Barclays Names Mike Bagguley Chief Operating Officer

A move made by Barclays Bank to restore its former glory saw Mike Bagguley promoted as the bank’s Chief Operating Officer. This move made by the bank gears towards re-shaping the investment bank. Bagguley previously held the position of Head of Macro Markets. His new job will play a significant role in the progressive restructuring of the bank’s investment business. Bagguley will report to the bank’s investment Chief Executive Officer, Tom King. It is another change of leadership barely a month ago when Jes Staley replaced Antony Jenkins as the new chief executive. Analysts suggest that the move was intended to strengthen Barclay’s investment banking business. From his LinkedIn, Mike Bagguley went to the University of Warwick where he graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

His former position saw Mike reshaping the macro business including foreign exchange, interest rates, and commodities products since the revenues in trade had drastically gone down and their profit income badly hit by the firm regulations. His vital role will be synchronizing main projects across the bank. The bank earlier, appointed Sir Gerry Grimstone as it focused on the investment banking industry. Sir Gerry will stand in as Mike Bagguley Deputy. He holds vast experience in his position, formerly worked at the Financial group Schroders in London, New York, and Hong Kong and was once the co-chairing the banking activities of Schroders Worldwide Investment. Re-positioning of its investment bank is the critical priority for Barclays says Mr. Jenkins who got his appointed in 2012 after the Libor rate-fixing scandal.

Mike Bagguley started work right away on the macro products last year, a division in the group created as part of the overhaul. He helped gear up a turnaround for the group, and the results were impressive since the third quarter macro revenues went up by 3% on 2014 levels at £485m. On the other hand, the overall taxes on fixed income went down by 2%, an average drop of 25% in FICC revenues. There are only two banks that up-to-date having posted improved FICC revenues, Barclays boasting to be one.

Mike Bagguley’s position as the head of macro products will be held jointly by Nat Tyce and Rob Bogucki who are co-heads of macro trading, and the head of macro distribution Kashif Zafar.


Equities First Holdings Has Moved Its Melbourne Office To A Bigger Space

Equities First Holdings has relocated its Melbourne office that operates under the name, Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. The company’s current Australian office is located in Melbourne. The new office will be more accessible to customers and business associates.According to Mitchell Hopwood, the Australian business is continuing to expand. This move will give the company a better space to accommodate their clients and staff. The area has more space for future expansion. Hopwood is the managing director of Equities First Holdings in Australia. The telephone number for the new office, which serves as the regional office of Equities First Holdings (Australia) is +61 3 86887191. Its address is Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne. If you want to learn more about them : Click Here.

The company maintains three business locations in the country, which are based in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. The company offers clients with stock based loans for purposes of facilitating their business expansion and enhancing their strategic investments. Notably, stock based loans do not have many restrictions. This way, the funds can be used for various purposes. Additionally, most loans are non-recourse.Apart from its Australian offices, the Indianapolis-based company has opened other offices in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, and Switzerland.

About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a respected global provider of innovative financial services. The company’s main focus is to offer clients with loans using stock as collateral. Al Christy is the brain behind Equities First Holdings. Initially, the leader in providing alternative financing services served clients having stock based loans in the United States. After realizing that the global market was demanding for their services, the company decided to open international offices. Presently, the firm has an active presence in all continents. Over the years, the corporation has issued over $2 billion in loans. They have also completed over 2,000 transactions. Equities First Holdings maintains its leadership position in the alternative financing industry.


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Equities First And the Essence of Business Financing

To make profit it takes cash, so the celebrated saying goes. Associations need to consider their assets for their countless functions, stretching out from survival in testing conditions to strengthening working of the organization to another level. The manner in which you finance your business can impact your ability in hiring staff, purchasing stock, securing licenses, growing and advancement of the association. While assets are not by any means as basic as vision, they are basic to keep things working. It is by then you consider Equities First Holdings; a company that has been tried and true lender on the planet.

Starting Capital

Each new business interest needs seed money. Business proprietors have thoughts and dreams and until they have some cash is when they to able to attest their ideas. Despite whether it is the service or item, you will require a way to deal and convey the same and moreover seek enough money and time to put the premise of exchanging and setting up essential linkages. Most business people confront the fundamental choice between equity financing and obligation. A business loan from Equities First Holdings will abandon you from financial bondage and enable you to take the control of your premise while giving you the power to handle major business responsibilities. Your shares are used as security to seek working capital and there will be no reason for your business to stall out in transit. Thus, the essential choice about your financial management will impact the way in which your business will work from that point henceforth.

Debt Ratios

Financing is all the more concerning the funds in your hands. While most associations have some huge measures of obligations especially at the first stages, acquiring loans from merchants with high financing costs services might leave your business in more awful circumstances. Not at all like conventional loans, Equities First Holdings offers emergency and fast capital to people and firms to begin and build up their organizations.


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Equity First Holdings; Providing Vital Loaning Solutions

Equity First Holdings LLC (EFH) is a giant company. This company focuses on providing security based loaning services for big business and distinct stockholders. This permits companies particularly experts to meet their objectives, both personal and professional. This it does by giving out mortgages after carefully gauging the jeopardizes and the trend to determine future performance of a certain business. During the evaluation, frameworks, capitals, and pledges are keenly considered.

How Equity First Holdings began

Equity First Holdings was founded fifteen years ago by Al Christy, Jr. who happens to be the current Chief Executive Officer. It has grown rapidly with offices in nine diverse countries globally including offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. It has up to date carried out over seven hundred transactions amounting to more than $1.4 billion. This has enabled the company to provide employment prospects to about fifty people and still counting.

How Equity First Holdings carries out its transactions

Equity First Holdings offers a state-of-the-art alternative for persons who are seeking working assets. Its loans are collateralize by frameworks which offer very high loan-to-value ratio. Borrowers are given static interest rates ranging between three to four percent and loan-to-value ratios stretching around fifty and seventy percent. The money loaned could be used for any purpose as there are no restrictions. Never the less, borrowers are allowed to walk away liberally without any compulsions even when the worth of the collateral stock declines.

Equity First Holdings vision and mission

This giant enterprise has wholly succeeded under the core principles of integrity and transparency. Relentless counseling by other prominent lawful, supervisory and trading associations has kept Equity First Holdings on its feet for a long time. Equity First Holding’s mission remains to deliver maximum benefit with minimum risk. This will enable its customers to meet both their delicate and expert goals.

Quick steps in loan processing with Equity First Holdings

To get a loan, a borrower has to pass through five simple but very crucial steps. A borrower needs to contact Equity First Holdings with a detailed proposal including the amount to be loaned. The second phase is the valuation process where Equity First Holdings determines whether a borrower qualifies to be awarded the loan or not. After it has been approved, the borrower signs the agreement and transfer forms. The funds are then transferred into the borrower’s account. When the financial period comes to an end, and the borrower has repaid the principal funding, the pledged collateral is wholly reimbursed.

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Equities First Holdings Is Changing The Lending Industry

New Problems Need New Solutions

Recently, financial problems have created serious issues for businesses looking for financial assistance. To alleviate the issue, many lenders are looking for non-traditional means of providing loans. A particularly innovative approach is the securities backed collateral loan. Equities First Holdings, a firm specializing in these loans, is leading the pack. All any company needs to borrow from Equities First is to prove it has some sort of security, such as stocks or bonds, and Equities First will assist the company with a loan.

Driving A Hard Bargain

The benefits of a securities backed loan, when compared with a traditional margin loan, are much greater. Applicants applying for a securities backed collateral loan do not need to undergo extensive credit reviews, and the loans they receive are typically at a much lower interest rate than a margin loan of similar value. Much of this success is due to the unique nature of securities. Securities produce dividends and can actually increase in value over time, which means that even if the loan isn’t paid back Equities First is able to recoup any loss. This simply isn’t the case for margin loans, which rely on minimal risks.

About: Equities First Holdings

Founded in 2002, Equities First Holdings is a lending firm with a focus on securities backed loans. This business model has helped Equities First stand out among competitors and made the  firm a favorite in recent years as many borrows are unable to secure a more traditional loan. Over the course of its history, Equities First has performed more than 600 transactions involving billions in revenue. The revenue has allowed Equities First to expand its business, and it now has offices scattered across the planet.

The clientele of Equities First runs the gamut from private individuals to actual corporations. Some clients need a loan to mortgage a real estate purchase, but there are others who use the loans to start a business. Regardless of the reason for the loan, Equities First Holdings provides loans for those in situations the lending market typically does not serve well.

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BMG Bank’s Marcio Alaor Is Honored By His Hometown

The country of Brazil is divided into 26 states and within those states there are a number of small towns, villages, and big cities. The people of Brazil live an interesting lifestyle. They have learned to cope with economic ups and downs, political corruption and isolationism through the years, and the people of Brazil have gotten stronger because of those challenges. Brazilians have learned to help each other in the good times and the bad, and there is no better example of how that works than Marcio Alaor the Vice-President and Director of one of the most successful banks in Brazil, BMG Bank.
Mr. Alaor is a well-respected financial leader in Brazil these days. But Alaor, like many other successful business leaders, started as a poverty-stricken victim of a corrupt government. But Alaor pulled himself out of the flames of poverty and became a leader. Alaor’s hometown recognized his leadership by naming a food court in a newly developed exhibition center in his name. The San Antonio community of Mount in the state of Minas Gerais named “Food Court Alaor Marcio Araujo” after Alaor not because he was a successful banker but because he helped the people of the community in so many other ways.
Mayor Luís Antônio Resende thanked Alaor for dedicating his life to his hometown. The mayor said the people will always remember Alaor when they visit the “Food Court Alaor Marcio Araujo” in the old converted warehouse that is now a modern exhibition center that displays and sells products from the city and from other areas of Brazil.
Marcio Alaor was humbled by the tribute. Alaor helps the city because he wants to help the place that gave him a start in life. Many of the people living in Santo Antonio do Monte remember Alaor for not only volunteering for projects that brought change to the city, but for also offering the people “payroll loans” that helped them survive during harsh recessions and the devastating inflation that eats away the disposable income of the citizens of Santo Antonio do Monte and all middle-class citizens.
Consignment credit has become a major factor in small cities like Santo Antonio do Monte. Alaor and BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães have made it their personal mission to help as many people as possible by granting payroll loans to people that are employed. But Alaor doesn’t always put the bank’s needs in front of the needs of the people. The christening of the food court verified Alaor’s commitment to the people of Santo Antonio do Monte.

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