Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the co-founder and president of Seattle Genetics. It was founded in 1998. As a doctor and scientist, he has helped develop practices that are not only innovative, but driven by scientific research so that patients receive the best possible medical treatments.


As the president and Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at Seattle Genetics, Siegall’s role includes research, drug development, and even capital raising events. He has experience that spans almost two decades as a proven leader in biotechnology. Clay Siegall has had over twenty years in cancer research and drug development. His years of practice and research enable him to lead development of new and highly effective drugs that work against cancer and its deadly attack.


Siegall and Seattle Genetics have been in multiple media releases. Business Wire and medical media outlets both here and abroad pay close attention to this high profile biotechnology company because of their ever changing advancements on the fight of cancer. SGEN and The Smart News Release are familiar names when looking for releases about Seattle Genetics.


Medical professionals and researchers are often found reading journals and articles written by Siegall. With his experience and knowledge, he is one of the leaders in his field. Currently Seattle Genetics is working on several new drugs hopefully that can be released that are seemingly working well to fight cancer. Years of experience and development go into creating a drug that works against cancer. Siegall has the years and the experience to be that person to help lead the fight. He and his company develop other drugs as well.