Meet Gregory Aziz The Iconic leader


Greg Aziz is the Chairman of National Steel Car. This is a main organization in North America that makes railroad cargo and in addition tank autos. It has over 100 years of involvement in designing and assembling. Gregory James Aziz has kept up that the organization proceeds with its sense of duty regarding quality.


Gregory J Aziz is very much aware that an organization ends up plainly extraordinary simply because of its kin. He is colossally pleased with all that the organization has accomplished today. This is the reason National Steel Car is substantially more unique and various today than it was ever some time recently.

He discusses always difficult oneself. Greg Aziz discusses increasing current standards dependably for his kin. This is accomplished by centering their qualities with an unmatched proficiency that has made them the pioneer in the railroad business. Essentially, they are centered around their center esteems and have confidence in them. Subsequently they are trusted by their clients. This is on the grounds that they keep building most noteworthy quality railcars alongside giving auspicious conveyance. guaranteed organization. It has been granted the yearly TTX SECO grant on a steady reason for over 10 years now.


National Steel Car is not an organization to sit on its trees. It puts stock in the determined quest for greatness. This is the reason it concentrates a considerable measure on the voice of its client. This is the reason it keeps on being a pioneer in assembling railcars in North America.

The organization is honored with the devotion and bolster that it underpins from its clients. It esteems its associations with its providers. The organization utilizes more than 2000 individuals. These representatives are referred to for their dedication and also uprightness as they keep on building their best. This is the reason National Steel Car keeps on building quality railcars. This is the reason this organization is trusted by all.


Individuals at National Steel Car are focused on regarding their conventions. They are resolved to advance. They are centered around giving brilliance along quality. They are continually planning to lead. This is the reason National Steel Car is otherwise called the developer of rail transport that is sturdy, dependable and inventive as well.

The occupation of Greg Aziz is to guarantee that the organization proceeds on this way of progress. This is conceivable just through the proceeded with responsibility and diligent work of its representatives. Consequently he is keeping his kin spurred constantly.



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George Soros – A Multidimensional Philanthropist

A philanthropist is a person who has a sincere desire to promote the welfare of others through donations. In the recent decades, philanthropy has become a tool for wealthy individuals and corporates to give back to the society. In most cases, philanthropy is associated with donating finances or any other resources to ensure certain people meet their basic needs. While these remain crucial in our life, fair and equitable societies are a necessity for a decent living. In response, many initiatives aimed at promoting equal treatment of people from different social classes, ethnicity, race, gender, and religion among others have been started. In essence, the absence of these rights leads to agitation, which may further breed conflicts and social strife.With the increased quest for democratic societies which uphold the rights of all persons, more people have become involved in the process. One of such people is George Soros, a billionaire with a profound interest in human and civil rights. His unconventional approach has attracted widespread admiration owing to his hands on nature.

Besides providing financial support, Soros has traversed the globe to interact with individuals, organizations, and communities who have benefited from the funding or whose activities have had positive impacts in the society. George Soros has been involved in a broad range of areas in promoting human welfare with the main ones being education, democracy, and humanitarian support.Soros has a deep respect for education having moved to England from Nazi occupied Hungary to pursue a quality education. Among his first international acts of philanthropy was funding education for students in South Africa during the Apartheid period in the 1970s. He contributed towards the establishment of the Central European University in Budapest after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The University provided a platform for students to exchange ideas with others from Europe towards fostering an element of critical thinking.

Soros through the Open Society Foundations pays school fees for students from marginalized groups and communities around the world.Another area where Soros has been actively involved in is the promotion of democratic ideals. Soros, who is of Jewish descent, was born in Hungary which was experiencing difficult times as a result of occupation by Nazi Germany. He has experienced intolerance, discrimination, and contravention of fundamental human rights which led to his interest in ensuring an equitable society. His Open Society Foundations have supported hundreds of organizations, which have been advocating for policy and governance reforms as well as freedom of expression around the world. In addition to this, Soros has in the past decades contributed towards the provision of humanitarian aid to people in troubled areas. These include war torn areas and others hit by natural calamities.


Anthony Petrello – Humble Beginnings to World-Class Leader

Nabors Industries offers drilling and rig services to its clients in the United States and other parts of the world. They offer a range of services which includes rig instrumentation, optimisation software, drilling equipment manufacturing, data collection services and much more. The CEO of the company is Anthony Petrello who has been with the company for almost two decades. He has helped transform the company from one of the newest entries to one of the largest in the energy industries in the world. For the past 26 years, he has been part of all the strategic decisions that the company has made. He is not afraid to take risks, and it is one of the main reasons why the company is at the forefront of innovation in the energy industry. Nabors Industries has the best, and the most number of land-based rigs and also invests heavily in offshore modular platforms. Anthony Petrello is one of the highest paid head executives in the country. Earning about $68 million in 2013, he is known for his hard work and dedication that has helped him achieve the feat.

Unlike many other executives in different sectors, Anthony Petrello has worked hard to achieve what he is today. He did not come from a rich family nor had a trust fund for his education. In spite of that, he spends twenty years of his life in completing his education from the top universities in the world. From his childhood, he knew that to achieve something, he had to work hard to achieve it and that there was no shortcut for success.

While his parents were struggling to make money, he spends his time studying. He went on to get a full scholarship to Yale University. At Yale, he was one of the brightest students and went on to top his class. He then went to the Harvard Law School for his Masters. After completing his studies, most people thought that Anthony Petrello would take an excellent job. But, he took some challenging positions and climbed the ranks quickly. Today, he is one of the most capable leaders in the corporate world.

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Todd Lubar was born in New Jersey and attended Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC and attended high school in The Peddie School in Hightstown NJ. He is an alumni of Syracuse University and graduated with B.A. in Speech Communication.


Work Experience


Todd has worked for over twenty years in the real estate industry, and through his success, he has helped many others succeed in owning homes. Todd Lubar said he owes much of his success to hard work. He says to succeed you must surround yourself with people that challenge you and promote growth. For more details visit LinkedIn


Todd Lubar has been ranked in the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States for years running. Before founding the TDL Global Ventures, he worked for various companies. His first job was with Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he worked for four years. After leaving Crestar Mortgage Corporation, he joined Legacy Financial Group at Arlington Texas. After six years with Legacy Financial Group, he left to join Charter Funding as Senior Vice President in the year two thousand and five; a position he held until August of two thousand and seven.


Founding TDL Global Ventures


After working with various companies, Todd Lubar realized his deep passion was seeing and helping others fulfill their dreams. He saw that if he removed the obstacles that make it hard for people to obtain loans, then many would become home owners. So he started TDL Global Ventures. Check out Ideamensch for more info.


Although Todd Lubar as a successful business person and entrepreneur is a busy person, he makes sure that every day he spends quality time with his kids. Mostly it is by having breakfast with them. Then he heads to the gym before checking the news to know what is going around the world and in particular in the real estate industry and Mortgage banking.


To make sure that TDL Global Ventures remains a success and profitable, he does not only develop ideas but make sure he has the will to make those ideas work. Also to become a successful entrepreneur, Todd Lubar explains that you have to be very organized and know every aspect of your business. Not being involved at all levels in your company might lead you to not making informed decisions which might harm the company in the long run.


He has also learned from experience in which ventures he would never invest in. For example, he says that as much as grocery business can be profitable, it is a business that is not cut for him. Visit

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The Brilliant Eric Pulier: Philanthropist at Heart

When you look at Eric Pulier’s list of accomplishments and contributions, it can be overwhelming. It’s not often that you find a person of such high caliber actively giving back to the community. Once most people in the government or business arena make their money, it seems like they disappear. However, Eric Pulier is cut from a different cloth. He doesn’t just continue to innovate year after year, he actually gives a large amount of time, energy, and resources back to the members of our community that need it the most.

Pulier is on the board of the Xprize Foundation, for example. This foundation is an integral part in the new economics of helping developed and underdeveloped nations solve pressing issues facing society today. For example, the literacy rate in Africa is lower than it needs to be. The Xprize Foundation puts up prize money, sometimes as much as $10 million, and awards it to teams who can solve technological problems. Previous issues that have been awarded include space flight and clean water initiatives.

Pulier also volunteers during summers at The Painted Turtle events. These are summer camps that host ill children. It allows them to experience the joys of life without the stress of their usual medical issues. Aside from that, Eric Pulier’s companies have historically focused on creating solutions for medical and education problems facing young people. His first company, Digital Evolution, actually served to eliminate issues with healthcare for children by providing a digital platform. It was so successful, Pulier was invited to the White House to receive an award.

Further projects include helping children with MS disease to communicate with each other through a proprietary platform and working wit Steven Spielberg to create a virtual reality program that educates children on the dangers of diabetes and how it works inside their body. A list of companies that Eric Pulier has founded that are philanthropic and received venture funding include: MediaPlatform, Enterprise Professional, Desktone, and Digital Evolution. When it comes to philanthropy in the new age of digital solutions, Eric Pulier has built a reputation of creating positive change.

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Whitney Wolfe Helps Single People Discover New Love

Whitney Wolfe is the type of person that is going to change the world. She has already changed a lot about the way that people look at dating. She is giving people a whole new perspective on dating. With her Bumble app Whitney Wolfe has changed everything that people may have thought about dating apps in the past.

Bumble is the app that busy people are going to be interested in for one reason: it makes people respond to the messages much sooner. When the message goes out there is only a 24 period for people to respond to the messages. This is something that really makes people log on to their apps on a regular basis. When this happens there is a much greater likelihood that you will find a match sooner. This is the reason why so many people have made a decision to switch to the Bumble app. It is the application that gives people the ability to stop wasting time. That is why Whitney Wolfe is getting so much praise.

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She is someone that has managed to create a resourceful dating app that departs from the passive apps that have plagued a large portion of the dating app community. This is just the beginning of what Whitney Wolfe is planning to do. She is showing people that the app community for singles can be free and effective. There have been apps like eHarmony that required people to pay to become members. What Whitney Wolfe is doing with her Bumble app is helping people find someone to love for free.

That is the way of the new generation of millennials. They depend on the free apps like Tinder and Bumble to get them acquainted with potential mates. Whitney Wolfe helped created both of these popular dating apps.

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Susan McGalla; an Example Women Can Follow

Many women have managed to break the glass ceiling in the corporate world. However, there are still women who have been unable to break the glass ceiling. The main challenges women face in the corporate world is unequal pay, and there are few women making decisions in boardrooms. The government and other non-profit organizations have stepped in and tried to remedy the situation. Despite all the challenges, a number of women have found a way to succeed. They seat in the top boards of the corporate world. Some have also been able to develop the resilience to start their own ventures.

A good area to point out is businesses. In past years, there were hardly any women in business. However, the situation has changed in the recent years. One such woman is Susan McGalla. She is also setting herself up as a role model for other women. Such women want to assist women to reach the heights of business success. They teach women skills such as networking in order to be successful. Successful women in the corporate world are able to earn the trust of others with ease.

Susan McGalla is among those women that have been able to climb the ladder and stay there. She knows that no one will push her to her success. She puts in a lot of personal effort in order to get where she desires. She encourages women to have the mindset to succeed. It is only a person that can determine how successful they become.

Her Achievements

McGalla is a founder of Pittsburg-based P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She is also a Director at Pittsburg Steelers. Her experience in the clothing and retail sector is quite extensive. Her effort has attracted leaders in the financial industry. They come to her for advice on merchandising, branding, marketing, and others. She began her career at Joseph Horne in 1986. She stayed there until 1994.

When she moved to American Eagle Outfitters, her hard work, and ethic got her promoted to the President and Chief Merchandising Officer. She moved on to become a full-time consultant for the financial industry. However, upon much cajoling by Wet Seal, she accepted a position as the CEO. In 2011, she left Wet Seal and launching her consultancy firm. She has enjoyed much success, and her services are in high demand. McGalla gives inspirational speeches to women on how to break the glass ceiling that seems to hold so many women back on a regular basis.

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Growing Whole: Todd Lubar

Businessman Todd Lubar makes plenty of money. More importantly, he makes change.

Since launching himself into the real estate industry in 1995, Lubar has set his sights on creating lending sources that aid those borrowers typically overlooked by traditional mortgage brokers ( Through careful examination of the market, a broad knowledge base and the utilization of monetary resources, Lubar skillfully created companies that focused on under-served individuals and businesses.

Relationship building has proven to be Lubar’s greatest skill. By establishing collaborative networks with major banking centers and knowing the right people with the right experience, Lubar has the ability to get the job done. He utilizes his resources effectively and makes sound decisions based on market conditions. In the process, Lubar grew his real estate business utilizing private company and personal funds to aid borrowers (

When the real estate industry became turbulent in 2007, Lubar rolled with the shifting tide. He diversified, involving himself with other industries including Automobile Scrap metal Recycling and Commercial Demolition ( Despite his gradual move from the real estate industry, Lubar has seen continued financial stability.

Financial success, however, is not what defines Todd Lubar. Despite his many success, Lubar’s personal goals are not centered around money. He strives to be a better person, each and every day ( His goal is to add value to everything, everyone, that he comes into contact with ( Todd Lubar is a savvy and successful businessman. More importantly, Todd Lubar is a man with a clear goal to improve the world around him. Todd Lubar strives to grow whole.


Lubar, T. (2016). Todd Lubar. Retrieved November 29, 2016 from

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