Market Outlook in 2016 by Strategist at HSBC and Madison Street Capital

Strategists at HSBC Holdings PLC have urged caution to investors intending to buy falling stocks. This news comes at a time when the world equity markets are experiencing some recovery after uneasy start to the year. In an article written by Julie Verhage on Bloomberg Business, Fredrik Nedbrand of Global Head of Asset Allocation affirmed that cash is still king. He affirmed that while there was a remarkable recovery after the January sell-off, entering into the equity risk was not a smart move. Fredrik instead recommends investing in high-yield and emerging market debt, whose risk premia is more appealing.

The strategists at HSBC cite existing lofty valuations and a slowdown in corporate earnings as the main reasons for the continued caution. On lofty evaluations, HSBC points that whereas valuations have become more attractive over the course of the downturn. The existing market dynamics have made it difficult to snap-up market bargains. The team is highly skeptical of how valuations will play in the near future because valuations were not the basis for the market stabilization or selloff. In the second analysis, HSBC strategists observe that there has been a great deal of talk about profit recession over the last few months.

The strategists believe the pressure on earnings is bound to erode any bullish feelings towards stock purchase, unless earnings begin to rise. HSBC’s cautionary sentiments follow calls by various Wall Street firms who have been saying that the odds of global recession will continue to linger on for a while. In the meantime, JPMorgan Chase & Co has told investors to take advantage of the recent market rebound to sell stocks. They cite dwindling corporate earnings, looming risk of recession and worsening economic outlook as some of the factors that have informed this decision.

Madison Street Capital
The other key player in the financial advisory sector is Madison Street Capital. This boutique investment banking firm offers a host of services including; mergers and acquisition, buy out, reorganization, capital restructuring and private placement advisory services. On February 9, MSC offered its 2016 hedge fund and mergers and acquisition outlook. According to the business and marketplace promotion site, the firm reported that 42 hedge fund deals were announced or completed globally in 2015. This was a 24 percent rise from the 2014.

Madison Street Capital noted that assets held by the hedge fund industry were at a record high despite poor performances by majority of hedge fund strategies in the year under review. The other notable shift was a move by institutional investors to alternative asset management sector. The move is aimed at increasing the prospects of attaining high returns in order to match rising liabilities. MSC predicts a brighter deal environment in 2016.

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Express Yourself with Lime Crime

Makeup has the power to give anyone confidence! It gives the artist the ability to express themselves and create different looks depending on the occasion. The face is a blank canvas. As a makeup artist, finding a trusted makeup brand can be a daunting task. The market is expansive and offers a wide variety of beauty brands. Very few makeup brands can say they are cruelty-free, very few allow the consumer to express themselves and very few brands encourage their consumer to pursue their dreams the way Lime Crime makeup brand does!
Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere who started her company with very little. Her story is inspiring for people of all walks of life. I have found the highest quality of makeup in Lime Crime’s products. The makeup gives you this sense of independence like you can be your true self. The products truly allow the artist to express who they really are! For example, the unicorn lipsticks are so unique that they really represent what the brand stands for. Lip colors such as metallic green and lilac grey encourage the consumer to try new things, to step out of the box and to experiment with expressing yourself! Who knows, you might even start a new trend.
How many times have you purchased a lipstick and been able to read the exact ingredients inside? Or how many lipsticks do you own that are vegan and cruelty-free? These are just a few reasons why Lime Crime is my favorite beauty brand! They don’t stop at unique lipsticks; the brand also offers eye shadow palettes, pigments, eyeliners, nail polish and a line of hair dye coming very soon! Yes, you guessed it all these products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly! You can find all the ingredients along with product descriptions on their website, The website is extremely user-friendly and it’s visually appealing to promote the brand. Not to mention the fair prices because that’s important too! Did I mention they offer free shipping for orders $50 and above?
Makeup has come a long way from just covering the flaws on our face. Now it’s art, a way of expressing ourselves. I like to change up my look on the daily, Lime Crime has plenty of colors that allow me to do so depending on my mood. I can go from a fresh day look to a girl’s night out within seconds just by applying a glitter pigment on my eyelids and a sassy carousel gloss to top off my look. Voila! From day to night with only two products!
As a loyal Lime Crime shopper, I find the most satisfaction in knowing that I am putting safe and quality products on my face, nails and hair. It’s hard to come by a company that can share the same values as you especially in the beauty world. And when you find it, you just want to share your best-kept secret with the world!

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