Get To Know Sam Tabar

NY based Sam Tabar is best known as the man who saw that THINX would be popular before it even happened. Apart from being known as a genius in the industry, especially in the field of financial strategizing, Sam Tabar is also an attorney. However, he is not just an ordinary New York attorney turned financial strategist. shows him as a graduate who hails from Oxford University, Sam Tabar is quite a popular capital strategist and a well known lawyer. He is an expert in the field because of his wide range of practical experience in various profiles.

He started his professional journey with various major companies like Arps, FLOM LLP, Skadden, and Meagher before he decided to make the move to business development and try his hand at capital strategy, at which he excelled.

He also served as the MD (Managing Director) and Co-Head of the Business Development at SPARX Group Co. and PMA Investment Advisors. Then he further increased his experience and built a sturdy reputation for himself at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he was the Director and the Head of Capital Strategy for the region of Asia-Pacific.

After years of gaining experience in these fields and making a name for himself, he chose to make a comeback to the legal field. As a Senior Associate in Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, his comeback career as an attorney started with a bang.

As an attorney, his work largely involved formation and structure of funds, dealing in hedge funds, plus strategizing with regulatory and compliance issues. He finished his Bachelor of Arts Honors at Oxford University and finished his law study in Columbia Law School. He has also worked with the Business Law Review of Columbia and joined a law firm right after finishing his degree in law.

He is also fond of learning languages and, apart from a solid command over English, he is also fluent in French and has a functional, speaking Japanese in his arsenal.

Sam Tabar is one of those people who believe that all work and no play can lead to disastrous results. As such, his hobbies include travelling the world and listening to music.

In 2012, he invested in his own property and has been helping out small businesses that are in dire need of funds and have a good goal backing them up. He has helped a large number of startups and companies like THINX and is known for his keen eye when it comes to new businesses.  He’s also been starting to support more charities, including his GoFundMe account.  Follow Sam on his Instagram for more information about his career.

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Bruce Levenson’s Career in Media Technology and Sports

Bruce Levenson is a well-known personality that has made a mark of success in media. Levenson invested in the media field sometimes in 1997 together with Ed Peskowitz by forming a company they called United Communications Group (UCG). This company grew from a humble beginning having been started in a storeroom that was located within a building owned by Levenson in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

It was initially started as a newsletter that mainly featured news and stories in oil industry development. Soon the company started expanding and growing often attaining various newsletters. It also expanded and started gathering and storing databases for the oil industry such as Oil Price Information Service.

Currently, Oil Price Information Service is a key leading pricing and news source for the energy industry such as gas liquids, refined products, natural gas, as well as renewable fuels. Bruce Levenson graduated from Washington University’s school with a B.A. political science. He was also at American University’s law school where he obtained a Juris Doctor.

Levenson takes other roles in the society for instance; he has served in Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association (NEPA) as a member of Board of Directors. He has also been an adviser to a private equity firm known as BIA Digital Partners.

Levenson previously co-owned a company that saw the purchase of Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting System sometimes in 2004. Him, together with Ed Peskowitz and Todd Foreman formed Atlanta Spirit LLC, which was later renamed and called Atlanta Hawks, LLC. The former had been formed to help in facilitating the deal that would see Levenson and his partners take the ownership of Atlanta Hawks team, the rights of operating Philips Arena, and another team known as Thrashers.

The purchase deal involved these three items, that’s— two teams and the Arena. In 2011, Thrashers was sold by the owners. Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson has been the representative of Hawks in the NBA’s Board of Governors since he co-owned the team in 2004. However, in 2014, he did announce that he would trade off his shares in the team to willing buyers.

It is a decision, which was also supported by his partners who too announced they would sell the entire controlling shares they had in the team. This meant that Atlanta Hawks ownership would change hands. A number of groups were invited to provide bidding for the sale. The group that was able to win the bid was the one that was under the stewardship of Tony Ressler.

It was able to purchase Atlanta Hawks at a whopping $850 million, a price that exceeded the bidding price the team offered. Ressler bided with an offer of $730 million but ended up acquiring the ownership of Hawks after agreeing to buy it for a price that is 27 percent above what they had initially provided.

Atlanta Hawks team has been sold at a time when the NBA franchises have started attracting higher prices. In recent TV deals that have involved the NBA franchises, it has seen the teams gain in value. They are now selling at higher prices than a couple years ago.

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