Upwork: Techniques for Time Management

There are several platforms on the Internet that allow you to work as a freelance professional. One of the most widely recognized in the world is a website known as Upwork. Upwork was created as a rebranding effort in 2015 by parent company Elance. The company is based out of California and has managed to create a reputation for itself as one of the largest freelance platforms in the world. Every year over 3 million jobs are posted, and a total of $1 billion is exchanged on the platform. In total there are 12 million professional freelancers registered with the site as well as 5 million business clients. In addition to their freelance platform, they also have a blog where they publish material related to productivity.

In a recent post by the company, they discuss several techniques that you can use in order to enhance the results that you get by using a to-do list. Upwork states that one of the biggest pitfalls of a to-do list is that individuals do not know how to organize them effectively.

In order to effectively organize a task list, it is important that you learn how to create a proper task list in the first place. Whenever you are in the process of creating a task list, it is useful to dump everything in your brain onto a single common piece of paper. There are two effects from this. One everything in your head can be put into writing which can eliminate distracting thoughts in the future. In addition, by having all of this information in one single place, you do not have to spend time looking for where the information is located.

Once you have all of the information on a piece of paper, you can then go about organizing the tasks. The most effective method of organization is by ranking them in order of priority. As you work your way through the list from the most important to the least, you can take time to reevaluate some of the items that are on your list. You will often find that sometimes you have items on the list that do not need to be done.

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