Jacob Gottlieb Has Been Successful In Medicine And Investing

Jacob Gottlieb has always had a soft spot for helping others, which is what inspired him to become a doctor. While this is not what most people know him for, being a highly successful hedge fund manager at Visium Asset Management, it was his original career path. Jacob enjoyed his work in medicine but found that he was not fulfilled by doing the work as much as he wanted to be. Since he was constantly thinking about finances and business work, as he did when he was a child, he decided to take that path instead. Coincidentally, his father had also taken the financial path as an economics major.

Today, Jacob Gottlieb is the CIO at Visium and contributes to the overall growth and longevity of the company. Thanks to the efforts of Jacob, the company has gone from millions of dollars to billions of dollars in asset management. Jacob has been working for Visium for more than 10 years and although he misses his work as a doctor at times, he is very happy with the work he does. Not only is he good at it and very successful today, but he is able to help people at the same time as he did when he was becoming a doctor.

While Jacob doesn’t directly aid people through medicine, he does contribute to charities and non-profit organizations around the world in order to directly impact the community at large. He has personally volunteered to help several organizations and over the years he has been a consistent contributor to organizations like the Covenant House. This institution works to bring homeless children away from the streets and also take care of sick children that have no one to help them. All in all, Jacob has said that the two professions have challenged him in ways that he has enjoyed.

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