NGP VAN Gives Software Boost to Democratic Campaigning

Yash Mori Working for the Deported

Yosh Mori was becoming both a digital and communal organizer; ultimately he stepped forward to become a community storyteller to tell the story of a community and its values. Yash feels that there are many reasons to become a storyteller and the most important is to retrace the development of the community in which you live and have helped to make a further impact on the way the community expresses itself and sees its future. Yash Mori recently shared his story with Michelle Stockwell. Stockwell is a Political Marketing Strategist at NGP VAN.

Digital Organizer

Yash Mori has worked with Hilary for America, Latino Victory Fund and recently joined others in California to resist separating families at the border.

Software for Democratic Campaigns

NGP VAN is the leading software design company in the United States that develops and updates software strictly for the use of Democratic Campaigns. NGP VAN develops software that focuses primarily on fundraising activities, compliance, field research (canvassing), an organization of committees and volunteers; lastly, NGP VAN develops new media software. NGP VAN has been developing software for Democratic campaigns and services for 20 years.

Keeping all Vital Records Securely

NGP VAN engages with hundreds of Democratic organizations and their associates: committees campaigners, volunteers, non-partisan affiliates as well as labor unions and policy-makers. NGP VAN assists Democratic Committees to meet the compliance needs required by federal and state law. For example, with NGP VAN NGP-8 cuts out the need to do constant transcribing of notes. All contact information across campaigns are kept electronically for team members.

Donor Ask Calls

 With NGP VAN NGP-8 a committee can keep all of their phone calls to new members integrated within the system in which both volunteers, as well as administration, have access. All pertinent information regarding a candidate that has been contacted for contributions is kept confidential within each record.

NGP 8 & NGP EveryAction for Non-Protift Status Organizations

NGP VAN has developed software for non-profit organizations called NGP 8. Some of the many actions that can be automated and handled seamlessly in a charitable organization: email distributions, asking for donations, tracking pledges for volunteers, keeping track of grants and grant proposals, banking, canvassing areas, events, and fundraisers. These are only a few of the built-in actions in NGP 8 designed for charitable organizations.


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