Organo Gold Branches into Turkey

Recently, Organo Gold opened a branch in Turkey. This is the 39th country that the gourmet coffee company is affiliated with. This is an exciting time for President and CEO, Bernardo Chua. It is a significant operational achievement for them. The company has a Global Footprint Initiative, and Turkey is part of this mission. The company states that this was the missing piece that helped to unite the markets of Asia, Europe and Africa. This will help them to serve their customers in the area better. Both their distribution and sales should see amazing increased from this change.

So why did Chua choose Turkey? Well, the Turkish people are known for their coffee drinking ways. They opened the first coffee house in the history of the world back in the 15th century. Coffee has been firmly established as a part of their national culture. Coffee is a drink that continues to thrive in this country. The questions shouldn’t be why Turkey, but rather what took so long. This is a huge step for Chua and Organo Gold. He believes that this country is an excellent fit for his company.

The OrganoGold Blog even says that many people don’t know that Turkey has an active interest in healthy living and due to the active lifestyle these people have, it has enhanced the demand for Organo Gold coffee products. To some, this is no ordinary coffee. It has many health benefits that cannot be ignored. It comes from a mushroom. The Chinese call it the highest ranked herb in their country. The specific mushroom is the Ganoderma variety. It has been known to give long and healthy lives to those who indulge.

Paul Jarvis has been appointed to handle this region. They will begin by offering the following products in their Turkish line:

• Black Coffee
• Mocha
• Latte
• Hot Chocolate
• King of Coffee
• UNO Expresso
• DUE Expresso
• TRE Expresso

Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008. Their main headquarters is in British Columbia. They sell their products through independent distributors. They have a Coffee Connoisseur club that is popular in the US and Canada. Their products are being distributed in 35 countries, and their multi-level marketing setup has been successful. Chua believes in his products and living an active and healthy lifestyle. He received a Gold Medal from the Napoleon Hill Foundation and is constantly on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn connecting with his customers and distributors worldwide.

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Get Help If You’re Looking For New York City Real Estate For A Business Move

Your boss calls you into his office, and he says that he has some news for you. You’re terrified because you know that they are looking to promote someone, but you’re not certain if you’ll get that promotion. Not only has your boss told you that you got the promotion, but you’re also being relocated to New York City apartments for rent for the job. You couldn’t be more excited. The first thing you do is to start looking online for your new home in New York City, but you’re not even from the city, so how do you know that you’re going to find the right place? Your boss has offered to pay for your relocation, so money isn’t an issue, so why are you wasting your time looking for a new home in New York City?

You worked very hard to get to the position you’re in now, so why not continue working on your job, and let someone else work on finding you a new place in New York City? Many people are so used to doing things on their own that they can’t imagine delegating responsibilities to someone else. If you’re planning on relocating to New York City because you’ve been promoted to a new job, or you have to move to New York for business purposes, then you’ll want to get a real estate agent.

Don’t waste your time looking online or in rent magazines for your new home because you may not be satisfied with what you find. Maybe you might find a nice place in a rent magazine, but what about having a truly luxurious place with a lot of room? Searching through a rental magazine can be the difference between having a nice place and having a superior place. If you’re looking for a superior place, then you need to get a real estate agent that knows New York City’s best locations.

Your best bet to finding a new home in New York City is by hiring Town Real Estate. Town Real Estate knows everything about New York City, and their extensive experience in the area can help you to find the best home that’s suitable for your business lifestyle. More than likely you’ll have to leave early and come home late when you’re working in New York City, so why not come home to a place that you can be proud of? Town Real Estate is a unique agency that has a lot of services that can accommodate a person who is moving to New York City for business purposes. If you work directly with the agents at Town Real Estate, then you’ll be able to make a smooth transition into a new home in New York City.

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Stop Eating Out For A Better 2015

There are several advantages to preparing your own meals versus eating out at restaurants. Saving money, time, and avoiding the hassle of traffic are all big pluses, but the biggest advantage is avoiding the caloric pit-falls of restaurant food. Some fare at restaurants is widely known to be high in calories such as desserts or entrees laden in sauces, but there are plenty of surprises.

While there is no denying that a diet of milkshakes and burgers won’t do you any favors health wise, restaurants are able to disguise foods high in fat and sugar as healthier options. To gain some insight about how your favorite places to eat might be secretly sabotaging your hard work in the gym, go here. If a low-calorie bacon cheeseburger looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Cooking at home lets you control what goes in your food and how it’s prepared, which can make all the difference. Still, eating out isn’t always bad. Opt for greens over fries or water over a sugary drink, and whatever you do, avoid the Create Your Own combination at Red Lobster. At 2,710 calories, it weighs in as the highest calorie restaurant offering of 2015 according to Qnet.


Johnson and Johnson Guilty of Selling Metal-Tainted Products

Johnson & Johnson will have to pay out more than $25 million after a judge found the company guilty of knowingly selling a contaminated product.

McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a subsidiary to the pharmaceutical giant, entered a plea of guilty to the charge of the process and manufacture of adulterated drugs. The company made the settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice and is expected to pay out more than $25 million in fines.

According to linked in, the company sold its Tylenol liquid products with the knowledge that the shipments were likely contaminated with metal. The company recalled millions of Tylenol products from 2008 through 2010. The company recalled Benadryl, Motrin, and other similar products as a safety precaution.

It is reported that the recall of the popular items led to a dramatic decrease in sales.
The metal contamination was not the only problem that riddled the popular company.

Consumer complaints of a “modly smell” were reported, as were problems with product labels, which also led to the recall of millions of bottles of the popular medications.

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More Nutrition Advice From Daniel Amen

Remember when I told y’all about Daniel Amen and his revolutionary views on nutrition earlier this month? Well it was so popular, I decided to bring Daniel Amen back with some specifics on what foods you should be eating.

Keeping your brain healthy is probably one of the most important things that you can do for your overall health. Daniel Amen, MD, has made great strides to try to educate the public on how they can keep their mental health going strong. Sometimes it just takes a little effort on the part of the individual to change their habits, but the good news is that it is something that is possible, and people are doing it every day.

First, work more brain healthy foods into your diet. Daniel Amen recommends cottage cheese as part of one’s diet. It is something that makes it easy to get the necessary diary into one’s diet. Diary is highly important as it provides calcium and other important nutrients to the body and brain that would not otherwise be available.

Tuna is another super food recommended by the doctor. It is believed that this type of food provides great benefits because of the Omega-3 fatty acids that help with brain power as well. The protein in tuna is another benefit to the person who eats enough tuna. Keep in mind that the brain needs to have a certain amount of protein just to function. The Omega-3s are another great benefit.

Water is essential to the body. The body is made up of greater than 70% water. This means that water and other fluids need to continually be replaced in the body. There are not very many people who are getting enough water in their daily routine. If they would just up their intake by a small percentage, they could easily make a big difference in the way that they can function on a day to day basis. The extra water into the body will help you feel better, and it is the fuel that the brain works on.

Finally, for those who need to have some flavor to their food, the doctor recommends stepping away from the butter and go for the spices. He recommends using these spices as a way of flavoring food up without adding so many of the bad things that can go along with other flavorful substances. Butter and the like are not great for the health, but the spices are not as negative when it comes down to it. Spices are easy to find and are often a great way for people to bring more flavor to the food without taking on the negative impacts that other flavors can provide.

For more advice from Daniel Amen, you can follow him on Twitter or check out one of his many bestselling books.


Daniel Amen: Aiding the Brain Through Nutrition

For many people, eating healthy is a way of life. They view it as a way to improve their overall physical health and stave off sickness and disease. But can eating healthy do more than simply improve the state of the body? According to Dr. Daniel Amen, best selling author and psychiatrist, eating healthy can better not only physical health but mental health as well.
Dr. Amen’s philosophy centers from the idea that if the brain is fed the correct foods, it can improve its function and stave off many different types of illness such as Alzheimer’s and ADD. In his book, “The Daniel Plan” he sets out the basics for living a healthier life and how enhanced brain function can lead to an overall improvement in the quality of a person’s life. While Dr. Amen has many methods and suggestions for living a healthier life, one of his main focuses is changing the type of foods one consumes. By eating foods of all colors and balancing the nutrients a person puts into the body, brain function is improved which leads to a happier, better overall quality of life. He also emphasizes the importance of water and eating meals that are high in lean proteins.
Overall, Dr. Amen’s unique approach to the improvement of lifestyle has led to developments in nutritional and mental health. According to him, a healthy brain can fight depression, ADD, and other such mental afflictions. The idea that eating healthy improves the body is not new but the idea that these eating habits can also improve mental health and help prevent serious mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s is a field of study in which Dr. Amen is currently exploring and making important discoveries. His books as well as his television programs are opening up new fields in the research on mental health and his further research and experiments will continue to improve the mental health of many.


A Daily Meal

When you think about the amount of food that you’re supposed to consume in order to maintain a healthy diet, you might not think about how it looks. Most doctors recommend 2,000 calories a day to give the body enough energy to function. However, this seems like it’s a lot for someone who is overweight and might need to lose weight. But it’s like what my colleague Andrew Heiberger was saying the other day at lunch-common.sense.

This is a number that should probably be adjusted depending on how much the person weighs. The diet that you would think about might include a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s actually something smaller, but once you add all of the extra calories that you get from toppings on a sandwich or a pizza, then you will get the 2,000 calories, many of them empty. A typical 2,000-calorie plan can be one meal that you get at a fast food restaurant if you get the biggest thing on the menu. This is rather sad since you would eat all of your calories in one sitting.


Holiday Gift List from has all the holiday gifts you need for your foodie family and friends. There are edible presents, as well as gift that are inspired by food, to make your holiday season just a little brighter.

Ambessa has a line of teas created by chef Marcus Samuelsson. The teas come in a lingonberry tea flavor, as well as a spicier version of earl grey tea. You may also want to purchase some matcha milk spread for a loved one. This creamy and rich spread goes great on toast, and is the perfect addition to a great cup of tea.

For relatives who like food-related gifts, consider the Egg Minder. That is what a few at Slow Ventures plans on doing. In fact, many inspirations are on Tumblr. This app is perfect for the bakers in your family. The device notifies you on your cell phone when you’re running out of eggs, and even lets you know when one or more eggs in your dozen are going bad.

Check out today for more eye-catching Christmas gift ideas.

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Asthma Risk May Not Increase With Antibiotic Use

A new study has found strong evidence that there is not a link between asthma and antibiotic usage in pregnancy and childhood, as previously thought.

The large Swedish study was published in BMJ, and followed 493,785 children, including 180,894 siblings. The researchers studied the children from the beginning of the mothers’ pregnancy until the children reached school age. Twenty percent of the children had been exposed to antibiotics while in utero, while 62 percent of the children were exposed to antibiotics during early childhood.

The researchers determined if the children in the study had asthma by if the children were both diagnosed with asthma and used prescribed asthma medications. Six percent of the children studied were classed as having asthma.

Initially a link was found between antibiotic use in both pregnancy and early childhood and a subsequent asthma diagnosis. However, when siblings were looked at, the association between the two decreased. This suggests that other factors, such as environment and genetics may have a role. The study also noted that there was no correlation found between antibiotics given for urinary tract and skin infections and a diagnosis of asthma.

Researchers think that asthma may be misdiagnosed in childhood, and attributed instead to respiratory infections, which are treated with antibiotics. The antibiotics are then identified as the cause of asthma, when this may not be true. Laurene Powell Jobs read about it because she had some similar childhood issues but thinks that there needs to be more research carried out on the subject before any real conclusions can be drawn.

Because the study did not look at other reasons for the development of asthma, further research will need to be done.

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USDA Funds Programs to Combat Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a very common news topic recently. Children are heavier than they have ever been, and this can lead to a host of health problems. Obesity often stems from a lack of access to fresh and healthy foods. Sadly, some children are unfamiliar with what fresh fruits and vegetables even look like.

To combat this, the USDA is funding $5 million worth of programs to help unite school cafeterias with food from local farms. This is an extension of programs like this that have been in effect since 1996. According to my friend Bruce Levenson, the theory is that local fruits and vegetables are a way to combat obesity and help sustain local agriculture. This is a huge project that will take place in 42 states across the US. As a result of this funding, some schools are coming up with very creative ways to include local produce into their menus. The children themselves are often involved with these plans. Their direct involvement may lead to a lifetime of healthier habits.