ClassDojo – The Bridge between the Teacher and Guardians

ClassDojo is a great tool to establish communication between the teacher and the parents or guardians. Sometimes communication can get lost in email or it is difficult to get to the phone. With Class Dojo, this puts the communication at your fingertips to bridge the communication between yourself and the teacher.

It can be downloaded as an app on the iPhone or Android device allowing you to receive communication from your child’s teacher to update you on their progress. You aren’t limited to that either – it can be viewed online as well on any computer or tablet browser.

With ClassDojo the teacher can send out regular communication updates on the student as an individual, the entire class, or any issues, good or bad, to update the parents and guardians. This is great as it also rewards the students with points and encourages them to move towards the positive behavior to earn Dojo Points. The teachers often, in exchange for these points, give the students some kind of reward to continue in the same direction.

Aside from communication on important issues it also gives the teacher a chance to share some of the projects that your child is involved in and see actual images and videos of projects to help get you more involved in the educational process. This is a great tool to share so parents can communicate and ask questions in regards to some of the projects that they were participating in.

Overall ClassDojo is a great tool to help streamline the communication, progress, and updates on their student on a daily basis and continue to encourage the student with positive encouragement vs. just contacting the parents on a regular basis when they are misbehaving. If your teacher is using this program and you have any questions I encourage you to ask them more about it today.

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