Charlamagne The God Stirs Up Dialogue In Entertainment Industry

Charlamagne Tha God has been making a lot of great progress in the entertainment industry. He has gone from being just a host of Breakfast Club Morning Show to becoming someone that has made the New York Times bestsellers list. His first book is not an autobiography, but he does presence a large part of the experiences that he has gone through in the business world. He puts an extra special touch on the work world and how he has been able to survive even when he did not make the best decisions. It is clear that there are some anxiety issues that lingered in his past, and he is bringing those things to the forefront with the second book release.

People that are familiar with Charlamagne Tha God will easily see that the book writing served as a great transition point. He is still the host of the morning radio show, but making the New York Times Best Sellers list opened the doors to a new audience. People that have never heard of him before are certainly interested in knowing more about who he is. His ability to become a force in the literary world has allowed him to travel different circles and promote his book to people that may have never even heard of his morning Show.

This connection to books would also serve as a springboard into more visibility on television. He would find himself posting and co-hosting shows on MTV. He would connect with this youthful generation in shows like Catfish where he would add a comedic sense of appeal to the shows. He has always been a heavy hitter when it comes to making fun of those idiotic things that many people find themselves doing because of the social media circuit. Charlamagne has been able to build a career that is based largely on his own commentary on events that occurred.

People like the fact that he is so outspoken and unafraid to say those things that are not always considered politically correct. Tha God creates a lot of discussion and dialogue just from having a voice in entertainment.

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