Barclays Names Mike Bagguley Chief Operating Officer

A move made by Barclays Bank to restore its former glory saw Mike Bagguley promoted as the bank’s Chief Operating Officer. This move made by the bank gears towards re-shaping the investment bank. Bagguley previously held the position of Head of Macro Markets. His new job will play a significant role in the progressive restructuring of the bank’s investment business. Bagguley will report to the bank’s investment Chief Executive Officer, Tom King. It is another change of leadership barely a month ago when Jes Staley replaced Antony Jenkins as the new chief executive. Analysts suggest that the move was intended to strengthen Barclay’s investment banking business. From his LinkedIn, Mike Bagguley went to the University of Warwick where he graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

His former position saw Mike reshaping the macro business including foreign exchange, interest rates, and commodities products since the revenues in trade had drastically gone down and their profit income badly hit by the firm regulations. His vital role will be synchronizing main projects across the bank. The bank earlier, appointed Sir Gerry Grimstone as it focused on the investment banking industry. Sir Gerry will stand in as Mike Bagguley Deputy. He holds vast experience in his position, formerly worked at the Financial group Schroders in London, New York, and Hong Kong and was once the co-chairing the banking activities of Schroders Worldwide Investment. Re-positioning of its investment bank is the critical priority for Barclays says Mr. Jenkins who got his appointed in 2012 after the Libor rate-fixing scandal.

Mike Bagguley started work right away on the macro products last year, a division in the group created as part of the overhaul. He helped gear up a turnaround for the group, and the results were impressive since the third quarter macro revenues went up by 3% on 2014 levels at £485m. On the other hand, the overall taxes on fixed income went down by 2%, an average drop of 25% in FICC revenues. There are only two banks that up-to-date having posted improved FICC revenues, Barclays boasting to be one.

Mike Bagguley’s position as the head of macro products will be held jointly by Nat Tyce and Rob Bogucki who are co-heads of macro trading, and the head of macro distribution Kashif Zafar.


Bradesco’s Former CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Appointed His Successor

The Bradesco Bank started business over 80 years ago. It is based in Osasco, Sao Paulo in Brazil and was established by the late Amador Aguiar. The business is the second largest of its kind in the country and is currently employs nearly 109 000 people across 5 314 branches around the world.

The Bradesco Bank has two main subsidiaries, the Bradespar and Bradesco Seguros, the latter containing eight businesses under its cap. Bradesco Bank works in insurance, baking, and financing serving clients worldwide. It is one of the prominent bank in Brazil.

The last leader to be at the helm of the Bradesco Bank was Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. He occupied the positions of Chairman and Chief Executive officer for a handful of years before it was time for him to select who would succeed him on top of the company. Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi decided that that should be Mr. Octavio de Lazari Jr. who was at the helm of Bradesco Seguros. Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will retain his post as Chairman of the Board of Bradesco Bank and so will Mr. Octavio de Lazari Jr. continue to serve as leader of the subsidiary along his responsibilities as the CEO of Bradesco Bank.

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Mr. Octavio de Lazari Jr. started up his tenure at the start of March earlier this year. At the age 54, Mr. Octavio de Lazari Jr. has reached the pinnacle of his career. The executive started out at the company over 30 years ago. He went into corporate work after having played for the football team Palmeiras for some time. Mr. Octavio de Lazari Jr. was slotted in a new opening at Bradesco courtesy of his father who knew the manager. That, however, did not influence the employment of Mr. Octavio de Lazari Jr. as he started from the bottom as a clerk and learned from the professionals at the bank for 15 years before he was promoted to a leading position.

Once Mr. Octavio de Lazari Jr. was given a chance, he showed off his skills and understanding of the job. He became the Marketing Director and greatly improved the communication between the bank and the Brazilian media. Both Bradesco and Mr. Octavio de Lazari Jr. were recognized for it. After that, Mr. Octavio de Lazari Jr. started getting various promotions. He ended up accumulating many leadership posts at once at one point and had to relieve himself of some of the responsibilities and to promote other people to take over.

Over the years at the Bradesco Bank, Mr. Octavio de Lazari Jr. has worked at many departments of the business according to He achieved a lot in the Credit department and eventually became its leader before receiving another promotion.

Now, as the Chief Executive Officer and leader of the Bradesco Bank, Mr. Octavio de Lazari Jr. feels he has the biggest responsibility. He believes that he is obliged to maintain the Bradesco Bank and even take it further along while continuing the legacy of the founder Amador Aguiar, Mr. Lazaro de Mello Brandao, and his predecessor Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

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For Immediate Financial Opportunities

NexBank indulges their clients with interactive banking features that will put your hard earned money to work for you. Eliminate the long lines when you’re cashing your check, or check your account balance from the convenience of anywhere. John Holt, is the president, and CEO, of their daily operations, international growth, and 12,000+ IT professionals. He is proud to announce a recent $24 million dollar common equity gain. In his recent efforts, stockholders for NexBank says, they will back them 100%. Holt organizes a team of professionals who are trained in financial expertise. Put your money to work, and eliminate huge bank fees.

Their financial institute has $40 billion dollars in assets in addition, to standard FDIC insurance. They stand apart from conventional backing practices with advanced technological features. Their transparency allows their customers to start a small business with confidence, or retire worry free. Speak to one of their friendly IT professionals 24 hours a day to discuss your new, or existing account. You can also receive live online support for immediate assistance. Holt says, financial transparency is a major factor in their success at NexBank. He also offered leadership assistance in transparency to other financial leaders at a recent Texas Annual Financial Strategic Opportunity Conference.

NexBank Features

– Anytime access to your account

– Multiply device capabilities

– Online banking features

– Hassle-free direct deposit

– Free checks

– IRA accounts

– Money marketing accounts

– 3 core services

– Trained professionals

– and much more…

In addition to personalized accounts, NexBank also has expertise in commercial, industrialized, and investment accounts. In fact, customer feedback plays a large role in the services, and features being offered at NexBank. Join the thousands of other customers nationwide who are saving an average $4 to $1 in bank fees with NexBank.

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Why You Should Speak With One of the Consultants of Equities First Holdings Today

Equities First Holdings needs to be seen as a primary spot for obtaining loans for every potential investor, business owner, or high net-worth individuals. Unfortunately, high net-worth individuals often have difficulties of finding lenders that are willing to work with them and the particular loan terms that they’re seeking to find. Due to this, Equities First Holdings has decided to take action by offering loan terms for high net-worth individuals that they’ll have difficulties of refusing.

Equities First Holdings consists of a group of consultants who are finance savvy and well educated in the field of lending in which they’ll be able to adequately guide all of their clients in the right directions of obtaining loans that may be have effects of improving the qualities of their lives tremendously. By speaking with a representative of Equities First Holdings, you’ll get a good idea of what you can expect from the company as a lending institution. To know more click here.

Equities First Holdings has been a great helper of lending solutions for business owners, as they’re essentially given options of obtaining loans that set them up for greater amounts of success than they may have initially anticipated. They’re a lending institution that’s placed importance on ensuring all of their clients are truly taken care of, as opposed to being lost in the midst of financial turmoil. Many business owners are on the verge of failure; oftentimes, such circumstances are due to the heavy amounts of competition that exists within their respective fields. By obtaining the necessary capital that’s needed for them to make improvements/upgrades to their business operations through the borrowing of any particular amounts of loans that they may need at any particular point in time, they may not only be positioning themselves to continue their business operations, but also of possibly greatly improving them.

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Equities First Holdings Has Moved Its Melbourne Office To A Bigger Space

Equities First Holdings has relocated its Melbourne office that operates under the name, Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. The company’s current Australian office is located in Melbourne. The new office will be more accessible to customers and business associates.According to Mitchell Hopwood, the Australian business is continuing to expand. This move will give the company a better space to accommodate their clients and staff. The area has more space for future expansion. Hopwood is the managing director of Equities First Holdings in Australia. The telephone number for the new office, which serves as the regional office of Equities First Holdings (Australia) is +61 3 86887191. Its address is Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne. If you want to learn more about them : Click Here.

The company maintains three business locations in the country, which are based in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. The company offers clients with stock based loans for purposes of facilitating their business expansion and enhancing their strategic investments. Notably, stock based loans do not have many restrictions. This way, the funds can be used for various purposes. Additionally, most loans are non-recourse.Apart from its Australian offices, the Indianapolis-based company has opened other offices in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, and Switzerland.

About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a respected global provider of innovative financial services. The company’s main focus is to offer clients with loans using stock as collateral. Al Christy is the brain behind Equities First Holdings. Initially, the leader in providing alternative financing services served clients having stock based loans in the United States. After realizing that the global market was demanding for their services, the company decided to open international offices. Presently, the firm has an active presence in all continents. Over the years, the corporation has issued over $2 billion in loans. They have also completed over 2,000 transactions. Equities First Holdings maintains its leadership position in the alternative financing industry.


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Equities First And the Essence of Business Financing

To make profit it takes cash, so the celebrated saying goes. Associations need to consider their assets for their countless functions, stretching out from survival in testing conditions to strengthening working of the organization to another level. The manner in which you finance your business can impact your ability in hiring staff, purchasing stock, securing licenses, growing and advancement of the association. While assets are not by any means as basic as vision, they are basic to keep things working. It is by then you consider Equities First Holdings; a company that has been tried and true lender on the planet.

Starting Capital

Each new business interest needs seed money. Business proprietors have thoughts and dreams and until they have some cash is when they to able to attest their ideas. Despite whether it is the service or item, you will require a way to deal and convey the same and moreover seek enough money and time to put the premise of exchanging and setting up essential linkages. Most business people confront the fundamental choice between equity financing and obligation. A business loan from Equities First Holdings will abandon you from financial bondage and enable you to take the control of your premise while giving you the power to handle major business responsibilities. Your shares are used as security to seek working capital and there will be no reason for your business to stall out in transit. Thus, the essential choice about your financial management will impact the way in which your business will work from that point henceforth.

Debt Ratios

Financing is all the more concerning the funds in your hands. While most associations have some huge measures of obligations especially at the first stages, acquiring loans from merchants with high financing costs services might leave your business in more awful circumstances. Not at all like conventional loans, Equities First Holdings offers emergency and fast capital to people and firms to begin and build up their organizations.


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Equity First Holdings; Providing Vital Loaning Solutions

Equity First Holdings LLC (EFH) is a giant company. This company focuses on providing security based loaning services for big business and distinct stockholders. This permits companies particularly experts to meet their objectives, both personal and professional. This it does by giving out mortgages after carefully gauging the jeopardizes and the trend to determine future performance of a certain business. During the evaluation, frameworks, capitals, and pledges are keenly considered.

How Equity First Holdings began

Equity First Holdings was founded fifteen years ago by Al Christy, Jr. who happens to be the current Chief Executive Officer. It has grown rapidly with offices in nine diverse countries globally including offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. It has up to date carried out over seven hundred transactions amounting to more than $1.4 billion. This has enabled the company to provide employment prospects to about fifty people and still counting.

How Equity First Holdings carries out its transactions

Equity First Holdings offers a state-of-the-art alternative for persons who are seeking working assets. Its loans are collateralize by frameworks which offer very high loan-to-value ratio. Borrowers are given static interest rates ranging between three to four percent and loan-to-value ratios stretching around fifty and seventy percent. The money loaned could be used for any purpose as there are no restrictions. Never the less, borrowers are allowed to walk away liberally without any compulsions even when the worth of the collateral stock declines.

Equity First Holdings vision and mission

This giant enterprise has wholly succeeded under the core principles of integrity and transparency. Relentless counseling by other prominent lawful, supervisory and trading associations has kept Equity First Holdings on its feet for a long time. Equity First Holding’s mission remains to deliver maximum benefit with minimum risk. This will enable its customers to meet both their delicate and expert goals.

Quick steps in loan processing with Equity First Holdings

To get a loan, a borrower has to pass through five simple but very crucial steps. A borrower needs to contact Equity First Holdings with a detailed proposal including the amount to be loaned. The second phase is the valuation process where Equity First Holdings determines whether a borrower qualifies to be awarded the loan or not. After it has been approved, the borrower signs the agreement and transfer forms. The funds are then transferred into the borrower’s account. When the financial period comes to an end, and the borrower has repaid the principal funding, the pledged collateral is wholly reimbursed.

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Equities First Holdings Unique Lending Alternative

Equities First Holdings is a financial service providing company located in the United Kingdom. The private corporation specializes in offering clients with finance solutions, capital providence and other various financial services.Equities First Holdings avails its quality-proven services to persons with a verified financial qualification in need of money. The money provided by the firm is majorly a non-purpose loan that allows the borrower to decide on the preferred venture of investment.

The process through which the company offers the capital is consistently transparent and secure, hence ensuring that the customers have adequate flexibility in usage of the money.To-date Equities has a record of transacting more than 625 non-purpose capital loans.The unique strategy of the credit offered by the firm is that the company does not adhere to the traditional financing conditions and also provides a lower capital cost with improved financing terms.

Equities First Holdings has its headquarters in Indianapolis in the United States and has extended its business to other nations such as London, Hong Kong, Sydney, Singapore, and Bangkok.Equities’ primary product is the stock alternative loan. The loaning option allows a borrower with stock in a different firm to use Equities as the collateral for three years. When the borrower is sure that the stock at the other company will increase with time, he/she can then transfers the shares to Equities to qualify for a loan procession.

The main details of the procedure are that the borrower does not have to liquidate the active stock in question. The person also has the benefit to retain the full market value upon maturity of the appreciated stock.Equities First Holdings has assured clients of integral and quality services by adhering to the following standards:

Supervision of transactions by a trusted legal party

Maintaining low fixed rates of 3 percent during the life of the procession

The lender’s recovery is solely limited to the agreed collateral, inclusive of the stock on the major exchange market

Return of matured collateral to the borrower upon maturity of the loan

Fixed loan to value ratio of 75 percent

Credit transaction takes five to seven business days


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Bank Joins Forces Providing Loans for Low-Income Howeowners

PR Newswire recently reported some good news for low-income families seeking mortgages to buy homes in the southern Dallas area. It was reported that Dallas Neighborhood Homes in partnership with the Dallas-area Habitat for Humanity would begin a program called the Affordable Housing Loan Program that would offer home loans to low-income families in southern Dallas. Their goal is to make available more than 100 loans over a five year period for low-income residents from specific areas in southern Dallas.

NexBank, a regional bank based in Dallas, is providing $50 million in loans to support the program over the next five years. Dallas Neighborhood Homes will use the monies to loan to these low-income homebuyers who previously had limited access to mortgages. Along with the loans for home purchasing, Dallas Neighborhood Homes will offer counseling and advice to prepare these low-income loan recipients for home ownership, by using the financial counseling services that will be provided by the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. NexBank will pay all title fees for closings plus up to $2,000 in closing costs per loan.
NexBank deals in commercial, mortgage, and investment banking and offers corporate advisory services to large corporations, real estate investors, middle-market companies, as well as to small businesses. The bank has assets valued at $3.5 billion as of June 30, 2016. NexBank is led by Chairman James Dondero who is the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management.
Habitat for Humanity has done a great service throughout the United States of America and NexBank, and James Dondero should be applauded for their contributions to the program. For more on NexBank see their website.

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