Understanding ClassDojo

A classroom communication tool, ClassDojo is meant to be used by teachers, students and parents as well. The platform is used in tracking the behavior in the classroom and also in communicating the results of the students to their parents. Launched in the year 2011, ClassDojo has gone on to acquire a lot of popularity in many learning institutions. Initially, the app was funded by the education seed accelerator, ImagineK12 and is now being used in 90% of K-8 Schools in the US as well as 180 nations across the country. ClassDojo was founded by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary after they relocated to Palo Alto, California. The company released a new beta version of the application in September 2011.

Since it was founded, ClassDojo has been sued by approximately 3.5 million students and teachers in over 30 nations. The company announced in August 2012 that it had raised $1.6 million when it comes to main seed capital. The communication platform released its first application for the Android mobile system in February 2013. It also launched a messaging platform in 2014 which enables teachers to effectively communicate with the parents either as a group or directly. ClassDojo also has a Class Story feature which is a digital content stream by the teachers and can be accessed by parents. ClassDojo also has a School Story feature which allows teachers and school administration to share content that is school related with all the parents.

ClassDojo enables teachers, students and parents to connect develop and support the skills of the students. To be able to use the communication tool, teachers have to register and have a free account and the later create classes with the students. After being invited by teachers, parents can also access the ClassDojo communication tool and look at the progress of their children.

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