Duda Melzer And His Professional Career

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer AKA Duda Melzer is a very well-known business owner in the country of Brazil. Duda Melzer is the chairman and the president of Grupo RBS. RBS is one of the biggest communications companies in the entire country of Brazil. In 1998 Duda Melzer got a business administration degree from the Catholic University of Rio Grande and in 2000 Duda Melzer went to Harvard University and he was able to get his MBA. Duda Melzer returned to Brazil to begin his career. Duda Melzer started working in the financial market, and he worked as a master franchiser at Multinational Sweet Sweet Way. While living in the United States, Duda Melzer was a senior analyst at Delfi Corporation, and he was CEO of a media company named Top Box as well. In 2008, Duda Melzer went to Harvard Business School in order to get more information about effective business strategies.

Duda Melzer joined Grupo RBS as CEO in 2004. He was the CEO for the domestic market, and he also was appointed vice president of Business Development and Marketing in 2008. Later in 2001 he became the executive by vice president of Grupo RBS. The founder of Grupo RBS is Maurício Sirotsky Sobrin. Maurício Sirotsky Sobrin also happens to be the grandfather of Duda Melzer. In 2012 Duda Melzer became the executive chairman of Gruop RBS, and his uncle is the individual that turned over that position to him.

In 2006 Duda Melzer received an award in the Professional Vehicle Category, and in 2015 he was chosen to be one of the leaders at the Cambridge Institute for family enterprise.Duda Melzer is an individual that has accomplished much when it comes to his business career, and he is also an individual that has done much to improve the economy in the country of Brazil.

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