Important Inferences, Values, and Lessons Preston Smith has Learned since Founding Rocketship Education over Ten Years Ago

Rocketship Education’s co-founder and chief executive Preston Smith has fruitfully administrated the network of public charter schools in its first ten years of operation. Having been involved in education more than a decade before founding Rocketship, Smith understands the importance of learning from one’s shortcomings, mistakes, and inaccurate inferences. As such, listed below are important pedagogical lessons Smith’s learned over Rocketship’s first ten years.

Invariably, students don’t share some things in classrooms, whether it’s an attestation to an underperforming teacher, or a learning environment that doesn’t fit their particular needs. Parents are privy to this information, able to pass it along to teachers and principals. Doing so improves quality of education, and is an integral part of Rocketship’s regular educator evaluations, helping mold instructors to meet students’ needs.

Students with learning disabilities or behavioral problems should be included in typical classroom settings as frequently as possible, rather than segregating them in smaller groups separate from their peers. This separation causes students to miss out on important aspects of learning, worsens their attitudes towards education, and lose confidence in their abilities at school. Rocketship Educations’ special needs students are designed to spend just 205 of their time at school with special education teachers, benefiting individual students and classes at large.

Gauging the attitudes, beliefs, and preferences of teachers in screening them is equally as important as ensuring the validity of past work experience and credentials. As Smith’s network of public charter schools provides feedback on a regular basis to instructors, teachers’ failure to change their behaviors encourages students to shy away from learning and become dissatisfied with spending time at school.

Although the former isn’t with Rocketship Education any longer, John Tanner and Preston Smith founded the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, educational organization in 2007 in California’s Bay Area, a region infamous for pushing out quality businesses and other entities, of which Rocketship isn’t an exception. One reason explaining Rocketship’s extensive success is its charter status, which means it’s eligible for governmental funding, although it operates independently of relevant boards of educational administrators, facilitating the tailoring of education to the particular low-income societies in which they operate.


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Market America Events

There are times in life you find yourself looking for information on how to get to some event or function? In a large country like America where events are scheduled well in advance, you need guidance on where and when to help you in planning your itinerary. At Market America events we seek to make your event easier. As an event participant and planner, we provide solutions to support you in the planning of your time. Here you find a platform with details concerning regional conventions along with seminars, trade shows, and conferences.

On the main menu, you find links to the homepage that shows you the page design plus information pertaining events in the regions indicated at the top of the page. On the same section, expect to find: international conventions, world conference, product symposium, webinars in English and Spanish, motives certification training, certified WebCenter training, Chinese boot camps among others. You will also find the dates and requirements for other events, seminars, trade shows and conventions in US Regional sites.

Market America Events is a one stop shop that provides you with all-round information. By clicking on any link on the sidebar, you will land on pages that provide you with information that is relevant to a particular event. In partnership with The UnFranchise Business, you are guided to financial success and planning, giving you an opportunity to earn and learn. You will also get information on the process of registration and ticket acquisition to enable you to get access to the next event sponsored by Market America.



Jason Hope, Futurist and Philanthropist

Jason Hope believes in the importance of the internet of things. The internet of things is the collection of technology that allows devices to work together, like street lights, smart cars, refrigerators, and all kinds of devices that can be allowed to access the web in one way or another. Jason Hope believes that this kind of technology is the way forward, and that apps are coming for all our most useful household products. Hope explains that the wireless interconnectedness of the internet of things makes our lives safer, as it has already improved our roads and transportation.Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Living in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Hope invests in technology and publishes articles on the tech and business. Follow him on Twitter :

He believes in the importance of education, and degree in Finance from the University of Arizona and an MBA as well.Partnering with SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation), Hope helps to fund and promote anti-aging and medical research that seeks not only to extend the length of life but to improve the quality of life as we age. Hope has given more than $500,000 to SENS to promote their research and ideology, and he is among the top sponsors of the institution.

He and SENS look forward to treating ailments like dementia and Alzheimer’s before they manifest and damage their victims.As an avid philanthropist, Hope also donates to Teach for America, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Not only that but he has also provided grants to students to help them kick-start their businesses. All of Hope’s investments, donations and publications express his passion and belief in the future of our world, and that technology is helping and will continue to help us lead longer, more healthy and productive lives. Learn More.



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Nine9: Tips to Get You Started in the Modeling/Acting Career

Like many careers, the acting and modeling scene is tough, especially to newcomers. This is true even in regions that are deemed to have the most successful opportunities, like California. However, if you have the talent and this is truly your passion, you can’t give up.With hard work and the right people to hold your hand, you can become whatever you want. According to Anthony Toma, the CEO of UnAgency, the following tips will help you out.

  1. Network

How will people make you a star if they don’t know you? You need to put yourself out there as much as you can. Volunteer or work as an extra. The point is to build strong relationships and put yourself in front to the right people.

  1. Keep Learning

People don’t just wake up and become experts in their jobs. Most successful models and actors are always attending workshops and classes to add that extra skill. Never be tempted to think that you know everything!

  1. Get Head Shots

A newcomer to the acting scene needs head shots. Models on the other hand need a composition card. This is what you present in auditions. Bottomline is, you need professional photos. Get a good night’s sleep, and drink lots of water before going for a photoshoot.

  1. Attend Every Audition

Auditions are a good learning opportunity and a chance to make meaningful connections with your peers in the industry. Try showing up on time and communicate if you can’t make it. Your reputation in the industry depends on it such small gestures.

  1. Every Job is Important

People start from somewhere. All the fancy actors you see today started from ‘small roles’ that acted as a bridge to where they are today.

Ask for Help

It doesn’t hurt to ask for help, does it? Nine9 is a UnAgency that has helps newbies get their foot in the door by providing the right opportunities to showcase their talent. Their mission is clear; they are out to look out for the 99% of the population who do not get opportunities on a silver platter. They avail the necessary tools, support, mentorship and opportunities to get you started.

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Jose Borghi Improves South American Advertising

Jose Borghi is the CEO of Mullen Lowe, and it is one of the fastest-growing advertising agencies in the world. The agency has been built using the business prowess that Jose has gained over the years, and he became the CEO after a large merger. This article shows how Jose has done the work required to grow this company into one of the finest in its field.

#1: Worldwide Advertising

Mullen Lowe started in Brazil where it was one of the leading advertising gencives in South America. They have grown the company quite a lot over the years, and he wants to see the company build its international customer base. They have done so with international offices, and the company brings its distinctive international flair to a business that has been essentially American.

#2: Supporting The Brand Of The Client

Supporting the brand of the client is the goal of Mullen Lowe, and Jose looks into his partnerships to ensure that all the companies he partners with to learn how they may be served best. He works quite hard to serve each new client, and he directs his staff to offer the finest customer service possible regardless of the circumstance. Click here to know more.

#3: Giving The Client Better Creative Services

The creative services that are offered to the client will help with artwork and creation for the campaigns. Jose watches over all campaigns to ensure that they are done properly, and he wishes to show his clients a simpler way to care for their companies. He knows that there are a number of things that may be done to help each client, and he wants to see his clients prosper with a campaign that they will be proud of.

Jose Henrique Borghi is an advertising expert. Mullen Lowe offers the finest advertising services to a world of clients.



RBS Group’s Future with Duda Melzer

The RBS Group is a family communication company established in 1957 and currently led by Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, popularly he is known as Duda Melzer. Duda became the president of the company in 2012, before then he was the director general for the national market. The previous president was his uncle who currently is the Chairman of the Board of Directors; the Board held a meeting in June 2012 and decided to promote Duda to the presidency. He has an MBA from Harvard and a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from PUCRS. Before joining the family business, Duda Melzer had worked at Delphi Corporation, Sweet Sweet Wau, and Boxtop Media.

Duda Melzer has been very successful in running the company; the award for being among the most innovative corporations and being top three in the internet company that generates the most value for the public, in 2012, proves how valuable he has been to RBS Group. His achievements have made him be called to the Deville Hotel in the Capital to give his story of success to suppliers and supermarkets and talk about growth in communication in companies. Duda also was a special guest at LIDE Santa Catarina debate lunch which was at Majestic Hotel; the theme was leading and building opportunities in times of crisis. To join LIDE, one has to be a leader, have a constant support program, environment project association and corporate governance; having these qualities confirms that Mr. Melzer is a perfect president for RBS Group.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer admitted that he is passionate about being close to people, the people he work with and that he loves his job, family and being happy and helping people be happy. His love for his employee and job makes him an exceptional leader, and a great leader creates a great company, RBS Group could not have chosen a better president.


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