before dealing with Eastman Kodak. The stock for Kodak jumped an incredible amount, nearly 200 percent, due to the new cryptocurrency’s. Sahm doesn’t believe this is a legit opportunity, but rather a quite obvious scheme to take advantage of many people’s growing interest in cryptocurrency.

Sahm Adrangi says that despite the decent history behind Eastman Kodak, the company has not managed to stay up to date with the expanding technologies out there. This makes Sahm confident that Kodak will fail to amount to anything worth calling into question. This stunt is largely for publicity and will have some effect due to cryptocurrencies disruption in the usual markets, however, cryptocurrency will not fix any problems in the long run for Eastman Kodak. Their image licensing system is as unstable as the cryptocurrency market is. Sahm’s concern extends to Eastman Kodak’s partnered companies as well, including App Coin Innovations.

Eastman Kodak may be a former giant, but this last effort is highly unlikely to amount to a success, and any investor that get involved will also be involved in the inevitable fall. Just 6 years ago, Kodak had to file a chapter 11 due to the very same conditions in the market that are here today. The progress of Kodak has fallen behind in the competitive market they are in, which put’s into question what the management at the company is doing.

Sahm Adrangi started up Kerrisdale Capital with under a million dollars, and today he has grown the company into a multi-million dollar corporation with assets surpassing 150 million. Sahm has had his fair share of experience dealing with the fluctuating markets and choosing the right investments, and overall he has been very successful. He credits his ability to find undervalued stocks or even overvalued ones as a key to his success. Thankfully, Sahm Adrangi wants to see others succeed as well, which is why he shares his ideas and methods for investing in social media and articles he publishes.


Talos Energy, The New Oil Titan

Although Talos Energy hasn’t been around all that long, it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular Oil Companies to date. Talos Energy was created by Tim Duncan, a former reservoir manager at Gryphon Exploration, and his partners with $600 million dollars in equity from previous backers and from assets earned by being a smart businessman.

Talos Energy takes great pride in the way that they have decided to run their internal business with their employees as well. They have been voted the best workplace among local small businesses by offering happy hours on Fridays and on-site daycare to name a couple. It is their belief that treating their employees, all of them, with awesome perks is high on their priority and they want to keep them happy. Afterall, it can be quoted that it’s been said “the risk belongs to the management and the rewards to the talent.”

Talos Energy can take great pride in the fact that they are responsible for sinking a new offshore oil well in Mexican waters for the first time in 80 years! This was actually a joint venture between Talos, Premier Oil Plc, and Sierra Oil & Gas. The drilling of this well began on May 21.

This is also the first time an offshore exploration has been launched other than state run monopoly Petroleos Mexicanas since the country nationalized oil industry in 1938.

This Zama-1 well actually holds an astounding estimated 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil. Drilling is expected to take around 90 days at a whopping pricetag of $16 million. In 2015, the three companies won rights after Mexico decided to open it’s rights to private investment in Mexico because of the bad shape their industry was in.

Upon inspection of the base itself, it is thought to have a high geological chance of success. Although Talos is not alone in the huge venture, which seems to be an amazing success story in the making, Talos Energy is definitely making a name for themselves. I am anxious to see what this may mean for the oil industry and Talos.

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The Philanthropic Works of Highland Capital Management

Young people are getting bored by the common investments that consist of bonds and shares. These are low return investment. They are interested in alternative investments that are associated with high returns. Alternative investments are some of the activities that Highland Capital Management specializes in. This is a firm that is based in Dallas under the leadership of a financial expert called James Dondero. Highland Capital Management was established in the year 1993 by Mark Okada and James Dondero. As of today, the firm has over $ 19 billion worth of assets under its management. Highland Capital Management has won many awards over the years


Other than the offices in Dallas, Highland Capital Management has offices in other cities across the globe such as New York, Singapore, and London. The company has over a 100 employees today having started with just five employees 24 years ago. As an alternative investment firm, the company specializes in distressed investments, structured investments as well as hedge funds. This makes the company suitable for individuals with fixed income. Other products that Highland Capital Management specializes in include structured product, high yield products as well as leveraged loans. The firm is also listed on the New York Stocks Exchange.


Highland Capital Management is actively involved in transforming the community around it. For this reason, under the leadership of James Dondero, the firm has made outsized donations to charity organizations within the area of Dallas as well as educational institutions. Perhaps the greatest project by the company, George Bush Presidential Library and Institute benefits the community in Dallas in many ways. Another institution that receives donations from the firm on a regular base is the Southern Methodist University. The latest donation to this institution is a $2 million donation to sponsor need students who cannot afford tuition fees.


Other projects by the firm include the Snowball Express and Uplift Education. Snowball Express is an initiative that supports fallen military families and children. This platform organizes a four-day experience for these children where they are treated to amusement parks, dances and sporting events. As for Uplift Kids, the goal is to solve educational problems for poor children from Texas.




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