Robert Ivy, The Visionary Architect

Architecture is one of the oldest forms of visual arts. Many architects throughout history have shaped the civilizations. Robert Ivy is part of this impressive history. Apart from being a practicing architect, he has been vocal on the spread of ideas and professionalism of this career.

He wears many hats in the world of architecture. As an author and an experienced editor, he has been part of the modern architects embracing the new technology for the spread of ideas. However, a Noel-Polk Lifetime honor is probably one of the most prestigious recognition he has received.

The life honor recipients are distinguished creators in different genres of arts. Robert Ivy joins other exceptional artists on the past such as the legendary Morgan Freeman, the intelligent Eudora Welty, Shelby Foote, and Walter Anderson-in the late 1980s. However, it is the first time for an architect in these prestigious awards. As a profession, however, he has been instrumental in laying out the structures for USA architects to practice this profession in other countries. This contribution paints the strong character and the visionary leader Robert Ivy has become. Apart from just being instrumental in the profession, the awards also factor in the general public influence, especially in Mississippi.


The story of the most influential architects in the contemporary world is incomplete without the mention of Robert Ivy. “Fay Jones”, which is the name of his biography, candidly outlines the work ethics of the best architect. The biography has one of the best reviews and this indicates how his life has been impactful. The Tulane University alumnus has won many previous awards especially due to his contributions in publishing an architectural magazine. Robert Ivy has also been a recipient of business awards specifically Crain Award. In Crain Award, he was recognized because of his enormous managerial excellence as a leader.

The charismatic leader has been able to bring the membership of AIA to highest membership in two and a half centuries. Apart from building the membership to the highest number ever in the history of this institution, the CEO of AIA has expanded the scope to accommodate the growing Chinese market. This explains the visionary leader he is.

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