Kamil Idris Discusses China- USA Trade Relations

The advent of globalization increased interactions between countries. When it comes to trade interactions, several factors including Intellectual Property (IP) play an essential role in determining the nature of the communications. IP is anything that is created in the mind through human creativity and imagination. It includes things like business ideas, brands, secrets, logos and technological innovations. The World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO) recognizes the need to celebrate IP rights and human creativity and has set aside April 26th as the World Intellectual property Day. Without IP rights, many innovations that have improved the quality of society would never have been a reality.


Professor Kamil Idris, a renowned scholar and IP rights activist, points out that IP is a source of wealth for states. This explains why China and the United States have recently been experiencing tense trade relations. China is accused of IP violations that have deprived the American economy close to $600 billion. The Asian country allegedly wields pressure on American firms to share their technologies with local companies before they are granted access to the market in China. America also alludes that recent cyber-attacks on American businesses are instigated by China in a ploy to steal trade secrets. All these violations give China an unfair advantage in international trade.


The Trump administration recently decided to impose heavy customs duties on Chinese goods as a way of protecting American IP and urging China to cease its IP violations. Kamil Idris suggests that this move could provide a lasting solution to the IP problem with China which has failed to be resolved through previous diplomatic agreements between the two countries. Although some American business leaders warn of retaliation from China and her trade allies, Kamil Idris believes it is the right move.


Kamil Idris is the former Director General of WIPO. He is currently a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration that was established at the initial Hague Peace conference in 1899 to provide a means of peaceful resolution to international conflict. The Sudanese national is also an expert in International law and holds a Ph.D. in the subject from Geneva University.


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