Vijay Eswaran Guides Investors in Different Businesses

Without a doubt, life is way better when things are working out. Most importantly, when you make bold moves and excel in thought and action, the energy rubs off on your associates. That is according to one Vijay Eswaran who is a multifaceted entrepreneur, an author, motivational speaker and role model to business professionals. According to him, business can be transformed into a successful venture in a blink of an eye. All it takes is the focus and dedication in achieving excellent results.

Background Data

Eswaran was born in Malaysia. His father worked in the ministry of labour while his mother worked as an educator. All too often, his family moved within the country. In the process, Vijay experienced different energies and economies around the cities. Perhaps that is how he decided to delve into business. First off, he joined London School of Economics where he studied socio-economics. After school, he bummed within the city for about 12 months. In the process, Eswaran worked for different companies including one in which he plucked grapes and monitored contractors in a construction site. Without a doubt, he garnered excellent people skills while working in those companies. Aside from that, he perfected his leadership skills. It was now time for him to venture into online marketing.


Eswaran joined the industry of binary system after attaining a professional academic credential from the United Kingdom’s CIMA. Being visionary, he pursued an MBA from the prestigious Illinois University then started on with multilevel marketing.


Eswaran spent most of his years working as an engineer for information systems in different companies including ones in North America in addition to South-East Asia. Eleven years later, he returned to Malaysia and ventured into what would later be termed as his success story. He owns various businesses including QI Group; which is his major success story. The multilevel company has expanded into an e-commerce platform that deals with telecommunications, wellness, corporate investments and media.

Succeeding in Business with Vijay Eswaran

Eswaran joins the list of the wealthiest men in Asia. His net worth is approximately more than $500 million. He implores emerging business professionals to focus on various businesses as the major way to succeed. That way, they shall have spread their risks. What is more, business has its challenges. That should however, not deter someone from achieving the best eventually.

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