Talk Fusions New Application

Company’s online are always looking for a new way to market to the online community. Many business owners and companies online quickly navigate to the Talk Fusion video marketing tool that helps them to promote their business in a simple, yet very powerful way. Certainly, this tool has gained great popularity with businesses, large and small. This amazing video marketing tool has gained worldwide acceptance in marketing circles. Recently, Talk Fusion released a new application that is creating an enormous amount of buzz in the marketing world. Here is more on that subject.

Talk Fusion’s New Application
Customers requested it and they got it. Talk Fusion created an application that made it even easier for marketers to send marketing video’s while they are on the go across town or across the country. The fact is that the business world is highly competitive. Thousands of new competitors enter the market at every hour of the day. Every online business requires a competitive edge to help their organization rise above the crowd and gain success. The Fusion On The Go Application helps to provide a company with that competitive edge. The good news is that the application is available for download at Google Play and iTunes. The new application is an all in one device with a number of very impressive features.

Impressive Application
The Fusion On The Go Application is a very impressive application. Certainly, Talk Fusion is known for their video marketing tool. The new application takes marketing to a new level. The marketer is able to record videos, send videos, upload videos, send messages, and even make calls to friends and family through this application. The application is also very secure. Clearly, this feature is very important to a business person that would like to keep their information very secure online.

About Talk Fusion
Talk Fusion is an American company that is based in Branden, Florida. The company was founded in 2007 and the founder of the organization is Bob Reina. Video marketing was something that was very new and innovative back in 2007. Now, it is one of the leading ways to reach out to a new audience and get the edge over competitors. In addition, Talk Fusion is an organization that always believes in responsibility and living up to the high standards that they set for the organization and strongly believe in and follow. Their strong ethics and beliefs helped guide them to success. Learn more:


Ryan Emmons, Waiakea Water & The Future of Bottled Water

The bottled-water industry is thriving right about now thanks to its many loyal customers. This specific industry is now worth over $100 billion, and it’s only going to get stronger. The people in today’s society are far more health-conscious than the people of past eras. The internet has opened-up an all-new world of nonstop information. Water is being advertised all day long, but all water isn’t created equal. Tap water’s reputation is at a new low. There are just too many hidden factors about this type of water. Whether the water is laced with cleansing chemicals, or it’s simply polluted, it would be wide to stay away from this stuff.

Bottled water offers a great alternative to tap water. This specific type of water generally comes from a more natural source, and it’s much healthier to drink. Bottled-water brands have been battling for over a decade, but there seems to be a new king of the hill. Have you ever hard about a brand that’s known as Waiakea. Well, depending on your geographical location, Waiakea water is now being distributed all over the world. This water is basically organic in every way. It’s loaded with healthy minerals such as calcium, magnesium as well as electrolytes. On top of that, Waiakea water goes through a unique filtration system that’s known as the Mauna Loa volcano. The porous rocks of this mountain perfectly cleanses the water as it travels from 14,000 feet.

Ryan Emmons, CEO of Waiakea, has done an amazing job of building-up the brand. In addition to that, Emmons uses his philanthropic nature to provide others with fresh drinking water. Emmons and Waikea is one in the same, but they’re also a great one-two combination. The future of bottled water is in great hands, and it has never been in such a great state.


The Success Of Gregory Aziz

Greg J Aziz was born in London in 1949 and as he grew he studied economics at the University of Western Ontario. He joined the wholesale food business owned by his family, and the company later grew becoming a worldwide market which majored in fresh food importation. He then worked on investment banking in New York and later during his career he got interested in the National Steel Car, and he was able to purchase the railway engineering company from Dofasco, and Greg’s main ambition was to ensure that the company provides quality services mainly in the field of manufacturing.


Gregory James Aziz invested heavily in the company which later transformed into a worldwide producer after it got a large market. National steel car has been in the engineering market for more than 100 years due to its good products in manufacturing and its commitment to quality. The company is regarded as North America’s most important railroad freight and tank car manufacturer. Despite all the achievements, National Steel Car still tries to raise the standards in the railway line industry by pursuing excellence and giving attention to the customer. Part of the distinction is attributed to the loyalty and support of the customers, good relationships with the suppliers and the hardworking team members who ensure that they always build the best. Get More Information Here.


Due to the success of National Steel Car, the company has been ISO certified and has held this for 18 years after earning recertification many more times. The company has also managed to be honored through the TTX SECO highest quality award since 1996 due to its great works and innovativeness. National Steel Car has been able to support a couple of charities such as the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, and the United Way. Gregory James Aziz sponsor The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is Canada’s most public agricultural show.


National Steel Car hosts a Christmas Party every year where employees and their children whether past or present come and take part in the company’s food drive for local food banks which is always a success because of the continued support National Steel Car gets. National Steel also tries to maximize customer satisfaction by building quality railcars, and they deliver on time hence increasing their performance in the industry where they are currently leading the North American market. Gregory James Aziz has had a significant impact on the growth and development of National Steel Car.




Milan Kordestani The Prove of Authenticity in Farming

Milan Kordestani is a citizen of the united states of America, specifically residing in Stanford California. While they were staying there, he attended Philips elementary school. They later took a shift together with his family to London in 2009 after his parents divorced, while in London he went to Eaton square school. He graduated from high school in the year 2017 at sacred heart preparatory school.

One of his hobbies and passion is in riding horses. he started this when he was the age of 10. he started his riding lessons in Atherton and proceeded into his high levels in world champion horses. In addition, Milan Kordestani has won several awards one of them being in the year 2015 where he won the first leg of the triple crown. He also became the 2nd and also gained the highest ranking at the worlds championship horse show. He is also a writer and he specializes mostly in the fields of mental health, agriculture, and politics. He’s also recognized for his Huffington posts that he writes.

Despite Milan Kordestani thriving through horse riding, he has also started a farm known as Milan farm a company that deals with the production of poultry, saffron, and eggs. The company also has made wide connections to various farms across the nation. Kordestani founder of Milan farms is also known to be the first farmer to grow pure saffron using microfiber sponges.

The farm offers free organic\range eggs and of the farms objective is to provide a genuine option to the end user. They only use organic options for their plants and they also uphold openness in raising their animals. The farm was established in the early 2015 and is currently a college student practicing poultry farming in his farm.

His farm products are distributed widely around the world and also all over the west coast. His products are pure and no questions are raised concerning them. He believes in giving people quality, authentic products. The farm also is involved in the process of innovation for the betterment of the products and also uses drip irrigation supplemented with aquaponics and hydroponic systems.

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Talk Fusion Helps Strengthen Marketing Campaigns with Their Innovative Products

Video marketing has become one of the most effective modes of marketing in today’s date, and just about every company that wants to dominate their niche is looking towards video marketing to get the results they are looking for. Whether it is social media platforms or the video sharing platforms, there are millions of users out there that also consist of your target audience. Missing out by not marketing through effective video content on these platforms would give a heads up to your competitors, who would be eating up your revenue slowly but surely. Make sure that you also have a marketing campaign that integrates video marketing with it to ensure that you continue to stay ahead of the competition and strengthen your market presence. There are many technologies that have made it much easier today.

Talk Fusion is a video marketing company that can help you with achieving such dominance in the market by providing you with effective video marketing tools. There are many video marketing products that Talk Fusion has developed and launched in recent times, and one of these products that went on to become highly popular among the people is video e-mail. The freelancers, as well as the companies that used the video e-mail, have found it to be really effective in conveying the message across and have been able to crack important deals over the e-mail itself. When it comes to explaining something over the e-mail, the video e-mails are known to be much more useful than the simple e-mails with just bunch of words. They are also more attractive, and people do not miss them, unlike the word emails that can be quite boring.

Talk Fusion is redefining the world of marketing with its video marketing products, and one of its new video marketing and communication products is the Fusion on the Go app that allows multiple users to join the chat simultaneously. Moreover, the Fusion on the Go app can run on any smart device and has the feature to add new members while the chat is still running and people can also tweak the app as per their usage. There are many features in the Fusion on the Go that would help you personalize the app as per your usage. The functionalities of this app are very user-friendly, which is why it has become one of the most popular video chat apps in today’s market. Learn more:


The Innovative Businessman Gregory James Aziz

1Gregory Aziz is one of the dedicated person who ensures that what he does is of quality. Having been born in London he took his education serious and graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario. Greg Aziz thereafter decided to venture in the wholesale food business which was a family business, and this was an amazing work for him as he ensured that the business was able to run successfully. The business was able to offer distribution of the fresh foods to other wholesale markets and this led to its expansion and making it to import fresh foods from all over the world.


James Aziz being a businessman later got a chance to purchase National Steel Car Company as he had worked with the investment banking that had enabled him to have adequate knowledge. He is a hardworking person and the main aim that Gregory J Aziz had for the company was to make is one of the best and preferable company in railroad freight car manufacturer. The ambitions that he had were so big that as a the Chief Executive Officer and the chairman president of National Steel Car he ensured that the capital that was invested in the company was enough to have the best engineers and manufactures who could deliver quality. See This Page for additional information.


The company grew with the management of James Aziz and it became one of the top companies that had managed to build a lot of railroad freight car in North America. National Steel Car is one of the ISO certified company and the upgrade in the company has improved the living standards of the people around and also led to job opportunities. The company has also managed to receive awards for the wonderful work that it does.

James Aziz built confidence in his workers who worked hard to enable the company to be more innovative so as to maintain its’ standards and customers. Finally, James Aziz believes that the best way to have a successful business is to value the feedback of the customer either positive or negative and thereafter make deductions with a good management team on what’s best; this is what has kept National Steel Car Company always on top.

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Larkin and Lacey on Arpaio’s Pardon

There have been presidential pardons that have raised eyebrows from the public throughout the American history. The controversy behind these pardons lies behind the backgrounds of the individuals receiving them and the most recent of these unusual pardons was to Joe Arpaio by President Trump.

Joe has been known for wrongful imprisonment of individuals under suspicions that they were immigrants with no proper documents.

One of Joe’s devious acts was when he instructed selective enforcement agents to arrest Village Voice owners, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. This all happened in over a decade ago in Maricopa County, Arizona. The two were charged for disclosing details about a grand-jury investigation.

This arrest was made under the cover of darkness where earlier in the day there was a publication in Phoenix New Times by Village Voice Media about the probe of a grand jury. During the same time, the same grand jury was investigating Larkin and Lacey.

Since Joe Arpaio took up office as the Sheriff of Maricopa County there had various heinous arrests on women and inmates more so if they were immigrants and this has been written in several publications. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

These publications had frustrated Arpaio due to the increasing coverage of these aggressive tactics in law enforcement.

In 2011, District Judge Murray Snow told Joe that arrests on immigrants due to suspicion weren’t sufficient grounds for detaining them. Joe defied these orders and still encouraged racial profiling of Latinos. This went on until his abuse of power caught the eye of reporters due to a public outcry.

It was during this time that Larkin and Lacey were exposing Joe that led to their arrest. The decision to publish in the Phoenix New Times only came after they became targets by a special prosecution team.

During this time, many newspapers didn’t cover Arpaio but as more reporters published the matter, the matter grew to the point it became a nationally covered story. After the arrest, the two were released after 24 days and then filed a suit against Arpaio outlining his malpractices and corruption, which ended with a settlement of $3.7 million.

After the suit, Arpaio didn’t win his re-election run for his seventh term but his political experience enabled him to land on the good books of Donald Trump.

Joe endorsed Donald in the very early stages of the campaign trail and this even led to Trump hinting that he was to pardon Arpaio. However, Lacey believes that the pardon was granted for the purpose of appealing Trump’s audience who view Joe Arpaio as a national hero.

In response to the racial profiling, human rights movements rallied to protect the Latino community and this led to the creation of the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund.

An organization that helps members of their society inclusive of Latinos in the protection of their First Amendment rights. With uprisings due to the knowledge of Arpaio’s misdeeds, there is a promise of ending his agenda for good.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larking came together in 1972 to create Phoenix New Years after the layer had dropped out from Arizona State University. The campus paper which was published every week came into being in response to conservative media coverage of antiwar protests by students.

Lacey was the CEO while his partner became the executive editor. The paper’s audience grew with time and in 1983 the Village Voice joined 17 papers that formed a multimillion dollar conglomerate of newspapers.

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Vijay Eswaran Guides Investors in Different Businesses

Without a doubt, life is way better when things are working out. Most importantly, when you make bold moves and excel in thought and action, the energy rubs off on your associates. That is according to one Vijay Eswaran who is a multifaceted entrepreneur, an author, motivational speaker and role model to business professionals. According to him, business can be transformed into a successful venture in a blink of an eye. All it takes is the focus and dedication in achieving excellent results.

Background Data

Eswaran was born in Malaysia. His father worked in the ministry of labour while his mother worked as an educator. All too often, his family moved within the country. In the process, Vijay experienced different energies and economies around the cities. Perhaps that is how he decided to delve into business. First off, he joined London School of Economics where he studied socio-economics. After school, he bummed within the city for about 12 months. In the process, Eswaran worked for different companies including one in which he plucked grapes and monitored contractors in a construction site. Without a doubt, he garnered excellent people skills while working in those companies. Aside from that, he perfected his leadership skills. It was now time for him to venture into online marketing.


Eswaran joined the industry of binary system after attaining a professional academic credential from the United Kingdom’s CIMA. Being visionary, he pursued an MBA from the prestigious Illinois University then started on with multilevel marketing.


Eswaran spent most of his years working as an engineer for information systems in different companies including ones in North America in addition to South-East Asia. Eleven years later, he returned to Malaysia and ventured into what would later be termed as his success story. He owns various businesses including QI Group; which is his major success story. The multilevel company has expanded into an e-commerce platform that deals with telecommunications, wellness, corporate investments and media.

Succeeding in Business with Vijay Eswaran

Eswaran joins the list of the wealthiest men in Asia. His net worth is approximately more than $500 million. He implores emerging business professionals to focus on various businesses as the major way to succeed. That way, they shall have spread their risks. What is more, business has its challenges. That should however, not deter someone from achieving the best eventually.

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Talos Energy Gives People a Chance for Success

When Talos Energy started, they knew what they wanted to do to help people. They wanted to show others there was a chance they could be successful no matter what issues they faced. The energy industry is different in that people don’t understand all the options they have for success. If the energy industry changes, Talos Energy does what they need to accommodate those changes. They want to help people understand things will get better and things will continue getting better as long as they’re working toward a more successful future. Talos Energy always looks ahead to try and help people understand the positive options they have.

As long as Talos Energy continues helping their customers by providing them with innovative solutions, they’ll keep offering them all the best opportunities they have for success. The company makes a point of showing people that things will get better and things will continue working for them no matter what they must do to make it possible. The company dedicates all their hard work and knows what it means to show people things can get better no matter what. For Talos Energy, the point of all this is giving back and making it easier for people to see how things can change.

Throughout the time Talos Energy was growing their business, they knew how things would keep getting better. They weren’t afraid to help people have a better experience with the energy they provided. Because of this, they reached more people. They expanded their customer base and they gave people a chance to see things would keep getting better no matter how hard they had to work to make it happen. Talos Energy kept on course when it came to how they planned to help people and that paid off with everything they did.

Now that Stone Energy is a part of Talos Energy, the companies are doing what they can to give people a more enjoyable time. They know things will continue getting better and things will change based on the options they have. For Talos Energy, the thought of helping others is a big part of their business. It’s something they must do each time they begin working on their own. For Talos Energy to do this, they had to prepare. The company went public as soon as they acquired Stone Energy because they knew it would be the best option to use.


Jordan Lindsey Talks About Himself And His Zeal To Succeed

Jordan Lindsey is generally known for founding JCL Capital. But there is more to his achievements than this. He studied at both St. Joseph’s College and Mount Angel Seminary. He works as a professional systems architecture designer and programmer.

When it comes to managing financial services and technology industry, Mr. Lindsey is reputed as an experienced founder and a veteran algo trader. He is happily married to Giovanna Acha and has three beautiful daughters.

Jordan Lindsey had always had the mind of becoming an entrepreneur and loved to compete in challenging tasks. As a child, he enjoyed playing sports like tennis and ice hockey while growing up in New York. Aside from his alma mater, he has spent some of his life living abroad in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mexico, and Argentina.

Jordan Lindsey found his way into the cryptocurrency markets when he developed his own cryptocurrency. This was when he launched the first third-party verified algorithm as a pre-scheduled bot in 3Q17. Basically, his main aim was to make something great out of something good.

He also stated that he and his development team are currently working the development of the site’s backend framework in preparation for the platform launch. As a self- taught programmer, he created the first 100 percent transparent trading bot – Bitcoin Growth Bot – for a lending program.

In order to make the token appreciate in value, Jordan Lindsey decided to apply the age-old principle of supply and demand to create demand for the Nucleus token he had created within the Waves platform. Ultimately, he used the successful algorithm he had created to establish demand for the token.

According to him, planning ahead and following through to accomplish those tasks with determination is key to achieving productivity. Despite putting in long years of hard work to fund a successful company, Mr. Lindsey still sees himself as a person who is yet to arrive at his dreams. To him, the real work has just begun. He his relatively focused on creating new things and making them great. As an entrepreneur, he has learned never to be afraid of failure as it can lead to success.