Surf Air: Giving You Back Time In Air Travel

Surf Air has changed the look of airline travel in the short five years that they has been in business. The company gives people an option when traveling commercially. Traditional flight travel involved getting early to airports and wading through a sea of people and baggage. Today, Surf Air, provides a much needed private airline platform.

Taking an airplane ride was something you use to do if you were going on vacation or had an emergency. Flying is now a way of getting to the office or meetings. A plane trip is essential now for commerce, but it is still widely used for holidays and family visits.

There is now a new option created by Surf Air that allows travelers to use a private charter plane. With private charters, passengers are treated like guests, and Surf Air has made this level of transportation affordable.

Another luxury they provide is time. Anyone who has been through the security checks at any airport knows to get there early and be prepared to wait. Surf Air literally gives you back time. You only need to arrive at the airport shortly before takeoff. There are no passing checkpoints when you fly Surf Air.

One more benefit available to individuals is the companies All-You-Can-Fly optional membership program. To become a member, there is a monthly cost, but with that fee, you can take as many trips as you can schedule. In addition, one cabin seat can be bought as part of the Pay-As-You-Fly program.

There is no shortage of technology. Use the app to make reservations, buy tickets, and check the flight schedules. The app conveniently carries information about the cities it lands at to help make any planning you may have to do easier.

This company was created in the Spring of 2013. In 2017, over 8,000 passengers used the service. It is a groundbreaking club-subscription flight service in the United States that operates out of Texas, California, and Europe.

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Why Manufacturers Are Choosing the OneLogin Cloud-Based IAM

Manufactures handle a high volume of data on a daily basis. They are always looking for ways of enhancing their agility concerning the supply chains, identity management, and improved security. Even though most manufacturers are still using the on-premises identity management systems, they are looking for technologies that can improve their business and drive their organizations goals.

The on-premise identity has proved some number of challenges for manufacturers and which the OneLogin identity system seeks to solve. Among these set of challenges include inefficiency across the supply chain due to a large number of vendors, at-risk sensitive data, high cost and lost productivity and overly complex identity management systems.

The OneLogin cloud-based identity and access management provide a single sign-on, real-time active directory integration, and multi factor directory integration. It is already integrated with over 5000 apps such as Oracle, Gsuite, Office365, and SAP. It reduces the administrative costs, leverage and protects existing investments and provides enhanced security. Besides, it saves time for it and udders while providing high user adaptability.

The single sign-on portal centralizes all apps that an employee needs for a single location for fast and simple access to only one unique password. It saves time that would have been used for preset password tickets owning to forgotten passwords. It streamlines the on boarding and off boarding by use of automated processes. It empowers IT with HR-system making the process smoother even when an employee joins or leaves the company.

Sometimes, one can be apprehensive allowing the employees access the corporate information using their devices outside the firewall. The OneLogin adaptive authentication uses machine learning to assess some factors when employees try to sign into their apps. It will consider such things like time of the day, network familiarity, location, login devices, abnormalities and such. It would then require additional authentication data if it detects any anomalies at any given time.

It features the Web Access Management to simplify the process of integrating the company web serves to secure the legacy applications and connect to the OneLogin directory. It takes a short time to set up the cloud infrastructure.

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Whitney Wolfe Helps Single People Discover New Love

Whitney Wolfe is the type of person that is going to change the world. She has already changed a lot about the way that people look at dating. She is giving people a whole new perspective on dating. With her Bumble app Whitney Wolfe has changed everything that people may have thought about dating apps in the past.

Bumble is the app that busy people are going to be interested in for one reason: it makes people respond to the messages much sooner. When the message goes out there is only a 24 period for people to respond to the messages. This is something that really makes people log on to their apps on a regular basis. When this happens there is a much greater likelihood that you will find a match sooner. This is the reason why so many people have made a decision to switch to the Bumble app. It is the application that gives people the ability to stop wasting time. That is why Whitney Wolfe is getting so much praise.

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She is someone that has managed to create a resourceful dating app that departs from the passive apps that have plagued a large portion of the dating app community. This is just the beginning of what Whitney Wolfe is planning to do. She is showing people that the app community for singles can be free and effective. There have been apps like eHarmony that required people to pay to become members. What Whitney Wolfe is doing with her Bumble app is helping people find someone to love for free.

That is the way of the new generation of millennials. They depend on the free apps like Tinder and Bumble to get them acquainted with potential mates. Whitney Wolfe helped created both of these popular dating apps.

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Going by Past Statistics on Teens Stress, ClassDojo’s Mindfulness Curriculum Could Just Be the Savior

Creators of classroom communication app, ClassDojo, in collaboration with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence are working on introducing a mindfulness curriculum in schools around the world. Lessons are about to start and videos and guides release in the pipeline, though few classes have already begun at the Yale Child Study Center. About 90 percent of primary and middle school teachers use ClassDojo products. ClassDojo’s materials have ground-up change within students between 5 to 14 years of age, as they are already aware of some lessons, such as the growth mindset.


Intervention required


Past studies done on teens showed that a lot of kids are battling stress, creating a community-based responsibility. A 2013 study showed that about 50 percent of them felt an overwhelming anxiety in 2012. In 2014, 27 percent indicated that they were extremely stressed in the school year while 34 percent expected increase in the stress. In 2016, many parents noted that their children experienced moderate to high stress. Few schools that have embraced mindful lessons reported good results, which prompted ClassDojo to think of such an idea that will go a long way in creating a positive culture within classrooms and schools.


About ClassDojo


ClassDojo is a classroom app that creates a communication platform that allows a teachers, parents, students’ connection and empowerment. The app has gained popularity since its inception in 2011. Two in every three schools in the United States use ClassDojo.


The firm, which is centered in San Francisco, California, is a team of designers, educators, and engineers, with a broad understanding in public and charter schools as well as the social media.



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