OSI President David McDonald Says Sustainability Equals Success

OSI Group President David McDonald is helping the company’s sustainability grow. McDonald believes the ability to quickly adapt is the only way for a company to stay ahead. “It can be something as simple as product labeling or another slight adjustment,” according to McDonald. David McDonald joined the meat processing company in 1987. He graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in animal science. McDonald wasted no time jumping into the deep end of the management pool. His skill and managerial style played a crucial role in raising OSI’s profile.

McDonald says one of the best things he could have done is give local leaders the opportunity to handle everything. This means hands-off from McDonald. “I wanted them to go into the communities, take some initiative, and find out what people liked.” As David McDonald found, what’s good for Chicago, isn’t necessarily good for Omaha.

Finding solutions to meet the needs of the customer is one of the best things you can do, according to McDonald. His deep industry knowledge has served him well. Creating good partnerships globally is the cornerstone of OSI’s success. McDonald says he is pleased with the great partnerships the company has forged over the years. “As long as we remain true to our principles, we will do fine.”

The company’s recent manufacturing plant built in China is quite an investment. The fast pace and state-of-the-art design allows OSI to keep up with competitors. McDonald says it is up to his company to continue to supply essential products to meet the needs of the customers.

“We are inspired by our customers. They are the ones who keep us in business,” says David McDonald. McDonald says the company has also done a great deal to increase its profile in Europe by acquiring deli meats and convenience food manufacturer Bajo Foods. He says as long as OSI continues to provide great customer service, they will continue to have great success.


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