Barclays Names Mike Bagguley Chief Operating Officer

A move made by Barclays Bank to restore its former glory saw Mike Bagguley promoted as the bank’s Chief Operating Officer. This move made by the bank gears towards re-shaping the investment bank. Bagguley previously held the position of Head of Macro Markets. His new job will play a significant role in the progressive restructuring of the bank’s investment business. Bagguley will report to the bank’s investment Chief Executive Officer, Tom King. It is another change of leadership barely a month ago when Jes Staley replaced Antony Jenkins as the new chief executive. Analysts suggest that the move was intended to strengthen Barclay’s investment banking business. From his LinkedIn, Mike Bagguley went to the University of Warwick where he graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

His former position saw Mike reshaping the macro business including foreign exchange, interest rates, and commodities products since the revenues in trade had drastically gone down and their profit income badly hit by the firm regulations. His vital role will be synchronizing main projects across the bank. The bank earlier, appointed Sir Gerry Grimstone as it focused on the investment banking industry. Sir Gerry will stand in as Mike Bagguley Deputy. He holds vast experience in his position, formerly worked at the Financial group Schroders in London, New York, and Hong Kong and was once the co-chairing the banking activities of Schroders Worldwide Investment. Re-positioning of its investment bank is the critical priority for Barclays says Mr. Jenkins who got his appointed in 2012 after the Libor rate-fixing scandal.

Mike Bagguley started work right away on the macro products last year, a division in the group created as part of the overhaul. He helped gear up a turnaround for the group, and the results were impressive since the third quarter macro revenues went up by 3% on 2014 levels at £485m. On the other hand, the overall taxes on fixed income went down by 2%, an average drop of 25% in FICC revenues. There are only two banks that up-to-date having posted improved FICC revenues, Barclays boasting to be one.

Mike Bagguley’s position as the head of macro products will be held jointly by Nat Tyce and Rob Bogucki who are co-heads of macro trading, and the head of macro distribution Kashif Zafar.


Shiraz Boghani Is The Essence Of A Successful Businessman And Entrepreneur

Shiraz Boghani has built a successful career as both an entrepreneur and a businessman. He established Splendid Hospitality Group which was selected as the year’s best hotelier and he was honored with the Asian Business award in 2016. He has served the hospitality industry for in excess of three decades.

Mr. Boghani is currently Splendid Hospitality Group’s Chairman and managing nineteen personal training hotels. He has become a giant in the world of entrepreneurs due to his hard work and determination. He has successfully joined larger funders in the United Kingdom for London’s limited branded hotels.

Shiraz Boghani is a renowned chartered accountant. His passion for his work is well known not just in the United Kingdom but throughout the world. Once he received his accounting degree, he went to work in London for a little chartered accounting firm. He build his skills serving McLintock which later became the KMPG. His accounting abilities and skills have enabled him to ensure the best possible output. Mr. Boghani made certain the Splendid Hospitality Group was equipped with a modern technology system for both their service delivery and marketing sectors.

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Shiraz Boghani has been a pioneer for numerous projects in London. This includes several charitable organizations. These agencies include the £121 million Hilton Hotel in London, the development and launch of the Conrad Hotel St. James located in New York and London’s Holiday Inn. Shiraz Boghani is an accountant who believes change is necessary. This is why he has supported numerous foundations with goals of providing assistance for societies needy. One of these organizations is the Aga Khan Foundation. This organization provides health facilities on a global basis. In 1985, Mr. Boghani became a co-founder for Sussex Healthcare Inc. The center is consistently improving and now offers eighteen homes and 300 beds all over the United Kingdom.

Shiraz Boghani receives a lot of motivation once he has accomplished a goal. His energies are straight thinking and innovative. His accomplishments renew these energies and help him succeed. He draws great strength from the honors and awards he has received during the span of his exemplary career.

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The Success Of Gregory Aziz

Greg J Aziz was born in London in 1949 and as he grew he studied economics at the University of Western Ontario. He joined the wholesale food business owned by his family, and the company later grew becoming a worldwide market which majored in fresh food importation. He then worked on investment banking in New York and later during his career he got interested in the National Steel Car, and he was able to purchase the railway engineering company from Dofasco, and Greg’s main ambition was to ensure that the company provides quality services mainly in the field of manufacturing.


Gregory James Aziz invested heavily in the company which later transformed into a worldwide producer after it got a large market. National steel car has been in the engineering market for more than 100 years due to its good products in manufacturing and its commitment to quality. The company is regarded as North America’s most important railroad freight and tank car manufacturer. Despite all the achievements, National Steel Car still tries to raise the standards in the railway line industry by pursuing excellence and giving attention to the customer. Part of the distinction is attributed to the loyalty and support of the customers, good relationships with the suppliers and the hardworking team members who ensure that they always build the best. Get More Information Here.


Due to the success of National Steel Car, the company has been ISO certified and has held this for 18 years after earning recertification many more times. The company has also managed to be honored through the TTX SECO highest quality award since 1996 due to its great works and innovativeness. National Steel Car has been able to support a couple of charities such as the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, and the United Way. Gregory James Aziz sponsor The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is Canada’s most public agricultural show.


National Steel Car hosts a Christmas Party every year where employees and their children whether past or present come and take part in the company’s food drive for local food banks which is always a success because of the continued support National Steel Car gets. National Steel also tries to maximize customer satisfaction by building quality railcars, and they deliver on time hence increasing their performance in the industry where they are currently leading the North American market. Gregory James Aziz has had a significant impact on the growth and development of National Steel Car.




Sheldon Lavin is the Reason for the Growth in OSI Group

When anyone is going to register for a course at the university, they are always looking forward to spending their careers in the path they have chosen. Very few people change their courses after they have graduated. There are people who have studied for their education at some of the leading institutions in the world, but they still choose to take a different path in their career lives. Sheldon Lavin is one of these few people. When the renowned investor joined the university many years ago as a young boy, he was only dreaming of a career in finance. When enrolling for a degree in this course, the young man knew that he was doing the right thing, and things were going to be bright in his future. Sheldon never knew that the career in finance was only going to last for a short time.

When Sheldon Lavin joined the market to work as a finance executive, he had his shares of happiness and milestones. After working for some companies, the businessman got enough expertise to open his finance firm where he was working as a top consultant. With this role, the businessman was focusing on making the customers happy and content, regardless of the challenges that were available. Sheldon did an excellent job to the customers that came his way, and this is how he landed an opportunity in the meat processing company. Sheldon Lavin was offered a chance to get to work at an institution called OSI Group. His tenure in OSI Group has been nothing but successful. The role he has been occupying is not an easy one, but he has done excellent compared to other leaders in the corporate world.

Sheldon Lavin took over the chief executive officer position at OSI Industries several decades ago, and this seems to be the best thing that he has happened in his life. Under his governorship, the OSI Group company has entered into new markets and introduced new products to the market. The market has been full of hardships in the recent times, but this has not hindered company progress over the years. Lavin has increased the products offered by his companies in addition to opening new stores. The company was only dealing with meat production when still new in the market. Over the years, however, the company has increased its products, and it has never let its clients down.

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Vinod Gupta The Technology Database Pioneer

Who is Vino Gupta?

Vinod Gupta is the CEO of Everest Group. Vinod Gupta was born in India in 1946. He turned a $100 bank loan into a company that later sold for $680 million. Everest Group is an investment firm that invests in technology startups and purchases failing business with the goal of using information technology to rejuvenate the business. Gupta has been known for providing employment to underserved areas and being supportive of charities and providing funding for schools in India.


How Did InfoGROUP Start?

The Idea for InfoGROUP came about when Gupta was working at his job while graduating from the University of Nebraska. Gupta was tasked with creating a list of brokers and in his research, he realized that there was a market for business lists and he could create them. Once he started marketing his lists to businesses there was immediate interest. InfoGROUP continued to grow and eventually, Everest Group was created as a way to stay specialized in database technology on a global scale. Read more about Vinod Gupta on Forbes’ 2018 “World’s Billionaires” list includes Vinod and Anil Rai Gupta.


Describe Vinod Gupta’s Day

Gupta spends most of his time now on long-term planning for Everest. Vinod Gupta has a team that he can trust to run the day-to-day operations and he feels his time is better spent preparing for the future of the company. Gupta believes market testing is still a relevant way to come up with new ideas or see if your product is still meeting a demand. He is excited that database technology will only get better with the growth of artificial intelligence. He is always pondering new and better ways his product can be used. Go To This Page for more information.


Final Tips From Gupta

Gupta would tell his younger self and all new entrepreneurs to take risks but be careful with spending funding. Gupta says do your own cost-benefit analysis and then go with your gut, but keep in mind to adjust your risk by the amount of capital you are investing.



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The Innovative Businessman Gregory James Aziz

1Gregory Aziz is one of the dedicated person who ensures that what he does is of quality. Having been born in London he took his education serious and graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario. Greg Aziz thereafter decided to venture in the wholesale food business which was a family business, and this was an amazing work for him as he ensured that the business was able to run successfully. The business was able to offer distribution of the fresh foods to other wholesale markets and this led to its expansion and making it to import fresh foods from all over the world.


James Aziz being a businessman later got a chance to purchase National Steel Car Company as he had worked with the investment banking that had enabled him to have adequate knowledge. He is a hardworking person and the main aim that Gregory J Aziz had for the company was to make is one of the best and preferable company in railroad freight car manufacturer. The ambitions that he had were so big that as a the Chief Executive Officer and the chairman president of National Steel Car he ensured that the capital that was invested in the company was enough to have the best engineers and manufactures who could deliver quality. See This Page for additional information.


The company grew with the management of James Aziz and it became one of the top companies that had managed to build a lot of railroad freight car in North America. National Steel Car is one of the ISO certified company and the upgrade in the company has improved the living standards of the people around and also led to job opportunities. The company has also managed to receive awards for the wonderful work that it does.

James Aziz built confidence in his workers who worked hard to enable the company to be more innovative so as to maintain its’ standards and customers. Finally, James Aziz believes that the best way to have a successful business is to value the feedback of the customer either positive or negative and thereafter make deductions with a good management team on what’s best; this is what has kept National Steel Car Company always on top.

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David McDonald Is Making OSI The Top Food Company

OSI is one of America’s top food processing companies. For over 100 years, they’ve been providing quality foods for a number of big-named brands. Since the food industry is one of the top markets, OSI is continuing to make strides in providing quality service to their customers. At the helm of OSI is President David McDonald, who has been in charge for over 30 years.

After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University, McDonald went to work for OSI shortly after his graduation. Hired as a Project Manager, McDonald’s primary responsibilities consisted of getting OSI into the international market. Thanks to his skills, the company was able to expand their business into the Asian and Latin America markets.

As David McDonald continued to make improvements in the company, he was soon promoted to President, a position that has earned him praise from his peers. As the President of OSI, McDonald has continued to make plenty of acquisitions. One of his biggest acquisitions was Baho Foods, a Dutch company that specializes in deli meats. The acquisition helped OSI continue to expand globally by taking over the European market.

Another of David McDonald’s biggest acquisitions as President came when he purchased Tyson Foods. Thanks to his acquisition of Tyson Foods, not only did he expand on OSI’s business, but he also helped save the jobs of hundreds employees.

One of the reasons David McDonald has made OSI a top food processing company is because of his attention to trends in the food market and his ability to adapt to changes. As the food industry continues to grow, so does OSI dedication to providing quality service to all their customers.

David McDonald’s accomplishments are so astounding that in January 2015 he was appointed the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute, a huge milestone in his career.

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Peter Briger: Taking up the reins of Fortress Investment Group

Current positions at Fortress Investment Group LLC

Peter Lionel Briger, also commonly known as Pete, is currently the Principal of Fortress Investment Group LLC, where he is also Head of Credit & Real Estate. He has also been the Board of Directors’ Co-Chairman from August 2009. He has been Management Committee Member since 2002 when he joined the investment management company headquartered in New York City. Peter created the Fortress Credit Corporation which he now oversees since he is the Co-Chairman and the President. The credit business, which has over 300 employees, focuses on illiquid credit investments and undervalued assets. Since December 2017, Mr. Peter Briger has been Co-Chief Executive Officer at Fortress Investment Group.

Peter’s education background

He attended Princeton University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. Briger also studied at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and received a Master of Business Administration.

Peter Briger’s experience before joining Fortress Investment

Peter Briger, from his career in investments and finance, has carved the reputation of being an exceptional leader and dedicated professional. He has many accomplishments among which is his becoming a Partner at Goldman, Sachs & Co in 1996, having worked there for 15 years. In his period at Goldman Sachs, Peter served in leadership capacities and sat on various committees. He also sat on the Princeton’s University Board of directors and supported, among other organizations, the Central Park Conservancy.

Peter’s philanthropic endeavors

At Princeton University Investment Company and Tipping Point, Mr. Briger is a director. Tipping Point, based in San-Francisco, is a non-Profit Organization which caters for low-income families. Peter is among three Princeton University alumni who contribute towards the establishment of Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF), a fund aimed to help recent Princeton University alumni entrepreneurs in their startup firms. AEF offers up to $100,000 for mentorship, seed funding and peer-to-peer learning opportunities to encourage recent alumni to actualize their entrepreneurial ideas. Still, at Princeton University, Peter Briger has provided funds for a professorship.

About Fortress Investment Group LLC

Fortress Investment Group began operations in 1998 as a global investment firm. It has assets worth more than $43.6 billion, and by the end of 2017, it had employees totaling to 953 in the asset management division and 216 in the investment portfolio. Fortress Investment Group has affiliate offices all around the world and has more than 1,750 private investors and institutional clients.


Adam Milstein: Working Towards A Better Future For The Jewish Community In America

Adam Milstein is someone who has not only worked hard for his success but the betterment of the Jewish communities in America as well. As stated in the Adam Milstein Bloomberg page, He currently stands as the leader of the Isreali American Council, through which he has implemented a number of developments that have provided opportunities to the Jewish community in the United States. His contributions have helped build a better society, and have been of aid to those in need. The Adam Milstein Bloomberg page also states that he heads his philanthropic organization known as the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which is an organization contributing to change throughout the Jewish community in America.

Milstein often addresses the issues that the Jewish community faces in the JNS Press, and talks about the current political scenarios and their effect on the Jewish community throughout the world. One of the recent articles that he authored was about the antisemitism that is being faced by the Jewish community in Isreal. All over the world, radical Muslims are joining forces with; l leftists to enforce their opinions and objectives. These groups of people have been known to inflict a wide number of injustices onto people that don’t fit their mold. These mostly constitute minority groups and are a violation of basic humans rights. These groups have not only caused a wide amount of injustice but have affected thousands of lives all over the world.

In the article, Milstein outlined how generally, these groups would not merge forces with one another, but now have been brought together by a common enemy, which is the idea of western influence on theirs. Over the years, a lot of this hatred towards these minorities has been directed towards the Jewish communities living in Isreal. In detail, Adam Milstein decided to outline the alliances that are now being formed as a result of the anti-semitic views that are now arising.

In closing statements, Miltein pointed out that the primary aim of these groups is to ultimately destroy the land that the Jewish people refer to as holy. This poses a very grave threat to people belonging to the Jewish community, not just living in Isreal, but throughout the world.’s-200-Influential-Philanthropists


Jordan Lindsey Talks About Himself And His Zeal To Succeed

Jordan Lindsey is generally known for founding JCL Capital. But there is more to his achievements than this. He studied at both St. Joseph’s College and Mount Angel Seminary. He works as a professional systems architecture designer and programmer.

When it comes to managing financial services and technology industry, Mr. Lindsey is reputed as an experienced founder and a veteran algo trader. He is happily married to Giovanna Acha and has three beautiful daughters.

Jordan Lindsey had always had the mind of becoming an entrepreneur and loved to compete in challenging tasks. As a child, he enjoyed playing sports like tennis and ice hockey while growing up in New York. Aside from his alma mater, he has spent some of his life living abroad in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mexico, and Argentina.

Jordan Lindsey found his way into the cryptocurrency markets when he developed his own cryptocurrency. This was when he launched the first third-party verified algorithm as a pre-scheduled bot in 3Q17. Basically, his main aim was to make something great out of something good.

He also stated that he and his development team are currently working the development of the site’s backend framework in preparation for the platform launch. As a self- taught programmer, he created the first 100 percent transparent trading bot – Bitcoin Growth Bot – for a lending program.

In order to make the token appreciate in value, Jordan Lindsey decided to apply the age-old principle of supply and demand to create demand for the Nucleus token he had created within the Waves platform. Ultimately, he used the successful algorithm he had created to establish demand for the token.

According to him, planning ahead and following through to accomplish those tasks with determination is key to achieving productivity. Despite putting in long years of hard work to fund a successful company, Mr. Lindsey still sees himself as a person who is yet to arrive at his dreams. To him, the real work has just begun. He his relatively focused on creating new things and making them great. As an entrepreneur, he has learned never to be afraid of failure as it can lead to success.