Dick DeVos: Bringing Change To Michigan

Dick DeVos has always been someone who cared about the people around him and the society that he lived in. This care for others often translated into the kind of work that he used to do in his state. He was responsible for major improvements that took place in Michigan and was also someone who contributed to the overall development that people are now experiencing.



Before focusing on philanthropy, Dick DeVos started working at the company that his father built. This company was Amway, and Dick DeVos had been trained all through his life to take up a notable position within this company and lead them. One of the core departments that DeVos grew proficient with was concerning international trade. The company had already been offering its services to countries all over the world, and DeVos helped them expand even further. There is no doubt that the impact that he had on this position was enormous, which is also why he was given such notable positions within the company. After spending a considerable amount of time working for Amway, he decided to branch out and partake in newer endeavors.One of the things that DeVos decided to work towards was his political profile and the work that he wanted to do for Michigan.



Philanthropy has always been a big part of DeVos’ life, and it was something that he wanted to pursue when he left Amway. His goal was to start up an organization that would contribute towards the betterment of society, and which would help him reach out to those in need. The organization that he formed came to be known as the DeVos Family Foundation and stands as one of the most philanthropic organizations in the entire country.



Through the organization, DeVos has been able to help various causes, and people who are in need of help. The organization has helped the state of Michigan prosper by funding several projects for the development of various places within the state. He has also helped organizations that were working towards the beautification and environment protection of Michigan and the places therein.



Education is also something that the DeVos Family Foundation has tried to focus on and through the specialized Education Freedom Fund. Through this fund, the organization has been able to provide scholarships to children all over the country and has been able to help several others seek a good education.



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