Dr. Mark McKenna Establishes Himself As A Successful Businessman

Mark McKenna is a well-known businessman today that has successfully incorporated his skills in medicine to interesting and unique businesses. After graduating from Tulane Medical School in 1999, Dr. Mark McKenna began working with his father at his medical practice but quickly started having bigger ideas. Mark McKenna eventually started up a successful real estate company, earning him many times more success that he had ever gained as a doctor.

After losing much of his business to Katrina in New Orleans, Dr. Mark McKenna moved on to Atlanta and opened up a new business to start fresh and recover from the losses he sustained in New Orleans. The first company McKenna started, Health company, he ended up selling off to Lifetime Fitness for a hefty sum. He was also employed at their company as well since they liked his creativity. According to a Forbes interview, McKenna didn’t want to help build another company’s brand and wanted to build his own, which is why he moved on to other ventures instead of working for Lifetime.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s latest enterprise, OVME, has been successfully sweeping over the Atlanta area, bringing quality products and advice to customers all over the city directly through the businesses app. OVME will also feature freelance doctors and various practitioners from the local area to help customers in the app as another way for them to make income. OVME has its headquarters in a 1500 square foot building that is elegant and modern to be inviting for quests. OVME also offers customers various degrees of members packages to better attract customers and keep clients coming back.

Dr. Mark Mckenna has always been a philanthropist at heart, which is part of the reason he decided to get into medicine and help people. A big part of what OVME aims to accomplish is providing customers with freedom and the ability to improve their confidence without the need to dish out loads of money.



Robert Ivy, The Visionary Architect

Architecture is one of the oldest forms of visual arts. Many architects throughout history have shaped the civilizations. Robert Ivy is part of this impressive history. Apart from being a practicing architect, he has been vocal on the spread of ideas and professionalism of this career.

He wears many hats in the world of architecture. As an author and an experienced editor, he has been part of the modern architects embracing the new technology for the spread of ideas. However, a Noel-Polk Lifetime honor is probably one of the most prestigious recognition he has received.

The life honor recipients are distinguished creators in different genres of arts. Robert Ivy joins other exceptional artists on the past such as the legendary Morgan Freeman, the intelligent Eudora Welty, Shelby Foote, and Walter Anderson-in the late 1980s. However, it is the first time for an architect in these prestigious awards. As a profession, however, he has been instrumental in laying out the structures for USA architects to practice this profession in other countries. This contribution paints the strong character and the visionary leader Robert Ivy has become. Apart from just being instrumental in the profession, the awards also factor in the general public influence, especially in Mississippi.

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The story of the most influential architects in the contemporary world is incomplete without the mention of Robert Ivy. “Fay Jones”, which is the name of his biography, candidly outlines the work ethics of the best architect. The biography has one of the best reviews and this indicates how his life has been impactful. The Tulane University alumnus has won many previous awards especially due to his contributions in publishing an architectural magazine. Robert Ivy has also been a recipient of business awards specifically Crain Award. In Crain Award, he was recognized because of his enormous managerial excellence as a leader.

The charismatic leader has been able to bring the membership of AIA to highest membership in two and a half centuries. Apart from building the membership to the highest number ever in the history of this institution, the CEO of AIA has expanded the scope to accommodate the growing Chinese market. This explains the visionary leader he is.

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Take a Brief Look at Americas Number One Alternative Investment Company

Fortress Investment Group is a New York-based alternative investment company. It is the very first alternative investment group that ever formed in the country, and is still providing top-class alternative investments so far. The company is known for handling billions of dollars as its asset and is actually one of the most famous businesses in New York as of today. As a testament to its ever-growing reputation, the company currently has 900 employees that are working to make the company even better over the years. As of now, the company is assisting more than 1,700 investors.

This is exactly why Fortress Investment Group has a great reputation when it comes to investment tactics. They started out as a private equity group that only focuses on providing equity payments not just for businesses, but for individuals as well. The company already started out well during 1998 as people finally found a more efficient means to gain the right investment for improving their business or their lives. Nowadays, they have developed numerous services as part of their business to make clients feel comfortable in dealing with them.

That’s why Fortress Investment Group decided to develop various trends in the financing sector. The business provided asset-based investing and not just private equity payments only. This additional service attracted numerous businesses that are seeking help from Fortress. The company also has big names in the industry such as Peter Briger – leading the company to gain even more reputation and even add more services in the long run. That’s why the Fortress Investment Group gained a corporate merger service in order to help businesses that are losing finances by partnering them with better businesses that are willing to take their products or services. The company also provided help for a lot of businesses when the economy was falling during the early and mid-2000s.

The company ensures that every investor and businessman that are dealing with them will have the right finances that they may need at the moment. After all, money is a very important part of building the future of a business, aside from the quality of the actual products and services that they provide.


Chris Burch and How His Friend Helped Him Gain Partnership With A Resort

Owning a resort will make someone feel like they own Paradise itself because of the beauty of the place that they might be able to purchase. This was a great choice that was done by Chris Burch in 2012. It’s when he decided to purchase Niihi Sumba, an island found in Singapore as part of a partnership deal to expand the resort to make it look much better and appealing for the tourists.

Nihi Sumba is a very beautiful island that consists of a beautiful lagoon with the horizon right before your eyes, beautiful sunset before the evening comes, a lovely blue sea, and a beach with fine sand. This place was a great investment when it was discovered by Claude and Petra Graves during the late 1980s. This is where they decided to develop a resort that will provide enjoyment to the people who wish to visit and appreciate the beauty of Nihi Sumba.

However, as times have passed, resorts are in great need of major updates or else it will lose its touch with the people. Several years after the development of Nihi resort, the Graves noticed that the resort is starting to feel old to the people. A resort that seems or feels old already is a huge turn-off to tourists, and can potentially result in lowered reputation. That’s why the Graves decided to contact someone who can help invest in the improvement of the resort.


Investments Are Open Opportunities

In 2012, Chris Burch noticed this big investment news. That’s why he decided to find someone who can assist him in investing a huge amount for the sake of expanding the resort. That’s where he contacted his long-time friend James McBride so then they can set this venture towards a better height. Burch, his three children, and McBride went to Nihi Sumba and appreciated everything that the resort had to offer.

This is where Chris Burch admitted that further expansion for the resort is needed in order to meet the modern standards of the people nowadays. That’s where Burch, McBride and the Graves decided to form a partnership to create Nihi Sumba by Chris Burch – one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. Eventually, this very resort gained awards in 2016 and 2017 – categorizing Nihi Sumba as one of the best resorts in the world, refer to (Burchcreativecapital.com). This is an investment in action, as a good investment can yield better results not just for the business, but for the returns that the investment can make!


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Barclays Names Mike Bagguley Chief Operating Officer

A move made by Barclays Bank to restore its former glory saw Mike Bagguley promoted as the bank’s Chief Operating Officer. This move made by the bank gears towards re-shaping the investment bank. Bagguley previously held the position of Head of Macro Markets. His new job will play a significant role in the progressive restructuring of the bank’s investment business. Bagguley will report to the bank’s investment Chief Executive Officer, Tom King. It is another change of leadership barely a month ago when Jes Staley replaced Antony Jenkins as the new chief executive. Analysts suggest that the move was intended to strengthen Barclay’s investment banking business. From his LinkedIn, Mike Bagguley went to the University of Warwick where he graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

His former position saw Mike reshaping the macro business including foreign exchange, interest rates, and commodities products since the revenues in trade had drastically gone down and their profit income badly hit by the firm regulations. His vital role will be synchronizing main projects across the bank. The bank earlier, appointed Sir Gerry Grimstone as it focused on the investment banking industry. Sir Gerry will stand in as Mike Bagguley Deputy. He holds vast experience in his position, formerly worked at the Financial group Schroders in London, New York, and Hong Kong and was once the co-chairing the banking activities of Schroders Worldwide Investment. Re-positioning of its investment bank is the critical priority for Barclays says Mr. Jenkins who got his appointed in 2012 after the Libor rate-fixing scandal.

Mike Bagguley started work right away on the macro products last year, a division in the group created as part of the overhaul. He helped gear up a turnaround for the group, and the results were impressive since the third quarter macro revenues went up by 3% on 2014 levels at £485m. On the other hand, the overall taxes on fixed income went down by 2%, an average drop of 25% in FICC revenues. There are only two banks that up-to-date having posted improved FICC revenues, Barclays boasting to be one.

Mike Bagguley’s position as the head of macro products will be held jointly by Nat Tyce and Rob Bogucki who are co-heads of macro trading, and the head of macro distribution Kashif Zafar.



Shiraz Boghani Is The Essence Of A Successful Businessman And Entrepreneur

Shiraz Boghani has built a successful career as both an entrepreneur and a businessman. He established Splendid Hospitality Group which was selected as the year’s best hotelier and he was honored with the Asian Business award in 2016. He has served the hospitality industry for in excess of three decades.

Mr. Boghani is currently Splendid Hospitality Group’s Chairman and managing nineteen personal training hotels. He has become a giant in the world of entrepreneurs due to his hard work and determination. He has successfully joined larger funders in the United Kingdom for London’s limited branded hotels.

Shiraz Boghani is a renowned chartered accountant. His passion for his work is well known not just in the United Kingdom but throughout the world. Once he received his accounting degree, he went to work in London for a little chartered accounting firm. He build his skills serving McLintock which later became the KMPG. His accounting abilities and skills have enabled him to ensure the best possible output. Mr. Boghani made certain the Splendid Hospitality Group was equipped with a modern technology system for both their service delivery and marketing sectors.

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Shiraz Boghani has been a pioneer for numerous projects in London. This includes several charitable organizations. These agencies include the £121 million Hilton Hotel in London, the development and launch of the Conrad Hotel St. James located in New York and London’s Holiday Inn. Shiraz Boghani is an accountant who believes change is necessary. This is why he has supported numerous foundations with goals of providing assistance for societies needy. One of these organizations is the Aga Khan Foundation. This organization provides health facilities on a global basis. In 1985, Mr. Boghani became a co-founder for Sussex Healthcare Inc. The center is consistently improving and now offers eighteen homes and 300 beds all over the United Kingdom.

Shiraz Boghani receives a lot of motivation once he has accomplished a goal. His energies are straight thinking and innovative. His accomplishments renew these energies and help him succeed. He draws great strength from the honors and awards he has received during the span of his exemplary career.

Check more about Shiraz Boghani: https://www.hospitalitynet.org/news/4075160.html


Hard Work and Focus: The Key To Whitney Wolfe’s Success

Whitney Wolfe has been very successful as an app developer and a feminist. There are a few steps for people to take in order to achieve a similar type of success. One of the first steps to take is to decide on the type of industry they are going to be starting a business in. They must also decide on the cause they are going to be working towards. Once they figure these steps out, then the next step is doing the work. This is one of the areas that Whitney Wolfe has shined the most in. She works very hard in bringing her business out.

While it is one thing to work hard, it is another thing to be able to work wisely. Without wisdom, people can do a lot of work and still get nowhere. When it comes to starting a business, it is important for people to know where to go and how to market. For instance, people need to know how they can reach people. Whitney Wolfe has figured out how she is going to reach people for Bumble app and their extension. Among the choices she had were buying ad spaces and social media.

Once people figure out how to market their brand, then they just have to do the marketing. As they network and engage in communities, they draw attention to their companies. Meanwhile, they have to make sure that their brand is working like it should. One thing that they don’t want is a bad reputation because of an oversight. This is something that Whitney Wolfe manages to avoid. One of the ways she avoids it is by having her apps checked so that there are no issues. If someone comes across an issue with an app, then he is not going to do anything more with the app unless there are good reviews.

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Clayton Hutson Puts the Needs Artists Have First

Clayton Hutson always knew what he could do with sound. He is good at making sure he’s a sound engineer and he feels good about the opportunities he has for success in the industry. Clayton Hutson is so much more than just a basic music producer. He also does more than most other people with the sound engineering options he provides to those he works with. The artists see him as someone who knows what he’s doing and they know he’s an important part of the industry.


For Clayton Hutson, the point of helping isn’t so he can make money or gain fame. While he’s done both of these, that’s not what his career is about. Instead, it’s about making music better and making it easier for people who want someone to help them with the positive experiences they can get from different areas of music. He always knew what people could do and how they could help with different situations. Since Clayton Hutson felt good about the right options, he felt he had a chance to keep giving people a chance for success. It was his goal of helping that made it easier for him to give back in different situations.


Even though Clayton Hutson sometimes struggled with the issues he had and the things he did through those issues, he knew what would help him see positive experiences. He also felt confident he could give back to those who were in the music industry. Even when Clayton Hutson started out, his main focus was on the industry. He wanted people to see what he could do and wanted others to realize they had someone who was making a positive impact on the music industry.


For Clayton Hutson, the point of helping is giving back and making things easier on all those who are in the music industry. He competes against other producers to make things easier for those who are trying to do shows and trying to make it easier for their fans to enjoy their music. He always wanted people to see he could do things right and wasn’t afraid to make sure there were times when he had the chance to do things. As long as Clayton Hutson felt good about giving back, he could keep giving positive experiences. The artists would see him as someone who knew what he was doing and someone dedicated to their success.

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A Look At NGP VAN’s Recent Progressive Endeavors

NGP VAN is a Washington D.C. based software company that provides tools for organizing and fundraising different campaigns. NGP VAN has assisted on different democratic campaigns, including the presidential campaigns for Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders. NGP VAN also assists with organizing, fundraising, and networking for local government, nonprofits, and other types of organizations.

NGP VAN Reaches Out To The LGBTQ Community

NGP VAN has always been at the forefront of progressive campaigns. NGP VAN understands the importance of the LGBTQ community. NGP VAN has begun to integrate inclusive properties into their software to help it become more appealing to the LGBTQ community. NGP VAN has begun implementing the use of non-binary gender pronouns in voters’ contact records. Thanks to the new software, NGP VAN donors and volunteers are more accurately represented.

The LGBTQ community is a point of emphasis for Democrats because there are millions of LGBTQ voters who vote for Democrats across the United States. The majority of voters reside in urban areas. Those voters make up an important demographic for the Democrats. The change in software by NGP VAN is a sign that the company wants to showcase a more inclusive view of gender.

Day Without A Woman


NGP VAN recently announced that they are offering paid parental leave to mothers and fathers. The company held a company wide day without the presence of women. The event was a symbol of the global movement created by the DC Women’s March. The Day Without Women’s Event helped express the importance of women at NGP VAN. Women play a crucial role in the company, as they are designers, engineers, developers, accountants, marketers, and many more titles.


On their off day, NGP VAN’s female employees did volunteer work for local DC Charities including Suited for Change, The Sojourner Center, Cavalry Women’s Services, and Project Flow DC. Suited for Change provides business attire to women in the area. The Sojourner Center helps support domestic abuse victims. Cavalry Women’s Services gives support to homeless women in DC. Project Flow DC strives to help people who are not in a stable housing environment. NGP VAN will continue to look for ways to be progressive.

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Jacob Gottlieb Has Been Successful In Medicine And Investing

Jacob Gottlieb has always had a soft spot for helping others, which is what inspired him to become a doctor. While this is not what most people know him for, being a highly successful hedge fund manager at Visium Asset Management, it was his original career path. Jacob enjoyed his work in medicine but found that he was not fulfilled by doing the work as much as he wanted to be. Since he was constantly thinking about finances and business work, as he did when he was a child, he decided to take that path instead. Coincidentally, his father had also taken the financial path as an economics major.

Today, Jacob Gottlieb is the CIO at Visium and contributes to the overall growth and longevity of the company. Thanks to the efforts of Jacob, the company has gone from millions of dollars to billions of dollars in asset management. Jacob has been working for Visium for more than 10 years and although he misses his work as a doctor at times, he is very happy with the work he does. Not only is he good at it and very successful today, but he is able to help people at the same time as he did when he was becoming a doctor.

While Jacob doesn’t directly aid people through medicine, he does contribute to charities and non-profit organizations around the world in order to directly impact the community at large. He has personally volunteered to help several organizations and over the years he has been a consistent contributor to organizations like the Covenant House. This institution works to bring homeless children away from the streets and also take care of sick children that have no one to help them. All in all, Jacob has said that the two professions have challenged him in ways that he has enjoyed.

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