Soda Is Bad For Your Health

The philanthropist, Keith Mann, stated that San Francisco is taking a bold new step. The city will be placing health warning in advertisements declaring that soda and sugary drinks are bad for your health. These warnings are similar to the original warnings against cigarette smoking being bad for your health. San Francisco is the first city to take such strong action against sugary soft drinks.

A city that is a neighbor of San Francisco, Berkeley, has enacted a soda tax. Berkeley is the first city in the country to do this. San Francisco lost a ballot initiative to tax sodas and other sugary drinks. Industry groups fought a fierce battle opposing the tax. Spending millions of dollars, the industry won the ballot initiative. I would not be surprised if the battle continues, and the residents achieve victory in defeating the soda industry. There will be a tax on soda in the future.

Sugar has been research, and the findings of the research are that sugar is not good for your health. Children are consumers of soda. We do not want to give our children sodas that are filled with sugar and bad for their health. Years ago, Margaret Mead, the famous anthropologist, lectured on the bad effects of sugar on teeth. She stated that anthropologist included dentists on their teams when they visited primitive peoples. Poor teeth is an indicator on how much contact the primitive people had with modern society. The sugar from the foods of modern society rotted the teeth of primitive people.