Anthony Bourdain Eats Giant Schnitzel

Everyone who watches travel shows or food shows has heard of the famous traveler and food expert, Anthony Bourdain who has his own show called “Parts Unknown” that is aired on the Travel Channel. According to an article found on reddit and written by, Bourdain’s latest visit is to Budapest, Hungary where he eats a schnitzel the size of a surf board overall.

In the article there is a video clip of the man eating this thing and at first he looks overwhelmed like he doesn’t really know what to do with it. Who can blame him, as that is way more food than anyone could ever want to eat in a week let alone a day. Yet the expert gives it a shot and even though it is disgustingly huge it still looks delicious and desirable. I love how he goes to places that many people don’t know of according to Daniel Amen, because not only does it help the tourists figure out good places to go but it also helps those small businesses that need the exposure on international television. He is a brave man and the next time I am in Hungary I will surely be thinking about this article and clip. After all, where else do you think you could find something so large yet so amazing looking. It will be interesting to see if the restaurant gains a lot more attention now.

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