OSI President David McDonald Says Sustainability Equals Success

OSI Group President David McDonald is helping the company’s sustainability grow. McDonald believes the ability to quickly adapt is the only way for a company to stay ahead. “It can be something as simple as product labeling or another slight adjustment,” according to McDonald. David McDonald joined the meat processing company in 1987. He graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in animal science. McDonald wasted no time jumping into the deep end of the management pool. His skill and managerial style played a crucial role in raising OSI’s profile.

McDonald says one of the best things he could have done is give local leaders the opportunity to handle everything. This means hands-off from McDonald. “I wanted them to go into the communities, take some initiative, and find out what people liked.” As David McDonald found, what’s good for Chicago, isn’t necessarily good for Omaha.

Finding solutions to meet the needs of the customer is one of the best things you can do, according to McDonald. His deep industry knowledge has served him well. Creating good partnerships globally is the cornerstone of OSI’s success. McDonald says he is pleased with the great partnerships the company has forged over the years. “As long as we remain true to our principles, we will do fine.”

The company’s recent manufacturing plant built in China is quite an investment. The fast pace and state-of-the-art design allows OSI to keep up with competitors. McDonald says it is up to his company to continue to supply essential products to meet the needs of the customers.

“We are inspired by our customers. They are the ones who keep us in business,” says David McDonald. McDonald says the company has also done a great deal to increase its profile in Europe by acquiring deli meats and convenience food manufacturer Bajo Foods. He says as long as OSI continues to provide great customer service, they will continue to have great success.


Logan Stout Does it All

Logan Stout is a man that wears many hats. Other than being a successful business man, he is also a philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is also a retired professional baseball player and coach. His multiple business ventures throughout his career and made him a great deal of wealth over time. This continues to increase due to his dedication and leadership. He is now one of the most sought-after keynote speakers in the world.

As of 2014, Logan Stout launched his latest venture. IDLife is a personalized nutritional plan with a team of experts in the medical field. Troy Aikman, celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom, and Darwin Deason are just a few of Logan Stout’s partners in IDLife. Logan Stout is also dedicated to helping others as they grow into leaders. Stout published “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams” in 2013. Readers were empowered and inspired to reach their own potential after reading Stout’s book. Barbara Corcoran and Daymand Jones of ABC’s Shark Tank endorsed this powerful book.

Logan Stout has also partnered with motivational speaker, John C. Maxwell. Together, the two speakers can provide leadership training in almost 200 countries. Maxwell discusses Stout’s success and believe his book is a representation of his leadership skills. The Dallas Patriots baseball organization was founded by Logan who is also the CEO. Logan Stout focuses on mentoring and leading the youth through this organization. The organization provides select teams from a range of ages along with experienced coaches and instructors. Each player has earned the opportunity to play college baseball and even been drafted into the MLB.

Logan Stout can be seen on tv and heard on radio. He has also been published in multiple magazines including the Dallas Morning News and the New York Times. Philadelphia Life Magazine also named him “Man of the Year.” He is supported by his wife Hayley and their two sons. They live together in Frisco, Texas. The couple are honorary chairs of the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County as well as the American Heart Association of North Texas. Logan Stout continues to be a successful leader while being a dedicated family man and member of his community.


Jordan Lindsey Talks About Himself And His Zeal To Succeed

Jordan Lindsey is generally known for founding JCL Capital. But there is more to his achievements than this. He studied at both St. Joseph’s College and Mount Angel Seminary. He works as a professional systems architecture designer and programmer.

When it comes to managing financial services and technology industry, Mr. Lindsey is reputed as an experienced founder and a veteran algo trader. He is happily married to Giovanna Acha and has three beautiful daughters.

Jordan Lindsey had always had the mind of becoming an entrepreneur and loved to compete in challenging tasks. As a child, he enjoyed playing sports like tennis and ice hockey while growing up in New York. Aside from his alma mater, he has spent some of his life living abroad in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mexico, and Argentina.

Jordan Lindsey found his way into the cryptocurrency markets when he developed his own cryptocurrency. This was when he launched the first third-party verified algorithm as a pre-scheduled bot in 3Q17. Basically, his main aim was to make something great out of something good.

He also stated that he and his development team are currently working the development of the site’s backend framework in preparation for the platform launch. As a self- taught programmer, he created the first 100 percent transparent trading bot – Bitcoin Growth Bot – for a lending program.

In order to make the token appreciate in value, Jordan Lindsey decided to apply the age-old principle of supply and demand to create demand for the Nucleus token he had created within the Waves platform. Ultimately, he used the successful algorithm he had created to establish demand for the token.

According to him, planning ahead and following through to accomplish those tasks with determination is key to achieving productivity. Despite putting in long years of hard work to fund a successful company, Mr. Lindsey still sees himself as a person who is yet to arrive at his dreams. To him, the real work has just begun. He his relatively focused on creating new things and making them great. As an entrepreneur, he has learned never to be afraid of failure as it can lead to success.



David Giertz Talks About The Importance Of Retirement Funds For Millenials

With millennials at the center stage at this very moment, the need to secure their financial stability while ensuring that they can lead a comfortable life is prominent. They are under constant pressure to support themselves and their families, and in the face of unfavorable job markets, the job can be harder than one expects it to be. Saving for the future is essential, but sometimes, millennials find it harder than it should be.

 Retirement is one topic that tends to scare millennials who haven’t already made a good financial plan. Saving in the present is important to be able to save in the future, and finding the right approach to be able to do so is as essential. A good plan of action can help you understand the various steps that one should ideally take to be able to secure their future.

 David Giertz, a prominent financial advisor, recently came out with an article talking about the situation that millennials are currently in. According to his analysis, a large proportion of the millennial population will not have enough money to sustain themselves during their retirement phase because of the spending habits that they currently live by. Having worked with a number of millennials through the course of his career, he has been able to give sound advice to this category of people to be able to

 In the article published on Release Fact, David Giertz outlined how they should create IRAs, which are Individual retirement accounts. These accounts can help millennials put a certain amount towards their retirement fund, which can, in turn, help them work towards a better future. Keeping the money that they save within these accounts itself is also something that is essential because it can promote situate the person better and secure their retirement.

 Keeping aside a fixed amount every month and sending that to the retirement account is one of the best ways to ensure that the person saves, and doesn’t forget the need to work towards their retirement fund. David Giertz states that doing this can go a long way into helping millennials feel less stressed out about what they should do with regards to their retirement funds.

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Louis Chenevert: Grand Businessman

A lot can be said about Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert. He’s one of those business professionals who jump from company to company, adding to his resume while leading the company to great success. He’s most famous for his time at United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

He first joined UTC in March 2006 as President and COO. Two years later, he was named Chairman and CEO. Not a lot of people know about what he did before or the fact that he’s still working today. He retired from UTC in 2014 and started working for Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division.

In an interview that he did a while ago, he talked about his career at UTC. He talked about the challenges of being the CEO of a multinational company. The idea of United Technologies came from a number of top executives and small teams that were all focused on delivering products that customers would love.

Working at a company like UTC, technology played a big part in his success. He mostly focused on operational talent and engineering. Like any good leader, he understood the importance of putting the right teams together to develop game-changing products. After developing anything, he’d personally go over every key objective to make sure everything was good to go.

Obviously, he loves how much technology has changed the world. Working in the industry he works in, he knows how hard it used to be before technology was so helpful. He’s excited to see how fast and progressive technology changes and changes the industries it affects.

Louis Chenevert isn’t just a brilliant CEO; he’s also a brilliant entrepreneur. Like all entrepreneurs, he has a set of natural skills that everyone wants to know about. For him, his skills are more like habits, and he doesn’t see them being different from what everyone else also has.

During his long career, he most dislikes the time he worked for General Motors and worked as a line supervisor. It was his first job and he had to learn a lot.



The Oxford Club is a Go-To Investing Resource

The Oxford Club has become the go-to resource for those who are serious about developing an extraordinary portfolio that beats the market while lowering one’s risk. Throughout their existence, this has been a primary goal and they have honed and refined their techniques to a high level. The top-level market research that they provide their members can be a huge advantage for those wishing to harness the power of markets in a way that doesn’t involve huge risk.

A growing private network of investors is what The Oxford Club is and they now number more than 157,000 strong. Furthermore, they have members in 131 different countries with unique insights on all investment vehicles in the global marketplace. This sprawling reach indicates their level of growth and effectiveness in what they do.

The origins of The Oxford Club consist of early members starting a small group to bandy about interesting investment ideas. The name change was made to what it is today and their growth has been steady throughout the years. The early and continuing belief was that the best investment opportunities are unearthed through personal contacts rather than financial media.

Investment U is a valuable resource that The Oxford Club provides its members and it enables them to gain a solid understanding of markets with the end goal being their financial independence. They offer videos, online courses, and conferences to provide investing insights and how to construct an excellent portfolio with multi-pronged aims.

Three membership levels are available at The Oxford Club beginning with the Premier level which is the purchase of any one of their newsletters. This provides expert analysis and commentary within the chosen market segment. To kick it up a notch one can purchase the Director’s Circle membership which gives access to all three newsletters over the member’s lifetime. Finally, the Chairman’s Circle membership gives full access to all of their publications as well as unique features found on the website.

The Oxford Club has shown a steady rate of growth over the years which highlights their commitment to members and indicates the successful implementation of their time-tested strategies.


Sahm Adrangi Has Little Faith In Eastman Kodak Methods

Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital, a management and investment firm, has issued a warning to all investors out there to be cautious before dealing with Eastman Kodak. The stock for Kodak jumped an incredible amount, nearly 200 percent, due to the new cryptocurrency’s. Sahm doesn’t believe this is a legit opportunity, but rather a quite obvious scheme to take advantage of many people’s growing interest in cryptocurrency.

Sahm Adrangi says that despite the decent history behind Eastman Kodak, the company has not managed to stay up to date with the expanding technologies out there. This makes Sahm confident that Kodak will fail to amount to anything worth calling into question. This stunt is largely for publicity and will have some effect due to cryptocurrencies disruption in the usual markets, however, cryptocurrency will not fix any problems in the long run for Eastman Kodak. Their image licensing system is as unstable as the cryptocurrency market is. Sahm’s concern extends to Eastman Kodak’s partnered companies as well, including App Coin Innovations.

Eastman Kodak may be a former giant, but this last effort is highly unlikely to amount to a success, and any investor that get involved will also be involved in the inevitable fall. Just 6 years ago, Kodak had to file a chapter 11 due to the very same conditions in the market that are here today. The progress of Kodak has fallen behind in the competitive market they are in, which put’s into question what the management at the company is doing.

Sahm Adrangi started up Kerrisdale Capital with under a million dollars, and today he has grown the company into a multi-million dollar corporation with assets surpassing 150 million. Sahm has had his fair share of experience dealing with the fluctuating markets and choosing the right investments, and overall he has been very successful. He credits his ability to find undervalued stocks or even overvalued ones as a key to his success. Thankfully, Sahm Adrangi wants to see others succeed as well, which is why he shares his ideas and methods for investing in social media and articles he publishes.



Tony Petrello Supports Medical And Educational Causes

Tony Petrello is passionate about supporting community projects. He has been at the forefront is supporting initiatives which will assist the community and more so the helpless in the community.

Tony Petrello works as the President and Chief Executive Officer of oil and natural gas drilling company called Nabors Industries. It is the leading company in the world and has the best drilling services. Nabors Industries has the best drilling rigs in the world making them a top service provider. Right now, the company has operations in more than 25 locations. Tony Petrello is the force behind the explosion in development at Nabors Industries.

Tony Petrello attracts a very good pay due to his position in the company. He has led the company in recording some of the greatest achievements ever. Petrello has been using his wealth to support the causes that are personal to him. There are two causes which have been very important to him. One is the neurological research, and the other is an education program.

Tony Petrello got a chance to go to the Yale University because of a scholarship the university awarded him. This was one of the biggest achievements he has made in life. He managed to beat the odds and became the best mathematician in the region. Petrello was from a low-income family, and his parents could not manage to pay for his school fees at such a university. He recognizes the honor granted to him by the university, and as a result, he has gone back to the same university to stay a foundation that will honor great mathematicians from the university. He was motivated to start this foundation as a way of commemorating his friend and mentor in the university known as Serge Lang.

Tony Petrello is also supporting another initiative at the Texas Children Hospital. There is a facility known as Jan and Duncan Neurological Research Centre. This is a facility that is researching the medical field of neurology. The facility is specifically concerned with the neurological disorders that affect children. Petrello has a daughter who is suffering from a neurological disorder. He hopes that through the research work being done at this facility, there is hope for medication for her daughter’s condition finally being found. Tony Petrello has contributed $7 million to the facility. He has also done outreach programs for the facility and assisted it to raise over $500 million.

Check more about Tony Petrello: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/05/30/my-college-roommate-is-now-the-richest-ceo-in-america.html

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Vijay Eswaran’s Message: The Right Mindset Is The Key To Success

Vijay Eswaran is famous internationally because he was able to create a successful network marketing company in Asia while throughout the continent people were struggling financially. The company now has representatives in 30 countries and regional offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. He has also gotten lots of praise for his generous philanthropic giving through his charities the RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation. Through them Eswaran has provided support for projects focused on community development, education, arts & culture and the environment.

But Vijay Eswaran’s greatest work may have been teaching millions of people his personal and business philosophy that has enabled him to enjoy the great success he has. Eswaran shares his philosophy through his speeches, articles and best-selling books. Some of the inspiring, thought provoking books he has written include ’18 Stepping Stones’, ‘In The Thinking Zone’, ‘On The Wings of Thought’ and ‘In the Sphere of Silence’. Some of Vijay Eswaran’s best known long-form articles are Two Minutes From The Abyss, The Stages of Change, 3 Ways Fear Drives Success and the 5Cs of Servant Leadership. The speeches he has made at economic forums and sales meetings are legendary.

For Vijay Eswaran, having the proper mindset is more important than business acumen. Many people with brilliant ideas and a wealth of business acumen have failed because they lacked the proper mindset. That mindset includes a clear vision of the success of the project, a burning desire to succeed and a willingness to do the work necessary to make the vision a reality. That’s what Vijay Eswaran had when he co-founded the QI Group in 1998. And he was able to convey that mindset and burning desire to his staff and combine it with a good plan. That’s why the QI Group succeeded while countless other companies were failing.

Vijay Eswaran’s ability to get his team and the people that read his books and articles and hear his talks to use his message to transform their lives may be his greatest achievement. It’s a legacy that will continue to bear fruit long after he’s gone.

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The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy And Its Founder

Nick Vertucci came from a humble background, and he was raised by a single mother after he was ten years old. His father died when he was young, and his mother had to bring in enough money to support the household. She did this by working long hours that extended late into the night. In fact, she often worked so late that he went to bed before she came home.

At the age of 18, he was living in his van. However, he was able to get out of poverty by starting a business that sold computers. His business was successful, but it didn’t make it through the dot com crash. After the business failed, he was left with a mountain of debt.

Then, a friend of Nick Vertucci invited him to a real estate conference that was three days long. He wasn’t familiar with all the topics that were discussed there. However, he understood enough to figure out that the real estate business could be extremely profitable for him. He continued to study the real estate field extensively after the conference. Then, he started a business in the real estate field, and he became extremely successful. In fact, he made more than a million dollars by buying and selling real estate.

This was when he decided to educate others, and he did it by founding the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy has been rated well by its students, and he makes signing up for the courses easy. There is no fee to attend the workshops. You can sign up for classes from the comfort of your own home since the company offers online sign up.

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