Adam Milstein: Working Towards A Better Future For The Jewish Community In America

Adam Milstein is someone who has not only worked hard for his success but the betterment of the Jewish communities in America as well. As stated in the Adam Milstein Bloomberg page, He currently stands as the leader of the Isreali American Council, through which he has implemented a number of developments that have provided opportunities to the Jewish community in the United States. His contributions have helped build a better society, and have been of aid to those in need. The Adam Milstein Bloomberg page also states that he heads his philanthropic organization known as the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which is an organization contributing to change throughout the Jewish community in America.

Milstein often addresses the issues that the Jewish community faces in the JNS Press, and talks about the current political scenarios and their effect on the Jewish community throughout the world. One of the recent articles that he authored was about the antisemitism that is being faced by the Jewish community in Isreal. All over the world, radical Muslims are joining forces with; l leftists to enforce their opinions and objectives. These groups of people have been known to inflict a wide number of injustices onto people that don’t fit their mold. These mostly constitute minority groups and are a violation of basic humans rights. These groups have not only caused a wide amount of injustice but have affected thousands of lives all over the world.

In the article, Milstein outlined how generally, these groups would not merge forces with one another, but now have been brought together by a common enemy, which is the idea of western influence on theirs. Over the years, a lot of this hatred towards these minorities has been directed towards the Jewish communities living in Isreal. In detail, Adam Milstein decided to outline the alliances that are now being formed as a result of the anti-semitic views that are now arising.

In closing statements, Miltein pointed out that the primary aim of these groups is to ultimately destroy the land that the Jewish people refer to as holy. This poses a very grave threat to people belonging to the Jewish community, not just living in Isreal, but throughout the world.’s-200-Influential-Philanthropists


Going To Sleep Fast With Wengie Hacks

One of the ways that Wengie falls asleep quickly is to treat the bed as a place to sleep instead of a place to eat, watch television or do other things that are associated with being awake during the day. Only wear your pajamas before it’s time for bed. This will help train the brain to associate bed with sleep and pajamas. Sleeping with cats can help you relax at night. The purring can lull you to sleep.


If you like sleeping on your side, try sleeping on your left side. If you sleep on the right side, it can trigger heartburn and acid reflux. Cherries have melatonin in them, a chemical that helps you get to sleep and stay asleep longer at night. There is a specific breathing pattern that is meant to help you relax. Breathe in for about four seconds, breathe out for seven seconds, then breathe in again for four seconds.


Take a hot bath or shower at night because this will help your body feel relaxed. It will relieve the tension in the body so that you can go to sleep faster. Ditch the electronics, especially those that emit blue lights, as the brighter light can keep the brain active at night, preventing you from going to sleep. Eat a bowl of oatmeal before bed as the food has magnesium in it, which can help the brain slow down to a point that you’re relaxed before you go to bed. You can also take magnesium supplements before bed.


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Wengie Vlog Recap: Makeup Haul, Makeup Brushes, Contact Lenses

Youtube beauty blogger Wengie shows off her haul of new makeup products she had bought that month. The first thing she shows is her package from Marc Jacobs that contains a video screen. When you remove the top paper, a video starts playing about the products inside. Inside the box is a set of blushes and a contour brush. Each blush has stripes of two colors.


Next, Wengie shows a set of expensive brushes that she had been wanting to try that Artis sent to her. She says they are the best brushes she has used because it gives her an airbrushed look and cuts down her application time.


Shu Uemura also sent her a lot of products to try. She first talks about the skincare products including a toner and an oil moisturizer. The next product she shows is a collection of lip and cheek colors that are a two in one item. They come in coral, plum, and pink. Wengie also shows two eye shadow palettes and an eyebrow mascara gel. Finally, she shows a setting powder designed to keep your makeup in place all day and to give an airbrushed look to your foundation. She says it is very fine so you cannot tell that it is actually white in color.


Wengie ends the video by trying on two different pairs of colored contacts from Italy. The first color, Desert Dream, is a hazel green tone. The second pair is in a light yellow brown color called Cappuccino.

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