Ara Chackerian and Healthcare Sector

Ara Chackerian is based in San Francisco, California. He has built his name in the world of philanthropy as well as business. He has devoted much of his time working with community-based projects. Ara spent most of his time in his career in the healthcare sector. He has a vast experience when it comes to bringing together, healthcare services and technology. At the moment, Ara Chackerian is a board member in various organizations within the Bay Area. In addition to this, Ara is also interested in the environment as well as the youth development causes. For instance, Ara Chackerian is concerned with a sustainable teak farm found in Nicaragua. The teak farm is called Limonapa teak, and it uses agricultural practices that are friendly to the environment. These practices allow it to promote its operations without harming the environment as well as the local people. Moreover, the farm has been able to provide job opportunities to the residents. Check out Medium to see more.

With his longtime friend, the two wanted to expand their knowledge when it came to creating outpatient diagnostic radiology centers to the next level of healthcare. The two spent over a decade developing a network of centres within Northern California. It was at this time that their longtime provider came up with a suggestion for them to try the new decide based depression treatment known as transcranial magnetic stimulation.

According to Ara Chackerian, most of the developed nations are worried about their healthcare more than anything else. Millions of individuals are in need of medical assistance to help them fight diseases so that they can live longer. However, healthcare costs are increasing especially in the United States of America mostly for those in the lower bracket income. Moreover, it is also heard that even the rich people may not be able to afford adequate health care. This is the case when it comes to diseases and conditions that need regular treatment. Additionally, countries like France and Japan are also concerned about maintaining their systems of health care. These two nations have managed to improve their health care; however, their worries are how to have the sector adequately funded.



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